Requirements for Paraguayan Nationality: How to Get It, Tips and MORE

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Every year, many people from Latin America seek to enter Paraguay in order to reside. This is because it is a country with relative economic and social stability, as well as because of the countries whose passport is one of the most accepted in the world. It is accepted by more than 130 countries worldwide, without the need for a visa. For this reason, here we explain the Requirements for Paraguayan Nationality.

If you wish to establish yourself in Paraguay with the respective nationality and thus reside legally. We suggest you read this article, in which you will find in detail the requirements, about the process, some information about the life in Paraguay and much more.

Wait no more, acquire your nationality and live the Paraguayan experience.

What are the Requirements for Paraguayan Nationality?

It is important to know that the body in charge of approving or denying Paraguayan nationality to applicants is the judiciary. However, the entity that establishes the requirements that applicants or applicants for Paraguayan nationality must present is called “General Directorate of Migration«

In this section, we show you in a list each of the requirements to obtain nationality. However, there are several conditions under which you can request it, it can be as children, spouse or husband of a Paraguayan citizen.

If this is the case, you must enforce law number 2193/2003. It authorizes the national police and its national identification department to issue an identity card to any foreigner, child, spouse or spouse of a Paraguayan citizen.

Nationality by naturalization

If your case is not one of the above, and you are a foreigner who wishes to acquire the papers of filing by naturalization, you must meet the following requirements. They are established by law in article Nº148 of the national constitution.

  • First of all, you must be of legal age.
  • You must have a residence in the country, of at least 3 years.
  • You must have regularly and constantly exercised some professional work: such as office worker, natural sciences, art, industrial activities, among others.
  • Have good conduct before the law, during the period of residence and in the country of previous residence, through a criminal record.

If you want to obtain Paraguayan nationality by naturalization, you must meet the above requirements, which are mandatory and mandated by law. If you want to know about the process, Quiet! In a single we bring you the information regarding the procedure to obtain nationality.

How to Obtain Paraguayan Nationality?

The process to obtain it is very simple, due to the simple requirements that they request. Among them, it should be noted that for a year to count as a resident in the country, you must have been within Paraguayan territory for at least one day. This and others are the facilities to acquire nationality.

However, as in the rest of the countries of the world. Granting a nationality implies a large number of responsibilities for both the country and the citizen. For this reason, during the process you must hire a lawyer to represent you in the “Supreme Court of Justice«


  • The first thing is to meet the requirements, including the time of residence in the national territory.
  • You must hire an immigration lawyer to represent you before the judiciary.
  • Then you must go to the Judiciary with your respective lawyer, and make the official application for nationality by naturalization.
  • Like all judicial processes, you must make statements and wait for your file to be evaluated.
  • In the event that the application is approved, after having studied the documents and statements. You must go to the identification police department of the national police, and thus acquire your Paraguayan identity card.

Although the process is easy and simple, it does not have a specific duration, since it consists of a file that must be studied and evaluated by lawyers. Which conclude if the person is suitable or not to be a Paraguayan citizen.

Read on, and find out why you should request and obtain it. The following sections are dedicated to showing you the attractions and legal aspects of acquiring nationality.

Why Get It?

The reasons for acquiring citizenship in this beautiful country are many. For this reason, in this segment we will show you some points of interest for people who wish to reside in the territory, but still do not have total security.

To highlight the attractive aspects and data of the country, we present you a small list that details each one of the facts, which will make you decide to comply with the Requirements for Paraguayan Nationality and thus acquire it.

Favorable points

  • It is one of the countries with the highest minimum wage in the region, this is something that draws a lot of attention from people who want to immigrate to a country. Above is only Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay.
  • As for the minimum period of residence to be able to acquire nationality, it is one of the shortest periods. Because in some countries it is even a minimum of 10 years of stay or even more, while in Paraguay it is 3 years and not even of continuous permanence.
  • The country has very good commercial relations, both in the region and in the world, for that reason Paraguayans are one of the citizens who can enter the largest number of countries without an extra visa.
  • Despite not having coastal areas, it is a country with a pleasant climate and beautiful landscapes.

These are some of the reasons why foreigners could be encouraged to meet the requirements established by the National Constitution of Paraguay and thus apply for nationality with a greater probability of success. Continue reading and learn more about the current panorama of the country.

Panorama of Life in Paraguay

The current panorama of the country situation is very favorable, and therefore, it is one more reason or one more reason for foreigners who wish to naturalize as Paraguayans. The outlook at the moment is said to be good, for social and economic reasons that we describe below.

In principle, it is one of the countries with the highest economic growth in the region in recent years. This is something very positive, because it is considered that these growths are reflected in the prosperity of the nation and its citizens, in fact, it is reflected to some extent in the minimum wage.

To highlight social aspects, it is considered one of the countries with the best access to health by residents. Another point to highlight is that the country’s processes tend to be very fast and efficient, and this is based on the fact that the requirements to carry them out are few. The life expectancy of the residents is high compared to the rest of the region.

Legal Aspects Regarding Paraguayan Nationality

It is important to clarify that when a person accepts a nationality, they also accept its laws and more. Therefore, it is important to know the legal aspects that you access when you acquire your Paraguayan nationality. You must take into account the following important aspects.

One of them is that, by acquiring nationality by naturalization, you can transmit it to your descendants and your parents or spouse. As such, like the Paraguayans born in the country, but taking into account that it is also a process that establishes requirements presented in the constitution.

It is important to bear in mind that Paraguayan laws do not have any limit as to the number of nationalities that a citizen can have. However, multiple nationality will be admitted according to article 149, by a reciprocity treaty of constitutional rank, that is, dual nationality will be accepted if the other country also accepts citizens to have Paraguayan nationality.

Tips Before Having Paraguayan Nationality

It is important to know a country and its laws well before settling in it, because naturalizing in a country brings with it certain obligations and responsibilities. In that sense, if you want to settle in Paraguay and naturalize in the country, we bring you the following information and tips that you should take into account.

The first is that it is a country with very good international relations and This is why your passport is widely accepted around the world. Also, it is a country with low tax obligations, that is, it charges low taxes on its citizens.

Another fact that you should take into account is that it is a country that does not contain coastal areas and, therefore, does not have beaches, so if you are a beach lover, in order to visit it you must leave the country. However, neighboring countries do have enough coastal areas to visit the beach. Despite this, being a Paraguayan citizen has benefits, economic and social machismo that were described in previous segments.

You have no excuses to wait, if you consider that it is a country to your liking, you have at your disposal the necessary information to complete the Requirements for Paraguayan Nationality and request it.

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