How to know if I can already collect my Disability: Certificate

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Have you ever wondered Do you How do I know if I can already collect my Disability? Work disabilities and temporary rest due to a work accident must take a series of procedures and legal requirements.

The activities and working hours in a company or public or private organization must be governed by the labor law of Paraguay and have all the standardized documents

But what happens if a worker gets sick or unfortunately suffers an occupational accident and said individual wants to obtain a disability certificate. What are the required documents? Or know what type of work accidents exist.

Do not be left with doubts and keep reading this article!

Rest (allowance) for Work Accident

According to the social and labor studies carried out between 2018 and 2019, it has been detected that more than 20 thousand work accidents occur per month that occur in the national territory.

Subsidized layoffs managed by companies have been rectified due to their growth in requests, many layoffs are delivered directly for medical and justified reasons, other layoffs are awaiting approval

The breaks are granted automatically to those workers who are in the following cases

  • Justify a work accident that occurred within the work area
  • Unconsciously suffer physical damage due to some bad material found on the job
  • Present a justified illness related to work or alien
  • Possess a general illness which is notified in advance to the company
  • People who have limitations when carrying out some daily activity

Notably rest days are established by the company depending on the case of work accident.

For example, a general illness, generic malaise, fever, flu or other related, mostly they are delivered between 5 and 10 days of rest to the worker

But if an occupational accident occurs within the work activity, the rest and the days of absence of the worker will be fully covered by the work company, whether public or private.

In the event that the absence of a worker is very extensive, the company is fully obliged to find a temporary substitute for the position held by the worker on a permanent basis.

Once the rest period is over, the worker returns to his current position

Required documentation

The documents required to justify a layoff due to an accident at work will be depending on the case that was presented to the worker, since there are several reasons to justify a rest

Every company, whether public or private, has its internal regulations for permission, rest and justification of absences from work, for this reason The documents may vary depending on the company where you work

The general documents that must be attached to justify a rest in the different work areas are:

  • Medical certificate which must contain (day, month and year in which the consultation was issued, medical specialty, name of the clinic, full names and surnames of the doctor, names and surnames of the worker)
  • Document of issuance of the repose
  • Record of all the records in which the citizen attended the clinic or hospital
  • In the event that the rest includes a surgical operation, the type of operation specialty must be attached.
  • Photocopy of the National Identity Document

It is worth mentioning that these requirements are general, If the company requests extra documents it is in its full right, as long as these documents are governed by the Labor Law

Note: Short breaks will not need many documents to attach, just by presenting the medical certificate and rest is suitable to justify the rest

What is the Certificate of Disability?

In theWorld Health Organization (WHO), It specifies that disability is a condition that a human being presents.

Due to various circumstances presented, due to this specialist doctors restrict disabled people from some activities

In the labor part, a disability certificate is that document which issues information by a certified health professional, which explains the disability situation that a person suffers

Disability certificates are mostly issued by psychologists, medical therapists, social specialists, among other health professionals.

In Paraguay, both private and public clinics have the task of issuing various Certificates of disability in the national territory.

The main functions that a Certificate of Disability fulfills are:

  • Generate information on the disability that the person presents
  • Establish the level of disability that the individual has
  • Provide evidence of referrals and medical studies
  • Inform the different public and private entities of the percentage of disability

Note: Companies also obtain favors for hiring people with a set percentage of disability, such as reductions in Social Security contributions.

Requirements for obtaining the disability certificate

If you want to get your certificate and disability, you must take into account the following requirements to attach:

  • Suffering from a disability which is registered in the health sector
  • Original and copy of the National Identity Document
  • Medical references in these references psychological and social studies are involved
  • Medical record of the last medical check-up in the appropriate specialty
  • If there is or is currently working, a proof of work must be attached which must include the work activity that the person performs

These requirements may be modified according to the organization and medical institution that establishes the necessary requirements to be able to issue the disability certificate

Remember that the disability certificate will be issued according to the approval of the entities with which the certificate is being processed

What are the disabilities that exist

Currently, there are different disabilities which are classified according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which estimates that there is not only a single disability but several disabilities.

Below, we will show you the different disabilities that currently exist according to the WHO:

  • Sensory – Sensory: This ability is linked to both visual and auditory limitations that a person may have
  • Motor – Physical: Motor or physical disability receives its name, since it establishes a relationship to the various difficulties that a human body can present
  • Psychic: When we refer to intellectual disability, we are referring to mental behaviors which are altered than normal
  • Intellectual: Intellectual disability is a disability that limits full intellectual functioning
  • Various: Various disabilities link disabilities with others, for example a person who has a motor disability and has a low percentage of intellectual difficulty

Work-related accidents: Is it worth having IPS?

The Institute of Social Prevention (IPS), It is an institution which is in charge of registering and controlling companies and workers which are registered in the Social Security system of Paraguay.

Most occupational accidents are endorsed by the Institute of Social Prevention (IPS), which gives a series of advantages to companies at the time of having a work accident

It is important to mention what are the benefits that the IPS grants to the labor sector:

  • Provides different areas of health care
  • Dental care, which (this service includes dental emergencies, among other dental services)
  • Surgical care
  • Operations required for an occupational accident
  • Pharmacy service (pills, remedies, necessary amendments for health, among others)
  • Emergency care

To answer yes, actually Is the penis worth having IPS?, is complying with the services offered at the time of using it to the employer.

Remember that we do not place disabilities ourselves, we are all capable of achieving and building our dreams with perseverance

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