North American Visa Requirements: Appointments, Process and MORE

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Visiting, doing business or living in the United States is one of the wishes of almost everyone in the world. Because it is one of the most modern countries in the world, with great and numerous attractions. In addition, it is a country full of business opportunities and with pleasant living conditions, read this article and know the Requirements for the North American Visa.

Given the great demand of people who want this great northern country, we decided to create this article that is aimed at Paraguayan citizens who want to visit, do business or even live in the United States. Know all the Requirements for the North American Visa!

Travel to the United States of America and experience the American dream.

What are the Requirements for the North American Visa?

There is a great variety of visas, there are for non-immigrants and for immigrants. Type “B1”, which are exclusive for people who want to do business, there are also type “B2” visas that are exclusive for people who want to enter for tourism purposes. For immigrants too.

Depending on the one that best suits your needs, the Requirements for the North American Visa They will change, that is, the requirements for a non-immigrant visa are different from those for immigrants. For this reason, in the next section we explain in detail the requirements for each of the types of visas.

Read on, and know in detail each of the requirements for the different types of visas.

North American Immigrant Visa

Many people who enter the American territory want to live in the country and experience the much desired American dream. Therefore, the immigrant visa is highly requested and here we explain the requirements to obtain it.

The difficulty of obtaining a immigrant visa in the United States of America it is much higher, because they must evaluate people well and establish the deserving of the visa as an immigrant. However, in this section we will talk about the steps and requirements in order.

Steps and requirements

The process consists of 12 steps, which are named and described below.

  • Request or presentation of the petition, through the family petition form «I-130«.
  • After the petition is approved, a file is created in the National Visa Center. Where the data of the applicant will be registered in a system, in order to receive a welcome and the data to be able to enter the system «Consular Electronic Request Center«
  • The next step is the payment of fees. Application processing fees and a “Support Affidavit” fee must be paid. This is done by logging into the system and then clicking on «Pay»
  • Form “I-864”, also known as an affidavit of support, must be completed.
  • Then you must collect and submit financial evidence, such as: tax returns, income statements, property titles, bank history, and more.
  • Once the payment of your fees has been processed, you must fill out the form “DS-260”. To fill it you must enter the system, and click start now.
  • Then personal data must be presented, such as: criminal record, birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, among others.
  • Once you collect the documents, you must scan them. It is recommended to do it clearly and in color.
  • After that, you must upload them to the service system.
  • Then you must schedule an appointment. After the requested medical check-up has been scheduled and performed.
  • Finally, you should show up at the appointment with the documents and expect favorable results.

North American Visa for Non-Immigrants

If what you want is to enter the North American territory for more practical purposes, such as: tourism and doing business. You must apply for a type B1 or B2 non-immigrant visa. Whatever the case, we will comment on the requirements and in the administrative process section we will explain how to request it.

Tourist visa or B2 visa

The requirements to apply for a tourist visa can be numerous, but they are straightforward to collect. However, it is not the only thing you should do, after collecting them and filling out the necessary forms; You must show up for a face-to-face appointment, which is described in the next section.

  • Proof of payment of the visa application fee.
  • Submit the form «DS-160» filled in the correct way.
  • Valid passport.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Account statements, tax returns and other financial information.
  • University degrees or diplomas.
  • Proof of work.
  • Proof of studies.

They are intended to provide sufficient information to the authorities to assess whether you are a person suitable to enter the United States of America.

Business visa or B1 visa

The documents to acquire a business visa are almost the same, only that in order to have a B1 visa you must also demonstrate certain legal and economic aspects of your business, apart from the personal documentation.

In order to process a business visa, applicants must demonstrate that their purpose qualifies as business. Then they must state that they have the financial capital to cover their expenses and carry out the business. They must also present proof of their business through social or economic ties.

Appointment for North American Visa

The main thing to establish an appointment that will lead to the approval of the visa, is to make the payment of the fee (it costs an average of 160 dollars) and also fill out the form «DS-160» correctly.

After completing these steps, the embassy or consulate will contact you to arrange the date of the appointment. That day is the most important and where you must present the required documents, totally original. You must bear in mind that due to the current pandemic, appointments are made virtually.

It is important to have clear and absolute knowledge of the documents and data provided. Because that will be discussed at the appointment, in case of inconsistency in the documents presented. The visa can be denied, and the cost of the process will not be reimbursed.

Other information that you should take into account is that due to the current circumstances, they are only processing and making appointments for visas on an emergency basis. Therefore, in order to have an appointment at this time, you must also specify why your case is an emergency.

You just have to tell the truth and you will have guaranteed success

Administrative process

The administrative process is very simple, because it consists of about 4 very important steps. The first is undoubtedly to apply online and make the payment for said application, which has a cost of 160 US dollars.

Then you will receive the famous and important form «DS-160», which will allow the United States government and the immigration department to have information about you. After filling it you must load it into the system.

Finally, you must make an appointment with the consulate or embassy of your country. That is the most important step of all, because the documents presented, the testimonies made are evaluated there; and the visa will be approved or denied depending on what the official considers.

In the best of cases, the official in charge of the case will consider that you are a person suitable to carry a visa that allows entry to the American territory. Having a visa to enter this country has always been considered a privilege. Because the country offers many opportunities to people who manage to enter it.

What is it?

The United States is one of the most visited countries in the world, therefore, they must qualify for what purpose each person enters their territory. For this, visas are assigned, they have the purpose of establishing parameters for visitors.

That is, they limit the stay and the field of action of people according to their permits. For example: there are people who enter just in conditions of tourism, or with the purpose of doing business and tourism, even in order to settle and live in the country.

In case you want to enter the country by tourist reasons, to know the culture, the landscapes, its food and more. You must apply for the B2 visa, it is exclusively for tourist purposes, it does not allow bearers to work or study. If your purpose is to promote or conduct business, you must apply for the B1 visa.

For both cases, the previous sections describe the Requirements for the North American VisaThe steps and requirements are even explained if you want to immigrate to the country. Despite being a much more complex and difficult process, each of the steps to be followed and the necessary documentation are explained in detail.

Do not hesitate to apply for an entry visa for the United States, in case of acquiring it you will be one of the privileged in the world. Remember that the immigration authorities are one step before everyone else, they know more than we think, that is why it is important to always tell the truth and that the documents are legitimate.

Acquire your visa to live the famous and longed for American dream.

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