Form 2127 – RUC: Request for Modification of the Activities Regime

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When you are going to start a business or a company, one of the first (and most important) things you do to make it work is to plan when you are going to start your activities. But not everything is given as desired and sometimes it is delayed or it is necessary to change even what it is about.

What can be done so that this delay does not harm the entrepreneur or the already established company? Fill the form 2127! You do not know what it is? Here we explain everything you need to know about him!

Form 2127

Many times the circumstances are not given to be able to carry out the work that is planned with peace of mind and to a good end.

In fact, in many cases it is not a question of time, but also that what has been chosen is not exactly what was wanted to be done or what could be done.

For all these cases it is intended form 2127.

The Government of Peru makes this form available to all its users so that they are able to communicate by themselves any type of change or modification that they have had to do in relation to the economic activity they are carrying out, if they are doing any.

How to fill out Form 2127

It is very likely that many of those who have read this far are already imagining some kind of ink monster that they must defeat. Quite an odyssey to make the form.

Nothing could be further from the truth, since the 2127 form is not by far one of the most complicated that are within the framework of the world of procedures of the Government of Peru.

In fact, all the information that you ask to complete is very easy to obtain and, of course, very easy to provide.

However, if you don’t feel ready to fill it out or want to be sure of what you’re doing, here we leave you a guide so you know how you should do everything step by step.

  1. The The first section is Item Iin which you must mark with an X what you want to do: if it is a Modification of Data, Modification of Data with Change of Regime or Suspension/Restart of Activities. They must also place their surnames and first names or the company name next to the RUC (Unique Taxpayer Registry) number.
  2. The The second section deals with Item II, what are the general data of the taxpayer. In this section, the first thing you will be asked to fill out will be your surnames and first names or company name. Then you will find a box in which you must mark the type of taxpayer with its respective code. In the next box you must place the Business Name together with the Municipal License number. The next box is filled with the type of Main Business Activity of the business or company, adding the ISIC code attached. The next box in this section is where the Secondary Business Activities are placed, with a maximum of two, along with their ISIC codes. Finally there are the boxes for emails.
  3. In the third section is Item III, what is of the Tax residence. In this section, you must fill in the department, province and district boxes. After this, it will ask you to specify the zone and its name, along with its type and the Way, along with its type and name. All the specifications must be placed in an attached table of the number, block, kilometer and other details. Then the address references must be placed. Finally, you must indicate everything about the condition of the property and mark with an X the Confirmation of the Fiscal Address.
  4. Item IV It must be filled with all the data of the natural person. In this case, the first box must be completed with the number and type of the Personal Document. In the next one, fill in the date of birth, sex, nationality, country of origin (in case of being a foreigner) and finally the domicile.
  5. Now we move on to what would be the fifth paragraphwhich is about the Item V, all the company data must be filled out. In the boxes, the number of the item, volume or file, and the country of origin of the company, among others, must be filled out.
  6. In the sixth section, the Item VI, it deals with the Change of Regime. This must be filled out if it was marked at the beginning of the return. In this section you will find the regime change box, which has the options of NRUS to Special Reg. or from NRUS to General Reg. Next to it you will find the box to mark the date of change.
  7. For finish will be the seventh and last section, which is where Item VII is located, which is the Suspension/Restart of Activities. This is the case, where the checkbox Type of Novelty must be marked if it is a Temporary Suspension of Activities or if it is the Restart of Activities. In any of the two cases it is also necessary to place the date.
  8. By last We will have a part of the form to place the identity document, surnames and names together with the signature in the case of accepting that another person present the return. If it is presented in person, you only have to place the signature of the taxpayer or legal representative and what are their surnames and first names.

Form Annexes

So far, and as you will have been able to confirm, everything is quite easy to fill out, since beyond having a lot of data, there is none that is difficult to find or complete.

However, the Government of Peru has also thought of those people who want to have absolute security when filling out the requirements and submitting Form 2127, attaching annexes with all the clarification of what they are going to place in it.

In fact, these annexes serve only to clarify which are the appropriate codes that must be placed in the form in some of the sections.

Both Form 2127 and your Exhibit they can have it by clicking here.

In this Exhibit Specifically, we can note that a specific clarification will be found for each of the items that were mentioned in the previous title.

Request for Modification of the Activities Regime

One of the reasons why the Form 2127 is to be able to change the Activities Regimesince if the change were made without notifying it, the business or company would be committing fraud.

However, not everyone knows what the requirements are for accepting this form correctly and without problems.

Another of the reasons that generate discomfort and concerns in many of the users is about everything related to times in which the requirements and the form must be presented in the competent office.

And for all these users we are going to clarify any doubts they may have about the change in the tax regime:

  1. The first thing to do is understand that the change is only applicable from what is known as the New RUS to the Special Regime or the General Regime.
  2. They must also indicate the date from which the change is to be made or to operate. This date must be from the first calendar day (that is, business day) of the month following the month of this communication.
  3. Those taxpayers who owe the New RUS (NRUS) who enter the General Regime for not meeting the minimum requirements to continue in the NRUS will do so as of the first day of the following month in which this event occurs.
  4. Although the effect of the procedure is automatic, it must be done within the first five business days of that fact having occurred.

It is something simple to understand. Surely many already feel ready to do so.

Temporary Suspension

Another of the reasons that mostly drive taxpayers to seek the Form 2127 is that for some reason the start of the activities of the business or company had to be delayed.

It is not a complicated procedure, although it does ask for some simple requirements that can be easily found and completed.

The first thing is to know that this can be done at any time, but must be indicated in the first five days skillful.

To perform the procedure correctly, You simply have to fill out form 2127 in the last sectionin Item VII, which is indicated in the procedure.

In the same it must be specified if the activity is being suspended or if it is being resumed. In either of the two cases it is necessary to enter the date on which the management is being carried out.

As you can see, the procedures that are carried out using Form 2127 are quite simple and very useful to keep up to date with all the tax and laws applied by the Government. We hope the information on Form 2127 has worked for you!

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