Requirements to obtain the RUC: How to do it, Sole proprietorships and MORE

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Countries tend to carry out their tax collections and contributions in different ways. In the case of Paraguay, the registration, control and verification process in taxation is carried out through the RUC, which means «Unique Taxpayer Registry». Here you will learn the Requirements to obtain the RUC and much more.

The Unique Taxpayer Registry consists of an identification number, which is assigned to people, either natural or legal, national or foreign who carry out some economic activity in the country, for which they must pay taxes to the state. For this reason, it is a document in high demand at the national level, and that is why we made this article for you.

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What are the requirements to obtain the RUC?

The requirements to obtain the tax identification number may vary depending on the type of person you are (personal or legal) and the type of business you carry out. In this section you will learn the requirements to acquire it if you are a natural person.

In case of being a legal person or having a sole proprietorship, the requirements change and you can observe them in the following sections. If you are a natural person, you must complete the following requirements in order to obtain the RUC and carry out your tax obligations.

  • If you are registering for the first time, you must fill out form No. 400 and submit it.
  • In case of having already registered, due to any other tax obligation. You must fill out form No. 402.
  • Fill out and submit the sketch form which is No. 416.
  • In case of being a widowed, divorced or separated woman from her partner, they must present a document stating their maternal surname, such as: family return, divorce certificate or birth certificate.

In the case of a registration of an agricultural income company, you must include in addition to the documents mentioned above, the following documents.

  • Patrimonial assets must be declared, through form No. 857.
  • Copy and original of the identity card.
  • Copy and original of the property title, or in case of being leased, present a rental contract.

These are the documents to enroll in the RUC, however, so that you have all the information available in one place, in the next section we will explain in detail the steps to follow to complete the enrollment.

How to get the RUC?

All people who carry out any economic activity must register and then apply for the RUC. Therefore, we dedicate this section to explain the steps you must take after meeting the Requirements to Obtain the RUC. Next, we explain everything about the process.

At the national level in Paraguay, there is only one agency in charge of providing citizens with a number of single registration to the taxpayer. He himself is called from the Undersecretary of State for Taxation, also known by its acronym as SET. In particular, the department in charge of distributing and providing the RUC is called Single Taxpayer Registry Department.

Steps for Enrollment

  • First, you must enter the official page of the SET.
  • Then, you need to click on the section of registration in the RUC.
  • Then, you must select the option «Natural person».
  • To complete the registration you must provide personal data, the address where you reside, the economic operations you carry out, the relationships of the workers in charge and the establishments with which the business operates.
  • Finally, you must save the data provided and thus finalize your registration.

After completing the previous steps, you must finally be registered in the RUC in a virtual way, but at the same time you must enter the Requirements to get the RUC, at the SET headquarters closest to your residence. The central office of the SET is located in Asunción, on Iturbe streets between Eligio Ayala and Mariscal López. Where they attend from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Get the RUC Being a Sole-Shareholder Company

In the case of being or having a sole proprietorship, the registration process is similar, but not exactly the same; since the registration and application process is similar regardless of the type of person or company that requires it.

It is said that they are similar since the registration requirements are the same, however, the information on the forms varies depending on the institution.

You should bear in mind that non-profit organizations or companies must also register with the RUC. The requirements and forms for registration change, when it comes to a legal person. For this reason, in the next section we will explain what you must do to formalize your registration.

Get the RUC Being a Legal Person

In the case of a legal entity, the process and Requirements to obtain the RUC they change. In that sense, this section was dedicated exclusively to explaining the requirements in detail and the registration process.

Next, we present the list of Requirements to obtain the RUC if you qualify as a legal entity:

Requirements for legal entities

  • First, you must submit form No. 401, signed by the legal representative.
  • Fill out and submit the sketch form which is No. 416.
  • Copy of the valid identity card of each of the partners and in turn of the legal representative.
  • Authenticated copy of the articles of incorporation, which contains the due recognition of legal status and registration in the public registry of commerce.
  • In the event that the company is of foreign origin, the articles of incorporation must be transcribed by a notary public.
  • Copy of the rental contract, invoice for some basic service or even the real estate ticket.

In the case of a registration of an agricultural income company, you must include in addition to the documents mentioned above, the following documents.

  • Authenticated copy of the deed of incorporation, which is registered in the public registry of commerce or in the registry of legal persons.
  • Authenticated copy of the property deed, lease or partnership.
  • Photocopy stating the designation of the legal representative and a copy of the identity card, if applicable.
  • Cooperatives must also present a copy of the operating authorization, issued by the national cooperative institute.

These are the requirements that a legal entity must present in case it wishes to formalize its registration in the RUC. Remember that prior to that you must make an online registration, through the SET portal, where you must click on the «Registration in the RUC» section, and instead of selecting the option of natural person you must select the option » legal person».

Change of Information in the RUC

In case of having made the registration in the wrong way or, in case the parameters of your business have changed, you must update and reform the data provided in the RUC registration. This is something very common, so here we will explain how to modify the data of your registration in the RUC.

In order to do this, you must submit a series of requirements to the SET. Next, we will explain what they are and how the process is.

Requirements for legal entities

  • You must submit the exchange form, which is represented by the number 403.
  • If you want to update data, you must submit form Nº426.
  • In case of being an agricultural income institution, you must present a simple copy of the deed.

These are the necessary documents to make any changes to the information in the RUC. Remember that the changes agree to manifest increases in capital, change or expand the range of economic activity, manifest the opening of a new branch or a deposit, changes in taxes or even a suspension of economic operations.

What is it?

Without a doubt, after having read the entire article, you may have realized that it is one of the most important procedures and documents in the country. Since all the people who carry out or carry out any economic activity need it, even those who work in companies, because it qualifies as an economic activity that must be declared.

It consists of assigning applicants a tax identification number, through which the SET will identify each natural or legal person, and in this way it will monitor their economic activities and tax obligations.

The SET, also known as the Undersecretary of State for Taxation, is the entity in charge of providing citizens with this number and identification document. For this reason, whenever you want to carry out any procedure related to your tax charges and obligations, you must do so before them.

That is, the processes such as registration with the RUC, payments of taxes related to the fiscal year, information adjustments in the RUC, must be carried out exclusively in the offices of the SET or on the official website of the institution, because they are the only ones in charge and authorized to carry out procedures in tax matters.

Request your RUC!

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