Steps and Requirements for a Panama visa

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The immigration authorities of the National Migration Service will issue tourist visas valid for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days, if the foreigners meet the requirements demanded by this regulation and without prejudice to what is established in the international agreements ratified by the Republic. of Panama and the principles of reciprocity.

Panamanian visa requirements

  • Tourist visa application form.
  • Copy of the complete passport.
  • Copy of second identification of the applicant.
  • Three (03) photographs.
  • Copy of the travel itinerary.
  • Present economic solvency of not less than five hundred dollars (500.00) of the applicant.
  • Present hotel reservation.

Other documents to present for visa in Panama

The applicant must present proof of payment of the sum of fifty balboas (equivalent to 50 US dollars), by concept of migratory services.

The visa applicant may also be required to provide evidence of the economic or work activity that they carry out. Some of the documents that can be presented for this purpose are:

  • If you are an employee of a public or private entity: work certificate with the last salary receipt.
  • If you are a pensioner or retiree: document that proves your pension or retirement with your proof of payment.
  • If independent: income statement for the last fiscal year.
  • If you are a student: a certification from the educational center that indicates the studies you are studying and the vacation period, if you are not on vacation time, you must stipulate the time that you were granted to travel.
  • If you are an economically dependent person: sworn statement from a relative who is responsible for your travel and support during your trip; certification of kinship ties and proof of financial solvency

In some cases, a sworn statement from the person who is making the invitation to visit Panama may also be required, if applicable.

Temporary or permanent residents or Panamanians from Panama, can present the following documents:

  • Authenticated copy of the personal identity card of the Panamanian citizen.
  • Copy of the passport and personal identification document of the foreigner.
  • Copy of receipt of payment for the provision of public services, stating the location of the residence of the person in charge

Steps to obtain a visa in Panama

To obtain your Panamanian visa it is necessary that you take into account the process and that for this you will need to perform the following procedures:

  1. Make the corresponding payment. The amounts and habitable procedures are detailed on the official website of the American Embassy. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the receipt, after confirming the interview appointment.
  2. You must complete the DS-160 form of the Panama American visa. Read the instructions carefully and fill in the spaces that are required.
  3. Prepare your passport and identification and your documents. Keep in mind that all the necessary requirements requested for your visa in Panama to present in the interview before the competent authorities to justify the application for your visa.
  4. Attend your assigned appointment on time. It is important to arrive at the assigned time, for which we recommend making provisions for your arrival, so that you can complete the procedure and wait for the resolution of your tourist visa request.

This notice is basically for people who want to apply for the American visa in Panama, although there are some special cases that merit a faster process or the application for an emergency visa, so you must pay attention to the waiting times and specify your situation in case of not being able to follow the usual process.

Who should request a Panamanian visa?

The Republic from Panama, in compliance with Decree 473 of August 23, 2017, by which the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is added to the list of countries that require a stamped visa to enter the national territory, communicates that the processing of applications must be carried out under the following procedure:

In the event that the interested party is in Venezuelan territory:

  1. Every Venezuelan who is in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and has an interest in entering Panama, from October 1 must enter the website of the National Migration Service (SNM); to the Online Migration section (Requests).
  2. Once you access “Requests”, look for the link that says Appointment for Visa Stamped in Consulate, and then access the option of the Venezuelan flag.
  3. Then the interested party must follow each of the instructions detailed in the appointment voucher (form).
  4. The forms of payment, as established in the appointment voucher, may be made in two (2) ways:

Option 1: Deposit in the current account of the National Bank of Panama, the sum of 60 American dollars; broken down into $ 50 for immigration services and $ 10 for consular services.

Option 2: In the event that the interested party has a relative in Panama, the payment may be made at the Treasury department, located at the SNM headquarters, in Panama. For the payment of consular services, the money must be deposited in the account of the National Bank (detailed in voucher of appointment).

The Government of Panama calls on Venezuelan citizens to follow the instructions described in the online process before going to the Panamanian Consulate in Caracas in order to guarantee good service and the efficiency of the processes.

