Requirements to Get the Passport: Steps, Duration and MORE

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Are you interested in going on a trip? To travel to any country, from anywhere in the world you will need an identification document that works worldwide. Currently, the most common international identification documents are passports. For that reason, in this article we will teach you the Requirements to Get the Passport in Paraguay and much more.

In Paraguay, the body in charge of providing passports to citizens is the Identification Department of the National Police. Through this body you can process the passport; In the following sections we will show you the process to request and obtain it.

Don’t wait any longer, get your passport and travel wherever you want.

What are the Requirements to Get the Passport?

In current times, the requirements to obtain the passport are usually simple in whatever country you are in, because the state already has enough personal identification data for each citizen, while the passport is an extra document with validity and acceptance international.

This section contains all the necessary information about the Requirements to Get the Passport, read it and do not forget any documents when requesting your passport. Next, we bring you a list that contains each of the requirements that you must present on the day of the procedure.


  • Valid identity card.
  • Proof or certificate of tax compliance.

It’s that simple, with these requirements you should go to the offices of the closest responsible agency, but don’t worry, in the next section we will explain the process better. Meanwhile, in this section we will also explain the Requirements to Get the Passport to minors.


  • Valid identity card.
  • Authorization to travel, it must be issued by the judicial entities of the country, such as: The Justice of the Peace or the Court for Children.
  • Parents or guardians must present a copy of the identity card and also sign a certificate stating their authorization for the minor to request a passport.

In both cases, the requirements are very simple. In the next section you will learn about the application process, which is very, very simple. Keep reading, and know everything about the Paraguayan passport application.

Attention! In case of loss of the valid passport, you must present the corresponding complaint to be able to process the new passport.

Steps to Follow Get the Passport

The steps that you must carry out in order to process the passport are very simple, and in this section we present each of them in an orderly manner. Remember that, in case of doubts about the requirements, you can read the previous sections, but if the doubt persists, you can send it to the agency in charge by means of the following link.

Next, we leave you a list of steps to follow in order to successfully apply for your passport, follow them and you will get it as soon as possible.

  • You should go to the offices of the Identification Department closest to your residence. On the official website you can see the windows that you have at your disposal.
  • Click on «Regional Office» and you will be able to see all that are at your disposal.
  • Wait to be seen and present the Requirements to Get the Passport.
  • Once they are verified, you must fill out an application form.
  • Then, you must take the photo and capture your fingerprint.
  • Finally, you must collect your passport when prompted.

As you could see the steps, they are very simple. If you want to know more about the procedure and its costs, we suggest you continue reading the article so that you can find out more about it.

How long does the process of obtaining the passport take?

The process is very quick and easy. However, the delay of the process and the process may vary depending on the number of pending applications, since the printing and issuance of the same depends on the amount of material available and the pending applications.

Despite the requests and the material available, the minimum waiting time to be able to retrieve the document is 22 business days after the request. Therefore, it is important to apply for your passport well in advance if you want to leave the country soon, as there is no way to speed up the process.

At first glance, the 22 business days may seem like a lot, but compared to passport procedures in other countries, Paraguay’s is very fast. However, apart from requesting the passport you must legalize it, that is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but you can do that after picking it up at the same office where you request them.

In the following sections, you can learn more about the costs to process the passport, its renewal and more.

Costs of Getting the Passport

The Paraguayan passport is one of the most important and one of the most accepted worldwide, despite that it is one of the cheapest passports in the world. As explained before, the issuance of the passport goes through different processes. First of all, it is important to note that the official currency of Paraguay is the guaraní, and currently one US dollar is equivalent to almost 7 guaraníes.

The application process has a cost of 199,000 guaraníes, which is equivalent to approximately 29 US dollars. Next, we explain what you must cancel in each of the processes.

  • At the time of applying, you must pay approximately 177,000 guaranies, which is equivalent to almost 26 US dollars.
  • After the 22 business days have passed, and you can proceed to withdraw it, you must cancel the remaining 22,000 guaraníes, which is equivalent to almost 3 US dollars.
  • You must remember that apart from applying for the passport you must legalize it, this process has a different cost. Remember that it is done before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it has a cost of 45,000 guaraníes, which is equivalent to about 6 or 7 US dollars.

In total, the cost of the passport in its different processes is 199,000 plus the 45,000 of the legalization, in total they are about 244,000 guaraníes or about 35 US dollars.


It is important to note that passports, after their issuance, have a validity period of 5 years. The reasons for the renewal of the passport can be several, below, we present a list of the cases in which the renewal of the passport applies.

  • In case of expiration, after 5 years have elapsed from the issuance of the passport. You have the right to renew your passport just by presenting the Requirements to Get the Passport.
  • If the passport has few blank pages and you need to renew it, you must present your valid passport in addition to the requirements, so that the authorities can cancel the valid passport and the pages that have blank to be able to issue the new passport.
  • In case of loss or theft of it, remember that in case that happens, you must file the relevant complaint with the judicial system, to be able to process a new one.

Continue reading the article and learn more about its validity and validity.

It is important to take into account that every time you request the passport you must pay the cost of the passport and present the certificate of tax compliance. Remember that you must be up to date with your tax burdens to be able to carry out any procedure in a state agency.

Likewise, in the previous sections you can review the costs and Requirements to Get the Passport, you can not forget any of these data when carrying out the procedure. It is important to follow the steps and carry the requirements so that the application time takes 22 speaking days, otherwise it could even take longer.

What is it?

Passports are documents that serve to identify you worldwide. The Paraguayan passport is one of the most relevant in the world, because citizens who carry the passport can enter more than 130 countries without the need to process an extra visa. This is very important, there is no use in a passport that is not accepted by the countries.

Passports are not usually so widely accepted at the worldwide, that depends on the relations between the countries. This is why it is said that Paraguay is one of the countries with the best diplomatic relations. Many countries on different continents accept it, it is not something that only happens in our region.

If you are a Paraguayan resident, either by birth and by being naturalized. You have the ease of processing your passport with the requirements that we describe in the previous sections. Remember that the process takes at least 22 business days, for that reason in case you want to leave the country, it is recommended to request the passport one month in advance.

You must also bear in mind that to enter any country you need a passport. However, Paraguayans belong to the MERCOSUR agreement, which implies that they can enter any member country simply by presenting the Paraguayan identity card; the member countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, among other nations of the trade agreement.

Request your Passport!

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