Steps and Requirements to enter Panama from Venezuela

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If you want to embark on a new path outside of Venezuela, as a student, professional or simply going on vacation, we will quickly reflect on the Requirements to enter Panama that you must be clear in order to enter without any problem.

Requirements to enter Panama from Venezuela

  • Visa application form duly filled out.
  • Original and copy of the travel document, preferably passport with a minimum remaining validity of 3 months.
  • Round trip ticket with departure itinerary.
  • Copy of the pertinent legible identity document, with which your identity can be confirmed.
  • 3 color passport photos.
  • Economic credit verification for support and maintenance during the stay in the country. Which may not be less than US$500.
  • Proof of the hotel reservation where you have decided to stay.
  • Exit ticket from Panama.

Other errands that may help you
The applicant must present a bauche as proof of payment of migratory services in the amount of US$50.

In other cases, the visa applicant may be required to present proof of the work in which he performs. Some of the documents that can support this request are:

  • In the case of belonging to a public or private entity: the most recent receipt corresponding to the salary.
  • In the case of being a student: legitimation issued by the student center reflecting the studies completed and the vacation period, in case you are not on your vacation period, the exact time for which you have been given the travel permit must be indicated .

Steps to travel to Panama from Venezuela

These steps will depend on the condition in which you want to enter Panama, for Venezuelans it is the case of tourist, worker or student, visas are needed respectively.

Tourism in Panama

For Venezuelans who want to go as tourists to Panama, they may have a Stamped Visa or Tourist Card which can be requested through the Panamanian embassy located in the Eurobuilding.

Places to visit in Panama

Below we will catalog some of the most touristic areas of Panama:

old town

One of the tourist places in Panama that a tourist cannot miss is this, in Panama City. The roofs made up of orange tiles and a Spanish colonial architectural style of the old town of Panama City, are in contrast with the great heights of the skyscrapers on the horizon. In the same way, a very attractive nightlife is developed for both locals and foreigners who want to have fun all night.

Panama Canal

It proposes a unique exhibition to be able to see the ships crossing from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean and vice versa. The Miraflores Visitors Center offers a 3D movie projection, the entire history of Panama’s maritime crossing apart from the wonderful view of the horizon created by the silhouette of the city.

Boquete Town

It is a small town located at the foot of the Barú Volcano, in the highlands of Chiriquí, thanks to its geography it provides different activities such as hiking, rafting and rock climbing right at the door, it has 500 of 972 species of birds of Panama se found in the province, including the highly sought after Quetzal bird with its radiant deep green.

Bull’s mouths

Located on the northwest coast of the Caribbean Sea, it is a group of tropical islands which has been preserved with a strong influence from the West Indies. Ecological adventure tourism is developed here, they have some of the best surf breaks and diving in the country.

Emberra Indians

These are developed in position number 5 among the most touristic places in Panama. This group of Indians are the root of where Panama has developed.

Crossing the Chagres River by canoe, you will be able to see huts entirely woven in straw just before reaching the Emberra town, home of these indigenous people belonging to the 9 main indigenous root groups of Panama.

One of the places with the most impact, although somewhat well rehearsed, you could catch your lunch fishing a fresh specimen of tilapia.

Chocolate Farm Hill

Gatun Lake

These areas consecrate natural landscapes that can be explored.

Biodiversity Museum, designed by arch. Frank Gehry

It was opened to the public in June 2014 on the Amador Causeway. Inside, one of the best natural history exhibitions in the world takes place.

Saint Blaise

This Archipelago, is comprised of wonderful and impressive islands, they are operated, owned and protected by the Kuna Indians. This archipelago of atolls off the north coast of Panama has a tropical island for every day of the year, plus a few to spare.

Travel to Panama to work

Venezuelans who wish to work in Panama must have a work visa and upon arrival in Panama they will have to take the steps to obtain the work permit, with which they will be authorized to work in Panama.

It should be noted that Panamanians by law must maintain a percentage relationship between the workers of each company of up to a maximum 90%, of Panamanian personnel and a maximum of 15% of foreign personnel. Venezuelans should take into account when looking for work.

Job opportunities in Panama

The job opportunities for Venezuelans who choose Panama as their destination is a bit diffuse since there is a list of professions that foreigners cannot practice, such as: Accounting, Journalism, Laboratory technicians, Public Relations, Speech-language pathologists, therapists and the like, Economics, Social Work, Veterinary Medicine, Physiotherapy, Medical Radiology, Law, Dental Assistant, Sociology, Chemistry, Nursing, Barbering and Cosmetology, Dentistry, Engineering and Architecture, Agricultural Sciences, Pharmacy, Chiropractors, Nutrition, Medicine, Psychology, Physician Assistant.

However, for people who have careers other than those on this list, they could even opt for permanent residence as a foreign professional.

Study in Panama

For those who want to develop their studies in Panama, they must take into consideration that:

  • If you are going to study at an institution of higher education, you must necessarily bring the certified grades and the baccalaureate degree.
  • For secondary or basic education, you would need the last report card from where you studied.
  • These requirements must have been authenticated by the Ministry of Education of Venezuela.

Ticket cost for Panama

The flights from Caracas to Panama City range between $US 157 and $US 318.

In recent years, the great laziness of Venezuelans who emigrated to Panama have left a bad taste in the mouth of that country, feelings of resentment and disapproval have grown towards Venezuelans who, although not all of them, have been arrested for engaging in criminal activities in That country.

If you want to be an exemplary foreign Venezuelan citizen and have the Requirements to enter Panama Of course, we hope this information has been of total help in the new beginning that you want to undertake.

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