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Certificate of Possession: Requirements, Steps and MORE

To get the Certificate of Possession, you must meet specific minimum requirements and follow a series of steps, which are very easy to access. This Certificate is essential when requesting the installation of basic services for a property. Therefore, it is important that you know what this document is about, what requirements are requested to … Read More

Certificate of Urban Parameters: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Peruvian Government in search of improving the quality of its infrastructure, be it buildings or houses. He established some parameters, to which those who are carrying out the constructions in space must adhere. These parameters and standards that construction managers must comply with depend on the soil where they are carried out, they are … Read More

Certificate of Origin: Requirements, Issuance and MORE

The Certificate of origin, is an essential requirement to export. If you have a business and you want to export your products or see tax reductions in your company, you need this document. Here we will talk about how to obtain this report and much more. Continue reading! What is the Certificate of Origin? The … Read More

Power of Attorney Certificate: Steps, Costs and MORE

The certificate of validity of power It is an excellent opportunity for those who own a certain business and wish to present themselves as its legal representative, as well as being a phenomenal advantage for Peruvian citizens. If you want to know all the information regarding the certificate of validity of power keep reading!. Through … Read More

Certificate of Operation: Issuance, Requirements and MORE

The certificate of operability It is a document of national scope that reflects that a vehicle has been designed and built to transport people. In this way, it is ensured that the vehicle is not intended to transport merchandise. If you need the certificate of operability, we invite you to read this article It may … Read More

How to Pay AFP: Means of Payment, Schemes and MORE

We all want to reach old age without financial worries, right? In that sense, be independent and take for granted the solution to the money problems that may arise at that stage. For this reason, in Peru, the AFPs have been created and made available for the population. The how to pay AFP It is … Read More

How to Pay the SIS: Requirements, Benefits and MORE

There are circumstances that citizens need help, this is the case of the SIS, it is an organization that provides assistance to vulnerable populations, but first it must pay the SIS and determine which assurance it is in. If you know citizens who are in these conditions, you can send them this article that will … Read More

How to Know my SOL Code: Steps, Recovery and MORE

How do I know my SOL password? For Peruvian citizens, obtaining the secret phrase is very important, since with it you can carry out different processes before SUNAT. When creating the access, keep in mind that you should save it for your records. When entering the entity’s platform, the system will request it. Nowadays, people … Read More

How to Know Which AFP I’m in: Steps, Membership and MORE

How do I know which AFP I am in? As the years go by, a worker may forget his affiliations and this question arises. The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) As a private entity, it has a series of consultation systems and procedures, which it offers satisfactorily to its affiliates. We will describe them below so … Read More