Requirements to obtain the Operation Notice: Find out what you should know

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If you plan to undertake or start a business or formal commercial activity in Panama, this article interests you, it is about the Requirements to obtain the Operation Notice: Find out what you should know.

It is no secret to anyone that Panama in recent times has enjoyed a moderate increase in the opening of companies that take advantage of the benefits of the maritime Canal that joins the East and the West.

For this reason, its authorities have made the opening of commercial activity more flexible with the creation of the Notice of Operation, as the only license or permit for its exercise in the territory of the Republic.

What is the Notice of Operations

It is also known as a commercial license or operating permit in Panamanian territory.

It corresponds to document where it is stated that a certain declarant will exercise a commercial or industrial activity and has given notice to the public administration.

It is guaranteed that it has complied with the regulations imposed by the Panamanian state for the correct development of commercial activities.

This license is for mandatory issuance, both for natural or legal persons, differing in the presentation of the precautions for your request.

The imposition of the Notice of Operations is based on Law 5, promulgated since 2007, facilitating the opening of commercial and industrial activity and replacing the well-known commercial license, in its two types A and B.

Among the activities that require the Notice of Operations, we have: banking, insurance companies, travel agencies, pharmacies, real estate companies, also public transportation, among many others.

And those that do not need this license are:

  1. Those of cattle exploitation, agricultural, beekeeping and poultry, including agroforestry.
  2. Neither are those dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of handicrafts. The manual or home industries. As long as the work of up to 5 paid workers is used.
  3. The practice or exercise of activities that do not represent commercial activities. The free exercise of professions is included, with personal titles or through civil partnerships.

It is important to know that once the notice of operations is activated, the tax liability is also activated, that is, payment of taxes and pertinent declarations. Therefore, it is mandatory to register with the Municipality that corresponds to the place where the activity will take place.

Avoiding being subject to fines, due to the lack of tax payments or the non-existence of the declarations imposed by the law.

In order to expedite the processes before the different authorities, the Notice of Operations is processed through the electronic page Panama

What are the requirements to obtain the Notice of Operations

As we discussed in previous paragraphs, the request for the Notice of Operations, sIt is done through the website of Panama .

Where in addition to having the precautions and conditions according to each type of person, it is required to be registered in the portal.

For it It is necessary to have a RUC or Unique Taxpayer Registry number and an active email address.

It is very important to gather the requested documentation, complete the corresponding steps and payments, to avoid setbacks in the issuance of the commercial license.

This permission It serves to identify each taxpayer and enjoy the duties and rights that the national and municipal tax law provides and requires. Also for the Social Security Fund and other Institutions.

For Natural Persons

The precautions requested from natural persons to obtain the Notice of Operations are:

  • The identity card, in original and copy, of the person responsible for the business.
  • The name of the business or company
  • The location of the business or company
  • Have defined the activity to be carried out in the company or business.

For Legal Persons

In the case of legal persons, you must have:

  • The photocopy of the identity card of the person who will assume the legal representation of the business.
  • The business name or name of the company
  • The names of the persons or members participating in the board of directors
  • The location or physical location of the establishment
  • The number of the RUC and of the registry in the General Directorate of Income or DGI.
  • Identify the activity to be developed

How to process the Notice of Operations

To make a Notice of Operations for a new company or business, you must have the correct registration in the PanamaEmprende portal. It is a simple and easy step that you will find in later lines.

  1. Once you log in with your username and password, Open a new company will be displayed in the options field.
  2. The system will show you a series of steps, there are seven to be exact, where you must fill out some forms with the information related to the natural or legal person, interested in creating the Operation Notice.
  3. At the end of filling out the forms, the system will give you the payment methods. If you select the payment by credit card, it is made effective automatically.
  4. While for payment in cash, the payment slip must be generated and presented at the ticket office of the National Bank of Panama.
  5. The process ends when the system displays the registered Operation Notice Number, with the link to download and print it.

This document must be kept in a visible place in the commercial establishment, since it is mandatory to show it to the competent authorities if required.

What is the cost of processing the Notice of Operations

The registration of a Notice of Operations to reserve the commercial name will depend on the type of person requesting the new registration. For natural person the base cost is $ 15.00 and for legal person $ 55.00, although there are exceptions that do not generate costs. Also according to the type of commercial activity to be developed.

What is PanamaEmprende

PanamaEmprende corresponds to web portal, whose operations are in charge of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

Through this site, The process of giving notice to the Panamanian authorities about the opening of any commercial or industrial activity to be carried out in the territory is facilitated in an automated way.

It prevents entrepreneurs from being required other requirements for the operation of their activities, being the only authorized mechanism to obtain the Operation Notice.

How to register in PanamaEmprende

Registration on the portal Panama Undertake, it is extremely simple.

It is only required to have an email address that is active, this will be the user’s name, and it must also be registered with the Electoral Court of Panama.

If you do not have it, you can create one on any of the free platforms that exist on the web such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc., or on the website of your choice.

  1. Enter Panama
  2. Tap on the Login field and then on Register
  3. Fill in the User Registration Form, placing the identification number in each corresponding box according to Pro: Province, TOM: Volume and Fo: Folio.
  4. Put the expiration date of your identity document
  5. Select the option of your preference for the secret question from the drop-down list.
  6. Put your email address, Password and solve the captcha.
  7. Check your email address for the Registration Confirmation Message and run the instructions to activate your user.


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