In the case of Venezuelan citizens who are outside their country:

To apply for your stamped entry visa to Panama, you must approach a Panamanian diplomatic headquarters and be permanent or temporary residents of the country where you are, in addition to presenting your documents for the tourist visa process (See requirements in the transparency section of the SNM website, exactly the point that describes permits for immigration requirements (Tourist visa).

In these cases, payments for migratory services and consular services must be made at the diplomatic headquarters.

Venezuelan citizens who are in Panama without defined immigration status (Regularization) and require to leave the country, they can request a multiple Non-Resident visa, in the department of Register of foreigner of the National Migration Service, for which they must comply with the procedures and requirements that appear on the SNM website.

We describe the types of visa required by the Republic of Panama

Authorized Visas (VA-1):

It is the one that citizens of countries that for immigration policy reasons have to apply for.
They require prior authorization from the National Directorate of Migration to enter the country. This
authorization is requested from their respective countries (at the Consulate of Panama in your country) or you can
request it by an interested person who is a resident of Panama.

In this case, they must meet all the requirements demanded by Migration and if the visa is approved, the Consulate of Panama, in that country so that the visa is stamped in the passport and the person can travel to Panama.

In this visa, the foreigner must specify if the visa is for a tourist (in this case, specify the time they want) or for an immigrant, and Migration decides whether to grant it or not and how long it will give the foreigner to be in Panama.

Stamped Visa (VE-2):

This visa does not require prior authorization from the Migration Directorate, but must be requested before
the Consul of Panama in that country, it is always a tourist visa and the Consul decides the time granted to the
foreigner and stamps the visa in his passport. Only then can the person enter Panama.

Cardmo (TT-3 de Turis):

The country that can enter Panama with a tourist card does not need a visa, it only acquires in the
airline a tourist card that costs B / 5.00 fills it with the requested information and presents it
with your passport upon entry to Panama.

Hence the importance of the migratory classification made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If the person belongs to a country that can enter Panama, with a stamped visa or tourist card, it means that the foreigner has two options: or apply for the visa at the Panamanian Consulate and can arrive in Panama with the visa already stamped in his passport or buy the tourist card at the airline or upon arrival.

If the person belongs to a country that is classified as a stamped visa, they have no choice.

To enter Panama, you must previously request at the Panamanian Consulate, that the visa be stamped and if the person belongs to a country that is visa authorized, you need the prior authorization of the National Directorate of Panama.

In all cases, it is necessary to meet other requirements to enter the country. (Financial solvency, passport with a minimum validity of six months and return ticket to your country)

Suppression Agreementisas (ASV‐n of V4):

The countries that appear in this category have signed agreements with Panama by virtue of which

mutually exempt each other from the visa requirement to enter the other country.

Visa Waiver (EV-5):

A visa is not required for nationals of the countries that appear in this category because the State
Panamanian has unilaterally decided so.

Those who do not need to process a visa in Panama

Among the countries that do not need to process a visa to enter the Republic of Panama are:

  • Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus
  • Egypt, El Salvador, England, Finland, France, Germany
  • Greece, Guatemala, Holland (Netherlands) Honduras, Hungary
  • Israel, Italy, Luxenburg, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay the Vatican

The visa is a document that enables you to travel to countries that are far away or neighboring your country of origin. Any person who has valid visas valid for 10 years of multiple entries and wants to renew it is recommended to do so later, in view of the fact that the new provision prevents the person from going to an interview with a consular agent as long as the 12 months.

Types of visas in Panama

In Panama you can apply for two types of permanent or temporary residences, both types of visas require the same approval time which is five or six months, tourist visa this type of visas is valid for ninety days to request it it is necessary to have a valid passport with at least three months prior to the round-trip ticket expiration date and a minimum amount of travel money of $ 500 can be obtained at the Panamanian consulate in your country.

Temporary residence this type of visa is granted for one year and must be renewed annually, it can be requested by those foreigners who enter the Country to serve as personnel hired by the National Government, permanent residence this type of visa can be enjoyed by foreigners who enter the following agreements: Public retiree, Countries of friendships with Panama, agreement with Italy, purchase of real estate, bank accounts, business creation.

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