Requirements for Roofs of Hope Panama

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One of the priorities of the people is to have a roof over their heads, in Panama there is a program that allows people to achieve this objective, so this time the Requirements for Techos de Esperanza Panama. Keep reading to know more!

What is the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning or MIVIOT?

First of all, it is better to know which is the institution that is in charge of administering this program, to know where to go and be part of the beneficiaries of this social program.

The Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning, which is known as MIVIOT, is a public institution that is responsible for promoting, writing and facilitating everything related to national housing policy. At the same time, this institution guarantees sustainable development of this social project, ensuring that each Panamanian has a decent home that he deserves so much.

So those who are in need of a home, already know which is the institution that can provide it or, failing that, it will give you the tools to be able to get your own home in times of need.

What are the functions of the MIVIOT?

It is already known that the Ministry of Housing and Territorial PlanningIt is an institution that grants housing, but it has more responsibilities that people should not be unaware of. Likewise, those who go to this entity that is dedicated to delivering housing, know what type of information they can find in it.

These are the functions entrusted to the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning, which are based on the Law number 6 of the Territorial Order for Development:

  • Indicate and develop policy is established for the Territorial Planning for Development, in sets with the other entities that are based on this ordering.
  • Prepare plans for territorial development, complying with the technical standards and procedures for said activity.
  • Gathering all applicable standards for the construction of urban planning and national buildings is international. At the same time it also has to distribute it in the other institutions nationwide.
  • Work together with the other state and municipal entities, to carry out the project that each Panamanian has a decent home.

What is the Roofs of Hope Program?

Now it is time to define what is that of the program Techos de Esperanza, which already with the name can be deduced that is a social welfare program for the neediest people, those who live at home at high risk and they endanger the lives of those who live in those places, where the common thing is that there are always children.

This project has its beginnings in the community of Altos de Las Torres, in the District of San Miguelito, where around 600 families have been benefited each year since this plan began. This program is to help those people who live in the most vulnerable places, in makeshift houses whose days are numbered.

On the other hand, this project has created jobs for those who are unemployed, which are the same people who come from these popular communities. This is the basis for the belief that people are capable of taking care of the thing, if they do it with their own hands.

Characteristics of the work that the program does

As the spaces where these people have made their homes cannot be wasted, what they are doing is improving the homes they have, that is, if the house is built with materials that do not provide stability to the house, this program improves those conditions .

He is in charge of doing the following:

  • Rebuild: Those houses that do not have a floor, the walls are improvised with sheets of zinc and wood. A house of 40.8 square meters is built for them, with two bedrooms, an open space for the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, where the bathroom has a septic tank drain.

They are happens for a family of up to four people, in the case of having more members in the improvised house, the family must reach an agreement with the builders due to their situation.

  • Repair: For those houses that have some structural problems, they can be fixed according to the faults that they present, that is, make the floor, fix leaks, repair ceilings, build bathrooms with their septic tanks if they do not have one.

With this that has just been mentioned, the program does not change the local community, but rather improves its conditions by creating access roads, lighting the public, and building or repairing homes. This as long as the land where these families live is suitable for the community.

If the land where the house is being built is not suitable, it is in that case if the community has to be evicted and housing in a more suitable place for housing.

Who is the Roof of Hope Program aimed at?

It is aimed at those families that comply with the Requirements for Techos de Esperanza Panama, but seeing what this social program does, it can be concluded that It is for people with housing not suitable to live or with a problem that requires a solution.

This means that any Panamanian who has infrastructure problems or lives in a makeshift house is a good candidate to be one of the beneficiaries of this program so that people can have a decent home to live in.

What are the requirements to qualify for the Techos de Esperanza Program?

Apart from the need to have a house, there are also others that applicants have to meet in order to obtain the benefit, something that is required of anyone who requests the same. These are the Requirements for Techos de Esperanza Panama:

  • Have the nationality of Panama.
  • Be of age.
  • In the case of being a person with a disability, you must have a Sanadis card and a suitable medical certificate from the hospital that decreed said disability.
  • Not having real estate and assets that exceed five hectares.
  • Not having encumbrances and domain restrictions registered in the Public Registry.
  • Identification document.

What other programs does MIVIOT have?

While explaining how is that of the program of Roof of HopeIt was said that the families that may be the beneficiaries of this social plan may have to move, since the land where they live is not suitable for them. On the other hand, people not only have housing problems, they also have health, education and money needs.

To appease all those needs the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning, which is why they had to make other breads to meet those needs and for that reason they created the following programs that will be mentioned below:

City of Hope

The project of the Hope city focuses on creating a kind of city, give the people who live in it have access to a school, health center and entertainment space.

In the Panama Oeste province, both in the district of Arraiján this project becomes a reality, where all members of the community and the surroundings can enjoy the new things that are built, which are necessary for everyone.

Renovation Project of the City of Colón

Continuing with the plan to renovate the houses, remodeling was also carried out in the city of Colón, repairing breakdowns in that apartment complex. At the same time, the access roads that existed in these residences were also repaired.

On the other hand, arrangements were made in the buildings that have historical recognition, so these ancient works can be visited, which due to their value to the community should always remain standing.

Certainly doing these renovations achieved that many people had direct jobs, something good to reduce the unemployment rate in corduroy. On the other hand, the community participates in these plans, making all this renewal possible.

Housing Solidarity Bonus Program

It is a bonus that low-income families receive, which is valued in 10 thousand balboas where the same is granted through the Government of the Republic of Panama, through the Ministry of Housing and Land Management.

Not to mention that through this same plan he will be granted 60 thousand balboas so that they can afford their house, which cannot exceed 40.8 square meters.

To learn more about these plans, you can enter the portal of the Ministry of Housing and Territorial Planning the option of programs.

It is always good to know what are the types of help that government entities can receive for it if you comply with the Requirements for Techos de Esperanza Panama, can get this benefit.

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