Certificate of Urban Parameters: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Peruvian Government in search of improving the quality of its infrastructure, be it buildings or houses. He established some parameters, to which those who are carrying out the constructions in space must adhere. These parameters and standards that construction managers must comply with depend on the soil where they are carried out, they are specified in the Urban Parameters Certificate.

The aforementioned certificate is intended to maintain an efficient and safe construction according to the spaces where it is carried out. Because it is extremely safe not to exceed capacities, nor is it efficient to build in a space below capacities.

The certificate seeks to guarantee an efficient use of the spaces of the Peruvian national territory.

Requirements for the Certificate of Urban Parameters

The main purpose of this article is precisely to inform readers about everything they need to obtain the certificate. To begin, we must mention and describe each of the requirements that applicants need to obtain the certificate.

The requirements and processes, which are carried out by state agencies, are usually characterized by being very difficult and tedious. Despite that, the requirements to make this request are very few and very easy to obtain. Here is a list of requirements that you must complete for the process.

  • The fundamental requirement is to write a letter addressed to the mayor of the town. Where the terms, design and purpose of the construction project are specified.
  • You must also present a plan where the dimensions of the land or space where the project will be carried out are evidenced.
  • If the applicant consigns a plan of the construction project. You can state the purpose of it.
  • Finally and also very fundamental. Proof of payment of the tax units of the procedure must be consigned.

After completing each of the requirements, the applicant must complete the process presented in the next section. It is important to note that applicants must consign the documents in a folder in which the requested documents will fit.

This is an equal or more important requirement than the previous ones, because municipal governments will not receive applications whose documents are not in a folder.

Steps to Follow for the Certificate of Urban Parameters

There is something you should know and take into account before carrying out a construction project, and that is that the document is issued by the municipal government to which you belong. Therefore, where you should go to complete this application process varies depending on where you live.

Here is a very short list of steps you must follow to successfully obtain this much-needed document. If you want to know the importance of this certificate, we suggest you read the next section.

  • The first step is to go to the headquarters of the municipal government to which the land or area where the construction is to be carried out belongs.
  • When you are understood, you must notify the reason for your visit and record the requirements set out in the previous section.
  • Once your requirements are reviewed and approved, you must submit proof of payment for the tax units of the corresponding process.
  • After everything is reviewed, the law establishes that the applicant must wait five (5) business days for the application to be approved and obtain the certificate. If time passes and there is no response, the applicant automatically obtains the certificate.

After completing all the steps and your application is approved, you should have obtained your certificate without any problem. It is important to know the laws, because the municipal government is obliged to respond to each request within a maximum time of five business days.

The process is very simple, we just have to make sure we meet the requirements for the application to be approved.

Importance of the Certificate of Urban Parameters

The most important factor in the document is not something tangible. However, it has already been mentioned a little before, and that factor is to maintain efficiency and safety in each of the construction projects that are carried out in the Peruvian territory.

Another factor, that if it can become a little more tangible. It is the fact that each of the construction projects carried out in the country must have a construction license granted by the regulatory body. But in order to acquire these construction licenses, individuals or companies must have the Urban Parameters Certificate.

If you do not have the certificate, it will be impossible for the project to have a construction license and of course to be able to carry out a project. In conclusion, it is a document that acts as a necessary requirement for any construction entity.

Don’t stop carrying out your construction projects! Complete the requirements and steps in the previous sections and get the document.

Processing costs

Once the point is clarified that the document is issued by municipal governments. You must bear in mind that the costs may vary depending on the municipality where the construction is carried out and therefore where the certificate is requested.

However, the average cost is estimated to be 45 soles. Because in the metropolitan municipality of Lima it costs about 45 soles, in the Municipality of San Isidro it costs approximately 37 soles and in the Surco Municipality it costs about 35 soles.

The costs referring to the previous municipalities represent a very low number of the country’s municipalities. But those mentioned before are shown for reference, so that readers have an idea of ​​what the document may cost.

Certificate duration

The positive or the best thing that can be highlighted about the document is its long duration. Because it can last for three (3) years or, failing that, thirty-six (36) after its issuance. This is related to the nature of the document.

Because constructions are processes that from design to completion can take a few years. That is the nature of the duration of the document, the validity of it must reach to cover all construction processes.

If the construction is carried out in a period of less than three years. The person in charge will only have to process the document once, otherwise they will have to repeat it, also cover the cost of the application process and issuance of the certificate.

Legal Basis

To know the legal basis of the document, you must bear in mind that it is defined and established in the national constitution of Peru. The meaning, the use and the functionality of the same, is established according to the Law of Regulations of Urban Qualifications and Buildings.

It was established in 2007 and was registered under number 29090. It establishes each and every one of the parameters that construction designs must meet in order to then execute the work. It should be taken into account that it is an institutional document.

Take into account that the designs of the possible buildings must comply with the parameters of the zoning, the alignment of the facade, percentages of free areas, heights, use of the floors, among others. Otherwise, it would be in breach and violation of national laws.

As well as they would be violated, if a project is carried out that does not have the certificate. In either of the two cases mentioned above, those responsible for the works could incur serious penalties.

What is the Certificate of Urban Parameters?

According to the Law mentioned in the previous section and its article number five, the certificate is a document that seeks to regulate the building and construction process. Through the regulatory parameters agreed for the territory where the work is to be established. In other words, the certificate seeks to regulate the following aspects.

The main thing is to parameterize the use for certain lands, that is, depending on the type of soil. Schools, hotels, buildings, houses, among others, may be established. In order to guarantee the proper use of the land. They also seek to guarantee safety, through the regulation of minimum and maximum height sizes that the structure may have.

There are another number of parameters that are desired to regulate other key points of the constructions, to promote an establishment of houses or safe and efficient buildings. It should also be remembered that it is a document that every company or person who wishes to build, must acquire in addition to the construction licenses.

The Peruvian government takes this process and the construction parameters very seriously, for something it is a requirement to be able to acquire licenses. In the event that a builder or company wishes to skip the process, they could incur serious penalties.

National security is an issue that governments tend to take into account, if you want to learn more and expand your knowledge about the certificate and each of the parameters it regulates. You can consult the national law mentioned in the first paragraph of this section.

The constructions of the country must be safe, acquire the certificate and guarantee the safety of the design.


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