Requirements to Travel to Argentina: Documents, Attractions and MORE

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Among the most visited countries on the continent per year is Argentina. This is because the architecture, landscapes and climate are very beautiful and pleasant, in addition to its very good gastronomic quality. That is why we dedicate this article to teach those interested the Requirements to travel to Argentina, tips, types of trips and much more.

It is said to be one of the most beautiful countries in the region, culturally and physically. These are reasons to which the large flow of tourists in the country is attributed, which has led Argentina to be one of the countries in the world with the largest contribution to national income by the tourism sector.

Visit Argentina to know its beautiful landscapes and beautiful dishes.

Necessary Documents to Travel to Argentina from Paraguay

During your walk through this article, you will know many details that can make your trip more comfortable and easier. Therefore, if you are in Paraguay wanting to travel to Argentina, this is a very helpful article with fundamental information, read it and know all the Requirements to travel to Argentina and much more.

In this section we will show you the requirements to leave Paraguay and, in turn, the requirements to enter the Argentine territory. Because countries may have different mandatory requirements and they all must be met.

Requirements to leave Paraguay

The requirements for leaving Paraguayan territory are imposed by the Directorate General of Immigration from the country. The necessary documents to leave, if you are a Paraguayan, they are very simple, if you are a foreigner in Paraguay they change, but we will explain them to you later on.

  • Valid passport, with a minimum of 6 months before expiring. However, Argentina and Paraguay belong to the MERCOSUR trade agreement. This allows Paraguayans to leave the country with the valid identity card, if and only if they go to a MERCOSUR country.
  • Paraguay requires citizens heading to Brazil to have a yellow fever vaccine before traveling. Despite this, to undertake a trip to Argentina it is not required to have any specific vaccine.

Requirements to enter Argentina

  • Paraguayan citizens can enter Argentine territory, with a valid passport or with an identity card, because both countries are in the MERCOSUR agreement.
  • You must have a return ticket, in a period of less than 90 days.
  • Vaccines are not required, however, the authorities of all countries recommend having those for Hepatitis A and B. Also against yellow fever.

If you meet the requirements of both countries, you should not have problems at the different border points. This will help speed up check-in times at airports, therefore making your trip much more comfortable. If you are a foreigner in Paraguay, Quiet! In the next section we will discuss the Requirements to travel to Argentina and more.

Requirements for Foreigners Residing in Paraguay

In case you do not have a Paraguayan citizen, but you are in the territory of Paraguay. The requirements for leaving the country to undertake a trip to Argentina change. However, here we will explain the information in great detail, so that you can make your trip successfully.

We will also divide the information between the requirements requested to leave Paraguayan territory and the requirements to enter Argentine territory:

Requirements to leave Paraguay

  • Valid passport, valid for at least 6 months, or if you are a citizen of a country that participates in the MERCOSUR agreement, you can leave by presenting your identity card.
  • Paraguayan identity card or immigration card of admission in case of not having the Paraguayan identity card.
  • No specific vaccines are required, however, it is recommended to get the aforementioned as a precaution.

Requirements to enter Argentina

If you are a foreigner residing in Paraguay, and you do not yet have Paraguayan nationality, you may need a visa to enter Argentine territory. For example, countries such as Cuba, the Dominican Republic, among others, need a visa to enter Argentine territory. In this link We leave you the list of countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Argentina.

  • Valid passport or Paraguayan identity card, valid for at least 6 months. If you are a citizen of a country that participates in the MERCOSUR agreement, you can enter by presenting your identity card.
  • They must have a return plane or bus ticket. In a period of less than 90 days.
  • No vaccinations are required.

Once, you already know everything about Requirements to travel to Argentina. Also, it is important that you know the different ways of traveling and the costs, the attractive points of the country, and some other tips of your interest.

How to travel?

If you want to start your trip, after meeting all the requirements established by both countries. In this section, we tell you about the different ways to travel from Paraguay to Argentina. As you can know, the countries are next to each other, therefore, you can travel by bus without taking so long and at low cost, or by plane very quickly.

In any of the ways, we will explain you a little more in detail so that you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Land travel

Every day, approximately 30 buses leave from La Asunción to Argentina. A ticket to travel to Argentina can cost about 60 US dollars, it can be a little more or a little less, depending on the quality of the service. The estimated time that the trip lasts is 18 hours, a trip that is considered fast to be by bus.

This is because the cities are relatively close, if you want to travel by land, you already have the most relevant information at your disposal. If you want to know about air travel, we suggest you continue reading.

Air travel

Although flights can make travel much faster from Paraguay to Argentina, they also come at a higher cost. It is not much higher either, it can exceed the ground trip by about 30 US dollars. It depends on people’s ability to pay, and the urgency with which they want to get to Argentina.

What can undoubtedly be assured is that it is much more comfortable, due to speed issues and customer service. It depends on you and the economic capacity you have to be able to choose between an air or land ticket.

Attractions of Traveling to Argentina

In Argentina, tourism is a very important activity. Therefore, you can be sure that you will find highly conditioned spaces for the trip. In this segment of the article, we will show you some very attractive places that you should visit if you want to make a trip to Argentina.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and also in the region, the city has a large number of buildings and spaces full of history. In the city you can count on spaces such as the obelisk, the forests of Palermo, the beautiful 9 de Julio avenue and much more.

Torres Paine National Park

This is one of the most beautiful parks in the world, every year many travelers with a thirst for adventure go to these spaces to connect with nature. In the photo it is possible to observe that it is in such a pleasant climate, that it even has snow and beautiful mountains. Many climbers in the world go to the park to climb its beautiful and great mountains.

Perito Moreno Glacier

Argentina has one of the few glaciers on the continent, this type of environment is rare in Latin American countries, therefore, many of the citizens of neighboring countries travel to Argentina to see these great landscapes full of adventure, ice and snow.

Possible Fines when Traveling to Argentina from Paraguay

People who go to Argentina tend to be delighted with cities and environments. But the maximum period of stay for tourists is 90 days, it can be extended by requesting the proper permit. However, if tourists stay more than 90 days without applying for a permit, they will be fined in the amount of US $ 1,000.

Another important point is that if you carry more than $ 10,000 cash with you. You must declare it at the time of entering, otherwise you can be fined or even returned to your country of origin. Traffic laws must also be respected, any infraction will be punished with a fine regardless of whether the person is a foreigner.

Complying with the law is very simple, on the contrary, breaking it can be very costly.

Tips for Traveling to Argentina from Paraguay

The tips are very brief, you must evaluate the season in which you are going to the Argentine territory. Because, if you go in the winter season, the cold is very overwhelming and you should take with you clothes that are warm enough. If you go in the summer time, be sure to wear cool clothes because the temperature can be very high.

You must be mentally prepared to meet a very different culture, in terms of social and gastronomy. You will find totally different dishes, but very rich in flavor. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy these exquisite flavors on your palate.

Travel to Argentina and get to know one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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