Requirements to be Mayor in Panama: Everything you need to know

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Being mayor is a responsibility that many people want to assume, as in every municipality or city hall in the world it must have one, this time we will explain the requirements to be Mayor in Panama.

What is a Mayor?

Before explaining what it takes a person to be a Mayor, it is necessary to define what is called Mayor, so that anyone who wants to occupy the position, knows where he is standing. Although many see him as a public figure, being this person of authority is more than that.

A Mayor is a person who has the highest authority of a municipality or a town hall, which means that he is the person responsible for everything that happens in the territory covered by the municipality he leads. On the other hand, the fact that he is responsible for a place does not give him the right to do what he pleases, he has to work taking into account the needs of the people and comply with the laws of society.

So how can you see a Mayor He is a person with many responsibilities, who if he does not comply with his obligations can suffer unpleasant consequences, not to mention that he is in view of everyone, thanks to the latest technological advances.

What are the functions of a Mayor?

It is already known that the mayors They have a great responsibility, but it has not been specified what are those responsibilities that always have to be fulfilled in spite of everything.

On the other hand, without so far you still want to be the highest authority of the municipality, it is good to know what are the main activities that this person has to do and those are the following functions:

  • Be the legal representative of a municipality and lead the legislative power of the territory that the municipality represents, clear from the administrative point of view.
  • In some countries mayors have the authority to call meetings of the Municipal Council, direct them and end them when deemed necessary.
  • Make them comply with all the proposals approved in the Municipal Council.
  • Propose projects that aim to improve the quality of life of all inhabitants of the municipality or town hall.
  • Decree and publicize all ordinances to the municipality.
  • Create investment programs and comprehensive plans that aim to make the municipality sustainable. Of course the programs have to be approved by the Municipal Council.
  • Act as a lawyer when it comes to the rights and interests of the people who live in the municipality that leads.

Functions to be fulfilled by a mayor in Panama

Until now, it is already known what a person who is recognized as MayorIn Panama there are other functions that have to be added to what has already been mentioned above.

This is what the Article 240 of the Political Constitution of Panama, these is what a mayor has to do:

  • Present projects and the budget of income and expenses.
  • Organize the administration expenses, adapt them to the budget and what the regulations establish.
  • Indicate who may or may not assume the positions of municipal public officials, if they are not under the control of another authority, who is subject to what the Title XI of the Political Constitution of Panama.
  • Make the municipal community progress and municipal public officials fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Comply with the other obligations required by law.

In themselves, they are not very different from the obligations that a Mayor must do in any other part of the world, especially that one of his duties is to comply with the provisions of the law.

What are the requirements to be Mayor in Panama?

With what has just been read, it can be seen that the people who hold the position as the Mayor, have great responsibilities and for this they have to comply with things to hold the position.

These are the Requirements to be Mayor in Panama:

  • Have Panamanian nationality or, failing that, have nationality after having served the statutory 10 years before the elections are held.
  • Be of age.
  • Not having committed a crime where the sentence was to be deprived of liberty for five years or more, the sentence had to have been handed down by a court of law.
  • Live at least one year in the municipality that has to represent as mayor in the case of being elected.

There are not many requirements but it is very important that the future Mayor or MayoressComply with them, since not only is he the highest authority but he is also the leader of that small part of Panamanian society.

How are mayors elected in Panama?

As Panama has been a democratic country for years, the leaders are elected by popular vote. So future mayors or mayoress are chosen through a process of municipal elections, which have to be celebrated according to what the Panama electoral court.

So those candidates have to prepare a good campaign, well the political parties that support the candidate together with him, to be the favorite among the people and be elected as mayor.

Therefore, if you have a good campaign and show the people that you are going to take office, promising that you will improve the problems that the municipal community has, not to mention that you always have to do activities to improve the quality of life of the people who they live in that place.

Anyone who meets the Requirements to be Mayor in Panama and you want to occupy this position, you must do so because always in a group of people, whether it is large or small, you need a leader who ensures the well-being of the people, but above all that the laws established by society are complied with.

How long is the term of a Mayor in Panama?

Once a person is chosen to be Mayor or Mayor, has the possibility of directing a municipality for 5 years, where it can help the inhabitants of that town to have a good quality of life. In addition to promoting new entrepreneurs so they can start their own businesses.

On the other hand, the mayor who comes to this position again has to continue with the projects that his predecessor left and be possible to improve it, since he has that position, it is so that things remain well in all areas in society that lead.

What is the importance of Mayors?

The importance of mayors is that they fulfill their functions as leaders of a society, which are to fulfill the needs or objectives of the society they lead. In the case of mayors is to make the municipalities where a society lives, the perfect place for people to live well.

What has just been mentioned justifies why it has to work together with the companies that offer water, electricity, electricity and cleaning services, so that these services work fully and their conditions are met.

At the same time, the mayor has to supervise compliance with the laws established by society, which are based on complying with taxes, maintaining public order, reducing levels of insecurity as much as possible, among many other things that a Mayor.

Besides, it must be remembered that the Mayor It does not work alone and that it is not an independent authority, it can even be concluded that a mayor is an assistant to govern a country, only that he will take care of a small part of the nation. This is because humanity needs a leader to achieve the general objectives, which are based on having a good quality of life.

It is expected that this information on the requirements to be Mayor in Panama, are very useful if you want to be the administrative leader of the municipality or district.

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