Requirements to Open a Daycare in Panama

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You like children? Have you thought about opening a nursery? Well, here you will find the Requirements to open a nursery in Panama.

Taking care of children in day care centers is a whole business in Panama. As well as in other parts of the world.

This is due to the constant need that today’s parents – who are often both full-time workers – have to leave their children in the care of nannies or teachers in daycare centers.

If you are one of those busy parents, you will surely understand the importance of finding a good daycare.

That is why we invite you to learn how to set up a nursery. And start in this business.

Requirements to set up a Daycare

To open a nursery you must meet a series of legal requirements, it is not enough that you have a nice place and lots of toys.

Children are beings of special dedication and care. For this reason, the law has been in charge of establishing some Requirements to open a nursery. Through which they guarantee a certain quality of service.

Required Certifications

To open a nursery or «Comprehensive Care Center for Early Childhood (Caipi)» you must have a special permit. So it’s not as easy as it looks to open a daycare. But don’t worry, we’ll help you make it easier. The first thing you should have are the respective permits or certificates. Which according to current regulations are:

  1. Certificate of good mental and physical health.
  2. Safety certificate issued by the Fire Department.

However, these certificates alone will not suffice. You should also have the following documents on hand:

Documentation of the human resources that work in the center.

  • Copy of the identity card.
  • An educational plan and early stimulation.
  • Copy of business license issued by MICI.
  • Copies of the plan and profile of the project.
  • Criminal and police history of all workers.

In order to have your own nursery, do not forget any of these documents. So take note!


Another of the primary requirements revolves around the facilities. Children’s safety is a priority for everyone. The location of the nursery must be known in depth.

Therefore, the place where you decide to open your nursery must go through certain tests.

A prior observation should be made to determine the appropriateness of the structure.

Likewise, the classrooms and green areas where the children will be will be observed. Don’t miss a single detail!


The hardest part of opening a daycare is making sure you have good management.

Daycares are businesses, involving profits and expenses. They are responsibility, which entail duties and rights.

Therefore, it is important that you keep in mind the resources of your administration.

The staff, if you want quality professionals, it is best if they have a degree in preschool education. Something that is especially necessary when you open a CAIPI.


The Education that you will give to those children is one of the most important requirements.

Not only because the authorities will ask you to explain your study plan. If not, because it needs to be combined with the age of the children you attend to and that it is stimulating for them.

It is a requirement that you should pay attention to. Because the better you develop it, the more likely your nursery will be successful.


Last but not least: nutrition. You should be careful what you feed the children. Some are very delicate beings.

You must maintain constant supervision of the food that the child will eat, how they are handled by the staff, among other things.

Remember, while they are in your care, you are fully responsible for them.

These are the requirements to open a nursery in Panama. Now you just need to know a few last steps to open your nursery.

Steps to Follow to Open a Daycare

Step 1

The first step you should take, before venturing to open a nursery, is to know if you are qualified for it.

So make sure you can meet all the requirements that we mentioned above.

Step 2

Setting the Location is essential to obtain the requirements.

Therefore it is something that you should take by the hand.

Choosing a strategic site will help you get potential customers more easily.

But the option of opening a nursery in your own home is not ruled out. As long as it complies with the relevant security measures.

Make your decision carefully!

Step 3

Another important step, and one that is related to the first two, is the definition of the service.

Why is it important to define the service? Well, because you should not only dedicate yourself to taking care of the children left in your care. If not, you can also offer other services. The important thing is that you get the most out of your business.

Step 4

The acquisition of equipment and furniture are an important step to carry out this project. Because you will work with children, some very young. It is recommended to choose bright colors. Objects that entertain them properly.

Safe furniture, so that children do not get hurt or damage it very quickly. Therefore, try to choose your furniture as best as possible.

step 5

Depending on the services you want to offer, you will have to choose personnel. Preferably specialized people. Although at first they are few. With time and the growth of your nursery you will increase the staff.

But not only that, but also have patience and dedication. Working with children deserves a lot of this. And therefore it is very necessary. Which brings us to the next step.

step 6

Staff training will be a major job.

Because said training ranges from assigning them a uniform that they must wear in perfect condition. Until the teaching of manuals and internal rules that are dictated in the establishment.

step 7

Now let’s talk about the launch and promotion. This step is something elementary in the beginning and progress of any business.

For this you do not necessarily have to be an expert in Marketing. You can simply hire companies to help you with advertising your business.

Attracting clients is essential, so don’t be afraid to tell everyone about your new project.

step 8

Once you are determined to carry out the opening of your nursery. And you have gone through the above steps. You will be ready to formalize your procedure.

Therefore you must go to ask for special permission to open your nursery. Do not forget any paper, as they could prevent you from opening your business.

Where should I carry out the procedure?

To formalize the opening of your nursery, and obtain your permit, you must appear before the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES).

They are in charge of observing compliance with all the aforementioned requirements. However, you may also have to appear before MICI and MEDUCA.

Approximate investment cost

Like any business, opening a daycare will involve the investment of a large amount of capital. If you consider that you are qualified to take that responsibility, you can start it alone.

On the contrary, it is always a good idea to get an investor or partner.

The investments are many, and all necessary. Therefore, it is estimated that the investment required to open a nursery varies between US$20 and US$100,000.

But it is an investment that, if carried out with effort and dedication, will be recovered very quickly.

Tips and recommendations

Parents and guardians are generally advised to know where the daycare center or center where they will leave their children is located.

So, as they will demand from you, you must demand from you and your staff. A job well done will bring great rewards.

Insurance policies for children, in case of any eventuality, are also a good option to consider.

Ask parents and guardians to help you improve services with what is known as a suggestion box. Over time this will help you improve a lot in your nursery.

The truth is that the nurseries are every year a more profitable business, and they are attracting a large number of people.

It is a difficult time for parents who cannot care for their children. But for this there are always those who are willing to help.

This is the best job for child-minded people.

That’s it, we hope the article will help you in your new business. Dare to innovate and you will reap the fruits of all your effort. Any questions leave it in the comments.

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