Form 1 Fonavi: Employment History Record

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In this article that Procedures and requirements brings to you all the information you need to know about the Form 1 FONAVI: how to complete it, how to register your work history and other processes that may surely interest you.


FONAVI or also known as the National Housing Fundis an executive, technical and operational body created on June 30, 1979. Its purpose is to satisfy the housing needs of workers according to their income.

Form 1 or also called Registration form for the return process of FONAVI, It is a data collection system necessary to record the worker’s employment history and enroll in the FONAVI return process.

In the following link you can access to download the Form 1 of FONAVI.

How to fill out the FONAVI Form 1?

For many people, filling out a form represents a headache and a tedious time, which is why we bring you a kind of guide that will help you fill out the form easily and quickly, so that the process is pleasant for the user.

Follow the steps that will be shown below:

  1. To begin you must open the Form, you can do it through the link that appears at the beginning of the article.
  2. Once this is done, we will proceed to fill in the first box that appears, we will supply the «Fonavista data». The information that we must enter is simple, first we will indicate the type of document we have and write its number.
  3. Then we will write our last names and names, as requested by the form.
  4. We will proceed to indicate our date of birth and our gender, whether male or female.
  5. In the same box they ask us to provide our address, so we must indicate the address of our current location, just as they are not shown on the form.
  6. A little further down we must enter our usual phone number and indicate a valid email address.
  7. Once the first box is finished we will go directly to the third box. The second box is only the applicant, it is not the fonavista, in this case we must enter the data of the applicant. For this we will mention the type of identification document and its respective number, then we will provide the names and surnames, date of birth and gender.
  8. Then we will provide the exact address of the requesting person, also placing a reference point to locate the place more easily.
  9. We will place a phone number and a valid email address.
  10. However, in the third box, they ask us for employment history, we must bear in mind that the information to be provided must pertain to the period from July 1979 to August 1998.
  11. In this case we will indicate the type of document, its respective number, the company name and the start and end date.
  12. After filling in this field we will add additional information requested by the form, the retirement status, the date ONPthe date of affiliation SNPs and AFPs
  13. then we will indicate the status of the person depending on whether he is alive or deceased.

If you followed the indicated steps to the letter, then your form was filled out successfully.

How to do the Employment History Record?

There are few steps you must take to register your work history, below we will show you how to do it

step I

You must be registered as a potential Fonavista, for this, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Enter the official FONAVI web portal You should go to the following link.
  2. Once inside the SIFONAVI system, you must click on the button «Register in the SIFONAVI».
  3. Then, on the new page, we must provide the requested information (Type of document and its number).
  4. Then you must write the code that will appear on the screen.
  5. You must click the button now «Check in».

Ready from here you will be registered in the system SIPHONAVI.

step II

You must know the type of Document and its respective employer identification number to successfully complete this step and move forward.

In case you do not have the requested data, then you must proceed to search for that information through the official FONAVI page, follow the link given in the first step to access and then press the button “Search Employers”

You must mark the option of Company name or the Type and number of Document, enter the requested information and press the word «Seek».

Step III

After having the requested data, then you must register your Labor History in the SIPHONAVI. You will do this by completing Form 1, as shown at the beginning of the article.

Step IV

The requested Form must be registered, to do so you must carry out the following instructions:

  1. You should go to the website of FONAVI, where should you press the button “Registration of Form 1”
  2. This will take you to a new page where you will need to login to FONAVI with your username and password.
  3. If you do not have a user, you must press where it says «Create User».
  4. You must select the type of user, either the owner Fonavista or the representative applicant.
  5. Indicate the type of identification document you have and its number.
  6. Enter the Fonavista’s date of birth and click on «Continue».
  7. The system will request additional information, which you must enter and then click on «Next step».
  8. The system will automatically create a user, you must create a password and select a security question, enter the security code and click on «Create User».
  9. The system will let you know if the process was successful.
  10. Log in and go to the employment history record section and enter the requested data.
  11. Once you finish, save the data and in this way your work history will be recorded.
  12. Then select the option to print registration certificate.

You can also deliver the Form 1 in physical directly at the windows of the Banco de la Nación nationwide.

Delivery term

The registration process of FONAVI Form 1,has been reopened and can be done by any of the options given earlier in the article.

If you already belong to the System FONAVIis registered , has the CLOSE and is included in National Register then you should be attentive to your collection.

Every six months the Ad Hoc Commission approves the National Register of Beneficiary Favonistsand will be published in an annex corresponding to the Technical Secretariat in its institutional portal.

The National Register it will be generated by prioritizing people over 65 years of age and those with a disability; then to those between 65 and 55 years of age, and finally to Beneficiary Fonavistas under 55 years of age.

Once your inclusion in the Register is confirmed, you can go to any window of the Banco de la Nación, collect your refund.

Fonavi Return Process

Based on the values ​​of Objectivity, Transparency, Technical Management and Legality FONAVI Its purpose is to provide technical support, legal and administrative advice to the Ad Hoc Commission in the process carried out, for the return of payments to FONAVI of dependent and independent workers and employers contributed to it. FONAVI created a system of forms to provide the best solutions to the workers and workers of the nation.

This process is carried out using form number 1, registering the work history, complying with all the instructions given by the system.

The Fund to Return to the workers is made up of the total of all the contributions actually collected for the National Housing Fund (FONAVI) of dependent and independent workers.

This process is completely FREE, all FONAVI procedures are free.

You must acquire the CLOSE or also calledCertificate of Acknowledgment of Contributions and Rights of Fonavista»then wait for the Ad Hoc Commission approve the National Register to be able to collect your return.

You can obtain much more information about Refunds through the Fonavista Customer Service Center 317-8888from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or you can also contact the following email:

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