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What are the Requirements for the SIS

If you are a Peruvian who does not have health insurance, or if, on the contrary, you are a foreigner who does not have an identity document that proves you within Peru and you do not have insurance to protect your health, it is time to know What are the Requirements for the SIS. Requirements … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Form a Union in Peru

A union is an association made by the workers of a company with the aim of defending the labor, economic and professional interests of the workers. Requirements to Form a Union In order for the State and the regulatory bodies of the unions to admit the association as a legal entity, a the following documents … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Peru

There are essential objects in the life of every citizen. For example, the DNI or as it is also known, the identity card, also the passport and others. These documents, in addition to helping to identify people, facilitate processes such as opening bank accounts, requesting a legal document, etc. In this case, the passport is … Read More

What are the Requirements to get RUC?

In Peru, Ecuador and many other countries it is mandatory to present the RUC. If you are going to start a work activity independently you must have it. If you have future plans to start a business or work activity, collect all the Requirements to get RUC and sign up. However, What is the RUC? … Read More

Steps and Requirements to Renew DNI

To be able to circulate in Peru, buy, travel, walk or simply to do your day-to-day routines, you must have a valid ID. Why? It is the only reliable identification instrument that contains all your updated information: main data, marital status, photograph, signature and fingerprints. It is what identifies you wherever you go in Peru; … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Renew Brevete

A driver’s license is that document that contains the legal administrative authorization for driving vehicles on public roads. It is common that, in order to process a driver’s license, you have to be of a minimum age and take a driving test. When the driver violates traffic laws, his license may be revoked and he … Read More

Steps and Requirements for the PTP

In order to keep track of migration, countries have implemented methods and systems that help them control this phenomenon. This is the case of the so-called PTP (Temporary Permit of Permanence), which Peru established for Venezuelan citizens. ohKnow here the Steps and Requirements for the PTP.! The National Migration Superintendency stated that the zonal headquarters … Read More

Steps and Requirements to Collect Breastfeeding in Peru

In Peru there are institutions that ensure the well-being of mothers and babies infants, know the Requirements to Charge Breastfeeding in this country. The Social Security of Health (EsSalud), is a public, decentralized body, attached to the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion. Its objective is to grant prevention, promotion, recovery, rehabilitation and social benefits … Read More

Requirements to Travel to Spain from Peru

aAre you a Peruvian citizen and want to know Spain?; Well, we tell you that this is one of the most visited countries in the world, apart from France and the United States. Most of its visitors point it out as a beautiful and safe country, although as everywhere we must take our precautions. Keep … Read More

Steps and Requirements to Retire in Peru

The Peruvian pension system is a mechanism made up of two main regimes: the System national of pensions (Decree Law No. 19990) and the Private Pension System (SPP)whose nature is to offer workers the power to contribute and contribute in order to obtain a pension in the future. The main objective of this article is … Read More

Procedures and Requirements to Mortgage a House in Peru

A mortgage is a loan granted by a bank with characteristics different from that of a personal loan. A home mortgage is guaranteed by the home itself. Requirements to Mortgage a House in Peru For a mortgage to be valid, it must be registered in the SUNARPwhich is the subscription in a public document where … Read More

Single Building Form – FUE

The Single Building Form As some people will not know, it is in charge of carrying out the declaration of factory processing, this is a type of form that is aimed at all those people who are entrepreneurs and who, for their part, are dedicated to manufacturing. To learn more about the Single Building Form, … Read More

Form for the medical certificate validation process

Procedures and requirements is always aware of your needs, in this article you will learn how to complete the Form for the validation process of the EsSalud medical certificate, the steps you must follow during the process and information about the terms it offers. This article is ideal for you. Form for the medical certificate … Read More

Registration Form

The registration form, It has to do with the registration of vehicle ownership, which allows the person to generate a document that supports not only the registration of the person but also each of the registrable rights. If you want to know more about what can be done with the Enrollment form, just keep reading! … Read More