Form 816 (Annex II): Printing Authorization

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Most of the procedures that are carried out (or that the Government requests to carry out) are in physical format. Even if they are not completely physical and have part of them that are done online, they will always require printing to be delivered. But what happens when they cannot be printed for some reason?

As this is a frequent problem, it has been validated Form 816in the part of its Annex II, to make the Printing Authorization.

Don’t know how to apply or how to fill it out? Here we explain everything!

Form 816

But before we get into how to obtain and complete it, you have to know what we are talking about.

The first thing to understand is what is a proof of payment And it is that the proof of payment It is a document that attests and confirms any type of transfer of goods, as well as in the case of delivery in use or provision of services.

However, in order to be legally considered as proof of payment, this document must be printed and issued in accordance with the rules of the Regulation of Proof of Payment.

Which has its legal basis in Article 1 of the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT).

And it is that not everyone can print this type of document. Only SUNAT printers or those authorized by it have the legal authority to do so.

It is at this time that Form 816 comes into play.

This form is the one that allows us to obtain the form through which SUNAT users can request that the payment receipt be printed appropriate depending on the economic activity that it carries out.

As of July 2, 2018, only authorizations for the printing of physical receipts can be generated digitally, that is, Form 816 is available only digitally.

How to complete the Form

It should be pretty clear by now everything related to what this 816 form is, so now we can continue on how it is obtained and, most importantly, how it must be completed.

And it is very likely that many are thinking that it is something complicated both to obtain and to fill.

But it is not so, since in fact it is one of the shortest forms among all those who ask within the SUNAT system.

There will already be many readers willing to start filling it out, since they will feel sure of what they are going to do, but for all those who want to play it safe, stepping firmly so as not to make mistakes,Here we will leave you a guide with all the steps to do so as not to make any type of error or failure that could delay the process when submitting the return!

  • the initial that will be found when obtaining the form is the first of the sections.

There will be two boxes.

  1. RUC number (Unique Taxpayer Registry).
  2. Surnames and names or the company name of the taxpayer.
  • In it second paragraph

Taxpayer Identification Number.

This is in the event that it is a company or company that is making the request for printing authorization, the document number of its legal representative must be entered.

In this way, there will again be two boxes, the first of which must be filled in with the code of the type of document to be placed.

In the second box, it is where the identity document number will be entered.

  • The case of third paragraph.

It is marked with the form 816 worksheet What Item II, which is the Identification of Documents.

It is where all the pertinent data on the documents that are being requested to be printed should be placed.

There are five boxes in this section.

  1. Row number, in which nothing should be placed, since it is something for internal use of the SUNAT system.
  2. Establishment code declared in the RUC for which the printing is being done.
  3. Third and fourth box, a table that is attached to the form must be consulted.
  4. These two boxes are the serial number and document code, respectively.
  5. finally there is the fifth boxin which it says how much The documents are requested to be printed.
  • The fourth paragraph

It should not be filled. It is for internal use by SUNAT and the printing office to which it has been assigned.

  • By last, in the fifth section.

There will be two boxes to place the signatures. The first of these boxes must be filled out in the event that a third party files the declaration.

This must place their surnames and names, as well as their signature and the DNI number (National Identity Document).

The second box is filled with the signature of the Taxpayer or, in the case of a company, that of the legal representative, followed later by their surnames and first names.

As you can see, the 816 form is actually very short with very little to fill out.

And for the convenience of our readers, only with click here you will be able to come up with an example of what the form 816.


At this point it is very likely that, if you followed our guide, you have already finished completely completing the form.

However, it never hurts to lend a helping hand, especially when it comes to rough terrain such as legal procedures.

That is why in this section we will leave you some recommendations on the form 816.

  • Remember have the corresponding taxes registered to the proof of payment that you are requesting.
  • you shall Have your cell phone number and email address updated in the SUNAT online systemsince you probably need them in case they have to send some validation code.
  • To avoid problems when processing the request, you must have submitted the payment statements corresponding to the last six months in arrears.
  • Of course, to request the processing of form 816 It is also necessary that you have not forgotten to be up to date with the Annual Sworn Statement of Income Tax.

These are just some of the things that we recommend that you have up to date when making the request, since not having them can delay it or even prevent it from being started.

What is it for

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the article a brief mention was made of what was the real use of filling out the 816 form, it never hurts to specify what its function is.

And it is that this form is used only to request the printing of the different types of payment vouchers that coexist in the system of the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration.

However, there may still be people who wonder what are the payment vouchers that are processed through form 816.

Among the most notable that we findas well as those of more common use, we can say that they are printed invoices, sales receipts, purchase settlements, receipts for fees and travel tickets.

When the request is made to print these, it can be indicated so that they can be printed at any of the authorized printers, by SUNAT and then collected, without the need to go to any of the Superintendency offices.

The whole process sounds simple, as well as its usage, doesn’t it?

Related forms

However, for the application to be processed without problem, some forms that are related to them must be filled.

These forms are the Sales and Income Registry and the Purchase Registry, as well as the Annual Income Tax Affidavit.

How to complete the authorization request

To complete the authorization request only a photocopy with duplicate of the same should be made. Signing both copies of the form 816. Finally, present the original and a copy of the identity document, which in most cases is the DNI.

As you may have already realized, filling out Form 816 It’s not just a pretty quick thing to do. Also very simple, since it asks for few requirements. And it is certain that if you read this article you will already be ready to do it!

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