Certificate of Possession: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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To get the Certificate of Possession, you must meet specific minimum requirements and follow a series of steps, which are very easy to access. This Certificate is essential when requesting the installation of basic services for a property.

Therefore, it is important that you know what this document is about, what requirements are requested to process it, what is its usefulness, the steps that must be followed. Also its validity and possible cancellation, and other data. We invite you to continue reading this article so that you can be clear about what you should do.

Requirements for the Certificate of Possession

When a person wishes to process the Certificate of Possession, the first thing is to know how it can be obtained at this time. This process is very easy to carry out, as the Government has done everything possible to make this happen. So that in this way users acquire it in a simple way.

This is because this procedure is aimed at people with fewer possibilities, in most of the situations presented. According to some investigations that have been done, to find out if they have been employing properly, it was stated that this management is going very well.

This is how this Certificate is acquired. It is one of the easiest steps to do and it is not necessary to make a lot of effort. Therefore, the main thing to carry out this process, is in general record all the requirements that are requested.

It should be noted that the requirements may be different in some municipalities of the country, since each one has its own rules. in such a way that, below are the requirements to acquire the Certificate of Possession, and can be easily extended:

  • Submit a simple application where the number of the National Identity Document (DNI), the domicile address of the person concerned, as well as their names and surnames is reflected.
  • At the same time it is required to physically consign the DNI, this must be in original and in copy. This must be up to date.
  • Must be submitted the plans of the location of the property, or those of the location of the portion in the format of the municipality.
  • Present the Declaration of Agreement, this has to be sworn to be valid in the form of the municipality.
  • Consign the payment invoice, where it justifies that the pertinent import has been carried out to begin with the management that is being requested.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Possession

After learning about the requirements to acquire the Certificate of Possession, it is essential to name what are the steps to follow to obtain it. They are very easy to apply instructions, only with little effort can they be carried out.

It is of great importance to mention that this management is completely individual and it must be done in person, this in order to avoid difficulties. Just by being attentive to the guidelines given, you can get this Certificate in the following way:

  • As a first step you must make the payment of the right so that municipal officials can start with the main proceedings.
  • After having paid, you must go to the municipality office where the property involved is located.
  • The next is record all requirements in front of the authorities who will be the ones to point out what to do.
  • Finally, once the previous steps have been carried out. The official will deliver the Certificate of Possession, on behalf of the authorities that are currently handling the process.

Validity and Possible Cancellation

When looking for data on the Certificate of Possession, it is normal in general that you want to know in the same way if there is the possibility of making the cancellation. It is a very frequent situation, since someone always wants to take advantage of this documentation to carry out irregularities in the country.

In such a way that, there is a fairly easy procedure when you want to cancel this Certificate. In other words, the procedure is simply to make the request in front of the municipality, indicating the reason why you want to make the cancellation.

However, in order for the petition to be processed, it is required that the arguments that the Certificate is unjustified and is no longer needed. Said cancellation can be achieved in various ways, and the first of them is to be able to argue that all basic services are possessed.

It should be noted that this management can only be requested by the owner of the land to be taken into consideration by the relevant authorities. Likewise, it should be noted that all the arguments have to be recorded directly in the municipality, according to the case since they carry out this procedure.

Validity or Validity of the Certificate of Possession

A factor that is highly sought after in the Certificate is precisely knowing what is the validity that it has. However, this point not so easy to answer since there are some elements that are connected. The reason is that it will depend on what you want to use it for. Therefore, there are different dates that are used and requested today.

Generally, this Certificate It is valid for two (2) years. However, it is a situation that is consistent with the type of operation that is expected to be carried out. In this way, to request some type of service, it is requested that the certificate has less than six (6) completed months.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Possession

Regularly, the people who process this Certificate always have some kind of doubts or questions, which we will proceed to answer at this point below:

What is the bank where the payment must be made to start the process?

The bank will be the one indicated by the municipality, since this only depends on this body.

What amount must be paid to start the procedure and obtain the Certificate of Possession?

Currently the amount that must be paid for this procedure is 297.30 soles.

Is there a possibility that this management is done by a third person?

If possible, however, it is not recommended as more requirements are usually always required, and this would complicate the process.

How long does this process take to complete?

The time it takes for this process is only one day. However, it will depend on each municipality and can take up to 48 hours uninterrupted.

Is there the possibility of selling a land with this Certificate?

It is not possible to sell a land with this document, as it was said previously this is not a title deed in any situation at the moment.

Where is the Certificate of Possession processed?

This Certificate is granted through the municipal or district communes according to the jurisdiction. On the other hand, Law No. 29824 in its Article 17 (Law of Justice of the Peace), establishes that in populated localities where there is no notary public, the Justice of the Peace can do so by previously verifying and verifying the information.

What is this Certificate for?

The objective of this Certificate is to carry out the installation of basic services in a property, such as: electricity, gas, drainage, etc.

What is it?

The Certificate of Possession, It is a legal type documentation that has authenticity in front of the authorities. Likewise, it should be mentioned that this type of Certificate is only usable and granted under the restrictions of the Municipality where it is delivered.

This means that there is only one place where it will be valid and it is in the Municipality where the corresponding property and its land are located. This documentation is used to show that a citizen owns or inhabits a specific piece of land, over a period of time.

In such a way that, any of the basic services companies have the power to carry out controls and work on the land involved, which it has been proven to possess. It is important to highlight that This Certificate does not replace a Property Title, therefore it cannot be used as such.

On In other words, it means that the citizen does not own the land for which the Certificate of Possession involved, still in life.

Thanks to this article you know everything related to Certificate of Possession, which is not a Property Title, but is necessary for some procedures. It is a procedure that can be carried out easily and quickly, and in a maximum period of 48 hours in some things you have it in your hands.

Do not wait and more and go to the municipality of your locality so that you can manage this Certificate and then you can carry out the steps you need. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.


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