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Has it happened to you that when you have made the payment of a tax obligation, you have made a mistake in the payment for being in trouble or short of time? At that moment when you are in trouble, you ask yourself, what can I do now? Keep reading and get all the information. The Form 1693 for data modification it will help you to know everything.

Form 1693 What is it and what is it for?

This form allows you to modify or add data established in the forms.

You will be able to do this in case you have committed some error in the information that you provided to SUNAT, referring to the information specified in the fields named in Annex 1 of Superintendency Resolution No. 132-2004/SUNAT.

We want to tell you clearly that the Virtual Form No. 1693 It is to make modifications due to errors regarding the periods, mistakes when placing the associated taxes.

can be modified thanks to this form the following data:

  • leasing situations
  • landlord identification
  • The type and number of ID
  • Mistakes with tenant data
  • RUC number
  • Type and number of identity document.
  • Other points.

How to complete the form

To complete this form you must provide the following information:

  1. Box 02: Place there the number corresponding to the taxpayer’s RUC.
  2. 16 and 17 : In box 16 put the form number and in box 17 put the order number of the form.
  3. Form 1093. If SUNAT did not provide you with information, do not enter anything in this field.


In the respective fields, the name or company name of the taxpayer and also the name of his representative will be placed. As well as the number and the date that it was registered in the commercial register.


If you have provided erroneous or wrong information, do the following:

  • Column No. of Form: In this column place the number of the form that you are going to modify. (Box 09)
  • Form Order : In this column, place the order number of the form to be modified (Box 04).
  • Box No.: In this column, place the number of the box that contains the erroneous information.

Column SAYS: Repeat the information you entered in the box for which you are requesting a modification.

Column SHOULD SAY: Enter the information that replaces that entered in the column «SAYS»


  • Do the same as the previous point.

Column SAYS: Repeat the information you entered in the box by which you confirm information.

Column SHOULD SAY: Do not add more information.


  • Do the same for the previous points.

The number 02, to be able to recognize the box corresponding to the RUC number. The number 07, to identify the box that corresponds to the Tax Period.

SAYS column: Add again the same RUC number (from Box 02) and the Tax Period (from Box 07).

Column SHOULD SAY: Do not add more information.


In the arranged fields you will have to place the name, number and type of identification document In addition to the signature of the taxpayer or, failing that, the legal representative. All the information in this item must be the same as the information placed in item I, otherwise the Tax Administration will not submit the form.


This space will only be used when the taxpayer or legal representative (must be registered with SUNAT) authorize someone else to file the 1093 form. If this is not your case, cross out the field with a line.

Provide the information as follows:

  1. The information that is being requested must be completely placed, except for the one in the box: “To be signed at SUNAT
  2. The data assigned must be the same as those already placed in items I and II.
  3. The authorized citizen will make the confirmation by signing his signature and showing the electoral booklet.

If for any reason this form is submitted by a third party, must comply with what is said in points a, b and c from the previous item. Otherwise, the Tax Administration will not submit this form.

Modifiable data

The modification of the data of this form is done through the Treble clef.

The interested party can request to modify and also include data in his declaration or in the forms if you notice an error in the information that you provide.

To make these modifications it will not be necessary to go to the offices of the SUNAT but you do it directly through the virtual form.

Here we leave you some of the data that can be changed:
  • RUC number.
  • Tax Period.
  • Tenant ID type.
  • No. of identity document of the tenant.
  • Associated tax code (in fine payments).

If you want to know which other fields can be modified, consult the following guide: Boxes Subject to Modification

Payment with error

It is legally known as the way to eliminate tax, commercial debts, etc.

Article 27 of the Tax Codesays that the payment is the way par excellence to end the obligations. On the other hand, articles 28 and 29 tell us that the Tax Administration obligatorily requests the payment of the tax debt, consisting of the tax, fines and interest.

The wrong payment It is defined as the action where tax responsibilities are eliminated that did not achieve its objective since it was done with a mistake.

“It can be understood as payment with error when at the time of payment of the debt, there is a manifestation of wrong will, that is, my intention It is not in accordance with my actions, Well, when I cancel my debt I thought it was doing the data relevant.»


The payment by mistake can be made by presenting a document or by form No. 1693, here we explain each modality.

  • By Virtual form No. 1693

This form will be used when the interested party requests the modification and also include data in your declaration or in the forms if you noticed any error in the information that you provided to SUNAT related to annex 1 of Superintendency Resolution No. 132-2004/SUNAT, which was changed to No. 015-2008/SUNAT.

Download: Annex 01: Boxes that can be modified with the Form. 1693

To have access to the virtual form No. 1693, search for the virtual SUNAT. You must enter SUNAT online operations. You will need your user code and password.

Example: If we made a payment but we had an error in the RUC.

  1. Place the order number and payment form.
  2. YoEnter the box number: using the following guide: Annex 01
  3. Complete the corresponding boxes.
  • HE SAYS: state which was the erroneous data.
  • SHOULD SAY: put the correct data here.

Then register and apply.

When you have submitted the form You only have 45 days to resolve the form and if this period of time passes and the tax administration does not respond, our request is considered denied.

However, if our request is approved, it will be displayed like this:

Thank you for your attention, we hope that the article is for your benefit. We read later!

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