Requirements to Export: Corporations, SRL and MORE

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The Export Requirements vary depending on the country where you are. Export is a good or service sent to another country or to another part of the world for commercial purposes only, these exports are carried out under very specific conditions and are usually of any product sent outside the border of a State.

This is known as a customs regime applicable to merchandise that is freely marketed for its definitive use or consumption abroad. Paraguay is in charge of to export various products, including soybeans, livestock feed, cotton, meats, edible oils, wood, leather, and gold.Keep reading!

What are the Export Requirements?

Exports are very important for the growth and development of the country, throughout history and thanks to the advancement of technology, many companies see foreign trade as an opportunity for improvement.

Thanks to exports, an increase in sales is obtained, even in customers, this will make it possible to get the most out of production. Next, we will briefly explain the Export Requirements:

  • Photocopy of document, authenticated by Notary Public.
  • The responsible person must complete and sign a document called the Request Form.
  • Photocopy of the Deed of Social Constitution or Statute.
  • A photocopy of the Opening Balance or Balance of the last fiscal year endorsed by the Undersecretary of State for Taxation of the Ministry of Finance.
  • The respective list of Partners, if it is a company. In the case of a sole proprietorship, a Photocopy of the Merchant’s Registration must be presented.
  • A photocopy of the Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC).
  • A photocopy of the Municipal Patent.
  • The certificate of not owing taxes
  • The interested party, once his signature as an exporter has been enabled, each time he performs the operation, he must obtain the records of the product to be exported.

Do not forget that if it is necessary for you, you can contact a person specialized in international services and so they can offer you complete advice. The fact that it can count on experts in international trade will allow greater agility in export and import procedures.

Export as a Public Limited Company

The Sociedad Anónima or also known as Empresa Anónima is a type of Capitalist Mercantile Society born for large accumulations of capital and is adopted by most large companies. The main objective of this Company is generally to raise an amount of money from numerous investors.

It is an organization widely used in large companies, all capital is divided into shares which will represent the participation of each partner in the capital of the company. One of the characteristics of the Public Limited Company is that the responsibility of each partner is proportional to the capital there is.

This is why participating in an SA carries a fairly high level of financial security. The requirements for each legal and corporate entity structure vary slightly. Among the features is:
  • There must be at least two shareholders including one who has Paraguayan nationality.
  • All companies must include the «SA» in their names.
  • Respective registered authorization of the Public Registry of the court.
  • A minimum capital is not requested to form most companies (only USD $ 1.00), however a minimum of USD $ 10,000 is stipulated that is required if the activities of the company are related to exports.
  • The company takes approximately 12 weeks to complete its training.

Exporting is one of the simplest formulas and for which many firms prefer to start their international adventure. The success of a company can vary depending on the formula you use for it. The Requirements for the registration of importers regarding the Public Limited Company are:

  • The Social Statute
  • An Act of the last Assembly.

Exports and imports are two movements of international trade.

Export being SRL

The Limited Liability Company is a commercial company whose responsibility of each of the partners is delimited by the capital that they have contributed to it. The capital is usually limited and must be divided into shares, but not into shares as is the case with a Public Limited Company.

This Society is usually made up of 2 or more people, the partners can be natural or legal persons. This company is purely commercial and civil and commercial operations may be carried out, except those reserved by law for Public Limited Companies, such as banks and insurance companies.

Among the Requirements that must be submitted for the registration of importers regarding the Limited Liability Company are:

  • The deed of Incorporation of the Company or Statute.
  • Registration in the Public Registry of Commerce.
  • Respective registration in the Registry of Legal Persons.
  • A deposit slip of the capital in the BCP
  • The Paraguayan Identity Card or Migration Card of the partners.
  • A receipt for the publications in the Official Gazette and in another newspaper.
  • A receipt of payment of Real Estate Tax or Rental Contract of the legal address.

With the creation of this company, the responsibility is limited, a legal person arises different from its partners who obtains different rights and obligations. This ultimately allows the partners to be protected from liabilities that the company acquires, such as debts.

For this reason, the partners limit their responsibility to the amount of their contributions. A new identity is clearly established, making it easier for a company to raise capital and finance itself, compared to a natural person. If you want to know what they are Export RequirementsBeing a sole proprietorship, further down in this article will be all the necessary information.

Export being a sole proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is one that only has one owner, this person receives all the profits generated by the economic activity of the company, but it should not be overlooked that they must also be responsible for the losses that arise.

This type of company can be characterized by not having a partner in its articles of incorporation. This form of business is one of the simplest to establish and they are usually small businesses or family businesses.

Among the Requirements that are needed to form a Sole-Shareholder Company, the following are needed:

  • A Merchant license plate.
  • A bank reference (original) must be a checking account, certified by a local bank.
  • You must communicate the real address, property title or rental contract.
  • Place the National Customs Directorate, the change of your address within a period of no more than five (5) business days.

Sole proprietorships have the advantage of being easy to build since all the necessary procedures for their creation are really simple. Among the benefits of having a sole proprietorship are:

  • The owner will receive all the proceeds.
  • It’s easier to get started and lower in cost because no filing fees are required.
  • Few documents are required at the beginning.
  • The owner will be free to make his own decisions and actions regarding his trade.
  • The owner will only pay personal income taxes.

This company is a way of setting up an adjusted and adequate business venture of a smaller scale where the constitution of a legal entity is not necessary, granting advantages in the speed with which it is established, low cost for its registration in public bodies.

You already know what the Export Requirements but still don’t know what this means? Below we will give you the answer.Keep reading!

What is it?

Export is known as the exit of goods and services from a country to abroad, as a result of domestic transactions or exchanges. This is aimed at entering new markets, finding a demand for a certain product and reducing the surplus.

The origin of these goods and services are produced in the national territory. The level of exports is related to the local currency exchange rate, this means that if the exchange rate is weak, a country with a strong currency can buy more of its goods and this causes the level of exports to increase.

Exports refer to the legitimate traffic of goods and services, the conditions are governed by the laws of the issuing country, which in this case would be the exporter and the receiving country would be the importing country.

Among the advantages of exporting are:

  • The increase in profits.
  • Make yourself known in new markets.
  • Increased product life cycle.
  • The reduction of the unit fixed cost.
  • New lines of products and services.
  • Increased productivity.

Paraguay exports its merchandise to approximately 122 markets, being Brazil, Argentina, United States, China and Chile its main partners. Also, the countries of the Mercosur bloc represent the main destination of foreign sales.

Do you want to export from Paraguay?

Meet the Export Requirements!

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