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Requirements to Be Uber: Steps, Documents and MORE

Do you want to know what the Requirements to be Uber to be able to be part of it? Uber is a technological platform that allows drivers to easily connect with users who are in search of safe trips and reliable drivers. They offer a wide range of transportation options so that people in this … Read More

Requirements to obtain the RUC: How to do it, Sole proprietorships and MORE

Countries tend to carry out their tax collections and contributions in different ways. In the case of Paraguay, the registration, control and verification process in taxation is carried out through the RUC, which means “Unique Taxpayer Registry”. Here you will learn the Requirements to obtain the RUC and much more. The Unique Taxpayer Registry consists … Read More

Requirements to Get the Passport: Steps, Duration and MORE

Are you interested in going on a trip? To travel to any country, from anywhere in the world you will need an identification document that works worldwide. Currently, the most common international identification documents are passports. For that reason, in this article we will teach you the Requirements to Get the Passport in Paraguay and … Read More

Requirements to Travel to Spain: Documents, ETIAS and MORE

Do you feel like vacationing and you still don’t know what the Requirements to travel to Spain? Spain has become the favorite destination of tourists for its gastronomy, beaches, its monuments, and nature. It is the perfect destination if you are a lover of architecture, art, shopping and traditions. Every part of this beautiful country … Read More

Requirements to Export: Corporations, SRL and MORE

The Export Requirements vary depending on the country where you are. Export is a good or service sent to another country or to another part of the world for commercial purposes only, these exports are carried out under very specific conditions and are usually of any product sent outside the border of a State. This … Read More

Form 600: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

The fform 600, it is a document that must be delivered by each person to declare the financial statements of each company before the SET. To learn more about this document, you must read in detail each process, download the spreadsheet and other important steps to have a successful form. Form 600 format This Form … Read More

Form 120: Format, Filling and MORE

The Form 120 It is a document that has the character of a sworn declaration and is used to tax the value added tax (VAT) of a natural person or a legal personality. It should be noted that this procedure is governed by the Law 125/91 of Paraguay that establishes the guidelines on tax matters. … Read More

Form 106: How it is, Completed and MORE

The Form 106 It is a document that must be filled out to deliver the numerical data obtained from a company to the SET. If you want to know more about this form and how to fill it out, this content is for you, since it is a bit difficult to understand these important points … Read More

Form 104: Format, Presentation and MORE

Declare income tax is one of the citizen duties that must be fulfilled by those who generate income during a fiscal year. The Form 104 It is a document that serves pTo help you present your declaration to the Undersecretary of State for Taxation (SET). If you are interested in knowing more details about this … Read More

Form 101: How to Fill It Out, Presentation and MORE

The Form 101, is a document for Declare Income Taxes and Presentation of Balance Sheets, Unique Forms in Society and Permanent Establishments In Paraguay. If you are interested in this form, this article is for you, we invite you to continue reading and find out how to fill out and what is this form 101 … Read More