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Mexico is one of the fifteen (15) most touristic countries in the world, discover the Requirements to travel to Mexico from Peru.

In this sense, Mexico is a Latin American country, therefore its language is Spanish, its capital is Mexico City.

Taking into account its surface, it is considered the largest country in the world and the third largest in Latin America.

Tourism is one of the main reasons for people when choosing it as a destination, because it is considered one of the most touristic countries, ranking eighth worldwide.

Documents needed to travel to Mexico

Before choosing the destination of the trips to be made internationally you must know the necessary documents and keep them up to date so you don’t get any surprises.

If you are a Peruvian citizen who enjoys your free time traveling and your destination is Mexico, don’t forget have the following valid documents:

  • Passport; It must be current, it can be; ordinary, diplomatic or service.
  • Airplane ticket; Before acquiring it, it is important to be clear that the stay cannot exceed 180 days. Additionally, you must show the return ticket to your country, and in turn a document that proves the place of accommodation, in case the reservation is in a hotel.

In case of visiting a relative, you must fill out an immigration form delivered on the plane that requires the personal information, address and telephone number of the host.

  • Multiple Migratory Form; Foreigners who travel to Mexico for purely tourist reasons, and therefore, do not exceed 180 days, must obtain the FMM form, which will depend on the type of transportation used to travel.
  • In case of traveling work reasons or issues related to educationyou must present a letter in Spanish indicating the reasons for your trip and if said institution is going to be responsible for your expenses.

If it is for educational reasons, it cannot be for a period greater than 80 days.

  • Economic Solvency; it must be proven that the tourist has sufficient resources to cover his basic needs during his stay.
  • Visa; In the case of some countries, it is necessary to request your tourist visa at the Mexican consulates or embassies in your country of origin, as long as your stay does not exceed 180 days.

Requirements to travel to Mexico from Peru

  • Valid passport.
  • Round-trip ticket by plane or ground transportation.
  • Economic solvency.

Do I need to request a visa to enter Mexico?

Remember that the visa is a document that is attached to the passport whose purpose is to allow the legal entry and exit of a foreign citizen to the territory of another country, as long as it is mandatory.

In the same order of ideas, The countries that must have a visa to enter Mexico are:

  • AAfghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Antigua and Barbuda, Azerbaijan.
  • B.Ahrain, Bangladesh, Botswana Brunei Darusalam, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Benin, Burundi, Bolivia, Bhutan and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • C.Abo Verde, Congo, Cambodia, Congo (Zaire), North Korea, Cameroon, Chad, Ivory Coast, China, Cuba and Comoros.
  • ANDEcuador, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Eritrea, El Salvador, Ethiopia.
  • FRussian Federation, Philippines and Fiji Islands.
  • G.Abón, Guatemala, Gambia, Guinea, Georgia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Grenada and Guyana.
  • hAiti and Honduras.
  • Yondia, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Solomon Islands, Seychelles.
  • Jordania.
  • kZakhstan, Kiribati, Kenya, Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan.
  • Laos, Liberia, Lesotho, Libya and Lebanon.
  • mAcedonia, Muritana, Madagascar, Myanmar, Malawi, Moldova, Maldives, Mongolia, Mali, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique and Mauritius.
  • No.amebia, Nicaragua, Niger, Nauru, Nepal, and Nigeria.
  • EITHERman.
  • R.Central African Republic, Rwanda and Sahauri Arab Democratic Republic.
  • SWestern Amoa, Sierra Leone, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Syria, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Somalia, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Holy See, South Africa, Sao Tome and Principe, Sudan, Senegal, Suriname, Serbia, and Swaziland.
  • youThailand, Taiwan, Tonga, Tunisia, Tanzania, Turkmenstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, East Timor, Togo, and Tuvalu.
  • ORUkraine, Uganda, and Uzbekistan.
  • Yemen.
  • zAmbia and Zimbabwe.

That is, if your country is not on the list mentioned above, you can rest easy; so you do not need to process the visa to travel from Peru to Mexico.

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How can I travel to Mexico from Peru?

As for various Latin American countries you can travel by bus however, it is not highly recommended due to the amount of time spent on the trip, and although the cost is lower than other types of transport, the dubious reliability and low reputation of these lines make the use of this means of transport impractical. .

On the other hand, you can use the means of air Transport which is the best known, however, although its security is unmatched, it is probably not the most widely used today due to its high cost.

The airline most used by Peruvians when going to Mexico is TALAM because it has various flight options in terms of cities and schedules.

How much does it cost to travel to Mexico from Peru?

  • The first expense for the trip is the ticket, which goes from 1244 soles onwards.

The cost of the trip will depend solely on the type of trip you want to make and the budget available for it.
  • Later evaluate the stay, it goes from 1777 Mexican pesos onwards.
  • Public transport can be; uber, taxi or subway.

In this sense, if you are going to travel in Mexico by public transport, you must take into account that these are the most recurring expenses, since you will be visiting the chosen city.

Recommendations for traveling to Mexico

Before the trip

  • Before traveling to Mexico it is important to determine if they will visit the Amazon part of the country, because if so they must have the following vaccinations; chickenpox, hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, yellow fever.

And the document that indicates that they were actually placed. That of yellow fever with a minimum of ten days of its placement before the trip.

  • Make sure before the trip to complete the tourist card, which is sent by email thanks to the contracted travel agency.
  • In case of traveling by car, it is necessary to request a temporary vehicle import permit, which can be obtained online, taking a maximum of 7 days and you must request a minimum of 60 days before the trip.
  • Check the weather conditions.


  • The migratory form consigned at the entrance of the country is the document certifying the legal stay in the country, in case it is lost and not replaced, you can request to leave the country.
  • Taking into account the diversity of landscapes, it is advisable to travel for a period of 5 to 10 days.
  • Try the typical food of each city you visit, Mexican food is known for being exquisite, but be careful with the spice.
  • Find out about the prices before visiting a place so that they do not take advantage of your position as a tourist
  • Generally, people dedicated to tourism recommend; travel with currency in cash and change them on the streets of Mexico City as they need liquidity.
  • Find out about the prices before visiting a place so that they do not take advantage of your position as a tourist.

  • It is not necessary to hire a tour guide to visit the wonders of the country.
  • Upon arrival in Mexico it is advisable to drink only bottled water.
  • The Visa and Mastercard cards, which are the most used, are received at tourists in mexico, then don’t worry about shopping.
  • You must be attentive to the time, because it is not the same throughout the country.
  • Some museums on Sundays are free.
  • If you want to rent a car, you must check it carefully to verify that there is nothing foreign inside it, and that if it has any scratches, it is declared by the company.
  • If you want to withdraw money from ATMs, check the commission charged, and whether or not you belong to that banking institution.
  • Acquire representative pieces of the cities visited.


  • Share all the photographs and memories acquired with your relatives.
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Finally, taking into account the diversity of cultures and landscapes found in Mexico, it can be said that it is an ideal destination.

Therefore, before traveling to this wonderful country, check the Requirements to travel to Mexico from Peru.

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