Requirements to recognize a child in Panama: Know everything about the subject

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Feel the satisfaction of certifying the bond with your children, read about the Requirements to recognize a child in Panama: Know everything about the subject

In addition to honoring your values, you will demonstrate an exemplary attitude, anticipate the imposition of the law, you have no loss.

What is the Civil Registry

It is an administrative entity for the public service attached to the Electoral Tribunal of Panama.

Their responsibility lies in recording the facts related to the civil status of citizens., among other activities that are assigned.

Being you the registration of births, naturalizations, also marriages and those who died for any reason. Including the registration or annotations from the respective inscriptions.

Besides that this organism is in charge of the custody and conservation of public documents related to civil status.

And it has the authority to issue copies and certifications based on registered entries and annotations.

Its legal framework is supported by the National Assembly, in Law 31 of 2006. There the registry of vital events and other legal acts derived from the civil status of people is established.

In its organizational structure we find that it is led by a Director and a deputy director with national scope. Whose activities are assisted by various administrative units, in compliance with the law and its regulations.

What services does the Civil Registry offer

The services that the Civil Registry offers, They seek to guarantee and safeguard Panamanian nationality. Respecting the human rights associated with the civil status of its citizens. Including foreigners who reside in its territory, based on the impositions of the law.

These services are carried out through the registration and certification of vital facts and related legal acts.

Its service platform allows the processing of registrations and certificates of birth, singleness, death and descent.

They all are provided through regional directorates and district offices. And as a way of speeding up the procedures for registering vital events, they are present in some public and private hospitals.

Even in commercial establishments like SSupermarkets Rey, in El Romero and El Machetazo, among others.
Also in some public entities such as the Passport Directorate, in the Public Registry, and in Judicial Bodies, where certificates are issued.

Even to broaden its scope, there is the auxiliary recorder. As a representative of the Civil Registry in areas with difficult access, extreme poverty, and for the indigenous population located in more remote areas. With special dedication to motivate birth and death registrations.

Additionally and in order to provide a better service to users, the National Directorate of the Civil Registry since 2010, has come implementing a quality management system, which is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

This positively impacts key processes, and generates their standardization.. In addition to adding tools that are essential to be able to offer and provide a better service to the population. These are supported in the development, implementation and implementation of technological solutions in accordance with world reality.

What is Voluntary Paternal Recognition

It is said of the action o procedure carried out by the biological father of the registered minor, with the mother’s consent, in order to legally authenticate the paternal affiliation.

For this recognition, both parents having a prior agreement, personally submit the application to the Civil Registry, in the corresponding administrative unit.

What are the requirements to request the Voluntary Paternal Recognition

To make the request for voluntary recognition by the father, the following documentation must be consigned:

  • Both parents must complete and sign the Voluntary Paternal Recognition application form, in person before the official authorized by the Civil Registry.
  • The copy of the identity cards of both parents. Or failing that, passports.

How to recognize a child in Panama

The legal recognition of a child, It is the confirmation of the paternal bond, through a birth registration certificate, based on legal presumptions.

Where children of the spouses are presumed, people born after 180 days have elapsed, which are counted from the time the marriage is celebrated. Or failing that from the meeting of the spouses with separation of body.
Even people born within 300 days, after dissolving a marriage or by separation of bodies.

Based on Law 39, of 2003, it is possible to eliminate or disprove the presumption, through an affidavit of the biological parents, which they must present before the corresponding Civil Registry.

The identity documents of those involved and the marriage certificate are required, appear before the Civil Registry and comply with the instructions issued by the authorized official.

What is the importance of the Voluntary Paternal Recognition

First the right of the child to have their biological parentage certified must be highlighted, in addition to it is both a moral and a material obligation that citizens must know their origins. Regardless of the relationship or ties that are shared during the lives of those involved.

Remember that currently there are procedures that demonstrate the veracity of paternity. These methods are frequently used to demand compliance with maintenance obligations or the right to material assets of the alleged father, when he denies or doubts about being the parent.

However, it is very important to take into account that You must be aware that maintaining relationships without preventive measures for pregnancies has a high percentage in which the result is the procreation of a child. Which He deserves the acceptance of his existence by both parents, in addition to being loved and attending to his needs until he can fend for himself.

How much does the procedure

According to the information issued by the National Directorate of the Civil Registry, through the website of the Electoral Tribunal, their performances have no cost. However, there may be exceptions based on the respective legal provisions.

The responsible and sensible attitude of the Voluntary Paternal Recognition increases human and moral values. What generates a strengthened quality of life for society in general.

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