How to know a person’s ID: Steps, Reniec and MORE

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How to know the DNI of a person? This procedure is very important in Peru, because it contains the owner’s personal information. If you need to know how to carry out the process, continue reading and you will know more about the subject.

This document is delivered to citizens born and foreigners who wish to live legally in the country. Keep in mind that the DNI is requested to carry out many processes, including acquiring a job, renting a property, opening a bank account, requesting a driver’s license and more.

How to know the DNI of a Person in Peru?

To know the DNI of a person, it will be essential that residents use the instruments provided by the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status. Through these it will be conceivable to know different recognizable vouchers and registration data of the local residents of Peru.

The Public Personality Registry, normally known as DNI, is the crucial recognizable proof of any resident brought into the world in Peru. In this way, Peruvians will have the option of distinguishing themselves inside and outside the nation, as well as exercising their right to vote.

The most effective method to know a person’s ID is very useful when looking for a job, whether in the public area or abroad, as well as numerous different advantages. Therefore, the identification of any resident in a reliable and basic way is recommended.

How to Know the DNI of a Person: Steps to Follow

The DNI is the National Identity Document of a person, and it is vital to be registered with the entity authorized to issue it. Next, we will show you little by little how to know the DNI of a person. Among the most important steps we have:

  • Enter the digital platform of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status.
  • Then, the system will throw you a window, where you will see the option to enter both the identification number and the full name of the person.
    • By supplying the first and last names with precision, you will have the option to start the search.
  • At last, you must end the capt-cha test and press «Look for».
  • In an instant, the ID of the person you are investigating will appear.

How to know the DNI of a person: Search in the Reniec

The Reniec better known as National Registry of Identification and Civil Status It is the entity that has the ability to identify a Peruvian citizen. Likewise, it must monitor the free movement of residents within and outside the public domain.

The same way, Reniec It is the body responsible for assigning the national identity document. Also, to comply with the following commitments:

  • Birth Inscriptions.
  • Death of a citizen.
  • Certification of the marital status of a person.
  • Marriage certificates.
  • Divorces, among others.

To discover an individual in the Reniec you must follow an extremely basic interaction. To begin with, you must know the public registration number. Having these data, you must enter the establishment’s online page.

Once inside, you must approve the security design that appears on the screen. The moment you press the inquiry button, you will discover the information you are looking for about anyone in Reniec, for example, your full names and surnames.

How to Know the DNI of a Person: Change of Address in the DNI

In the event that you need to know how to change the location of your identification, you should know that the online system is simply accessible to local residents of Peru. You can start with it quickly by entering the official website of the entity.

Please note that if a person is brought into the world abroad, the interaction must take place face-to-face in a Reniec office. To change the location of the DNI it will be vital that you have, first, a digitized photo, a receipt from a public service. The receipt and the actual picture must meet the accompanying qualities:

  • It must be less than six months old.
  • That obviously the address of the citizen is shown.
  • Finally, the image must be saved in formats: .jpp, .bmp, .gif or .png.

Once this requirement is completed, you must make the payment for the correction of the DNI. Costs will fluctuate depending on the age and condition of the individual, as demonstrated below:

  • Residents over 65 can take the methodology for free.
  • Those over 17 years old must pay 22.00 soles.
  • In addition, those under 17 must pay 16.00 soles.

The payment to change the location of the DNI must be made through one of the following entities:

  • The Bank of the Country.
  • The credit bank. Remember that in the off chance that you go to the workplace you will be charged a commission comparable to 3.40 soles.
  • In the event that, again, you use the portable application, online or BCP specialists, this commission will be non-existent.
  • Also, you can make the transfer from Pá Also, to use this instrument, the use of your Visa or Mastercard charge will be mandatory.

Note: In a part of the workplaces of the entity of Reniec You will be allowed to pay by debit or credit card. However, no type of delivery of money is approved to change the location of the citizen’s identification.

How to know when my ID is ready after requesting it?

To see if the DNI is ready, it will be important to enter the official page of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status. When accessing, you should look for the option called “Online Administrations – Interview”And choose the status of the procedure.

There, you will discover two query alternatives. In the main case, you should go to the option «Inscription«In case you have requested the DNI for the first time. To enter you must enter the number of the registration card.

In case you are preparing to copy or restore the DNI, you will be prompted to choose a similar name. In it it will be important to convey the amount of DNI what is being consulted

For the two queries, another window will open, in which the status of the cycle will appear, regardless of whether it is being handled or whether it is now closed. Likewise, all the information will appear. The statuses that will be presented to you are the following:

  • Start. For this situation, the process of duplicating the DNI has started, so it will be sent from the Reniec office in Lima.
  • In process. If this is the appropriate answer, it implies that your Public Character Report is from now on in the workplace in Lima, and that it is being prepared.
  • All interaction is divided into six phases, so depending on where you are, it will take a long time.
  • In the office. In the event that the window shows this response, it implies that the DNI is from now on in the organization in a fixed state, so you can proceed to obtain it quickly.
  • Delivered. Finally, this shows (obviously) that the Document was delivered in person.

Questions and Frequently Asked Questions

To end this article we will answer the most frequent and absolute queries identified with the issue of how to know the DNI of an individual in Peru. We wish to solve them all!

What are the types of DNI that exist?

In Peru we can discover three types of DNI, between them we have:

  • First is the classic, which is blue.
  • Followed by this, an electronic ID is delivered, which is white.
  • Finally there is the ID for minors, which is yellow.

What is the electronic DNI?

The electronic DNI It is the first report of an individual’s character, however, for this situation it incorporates a chip that allows the resident to be recognized when entering the web. This helps strategies states online through the customer’s preferred device.

This tool, unlike the DNI, It is not mandatory, although its use is very basic. However, it is still not a requirement, even though it is highly protected and utilitarian.

The electronic DNI has a cost of 42 soles, which can be paid through the Banco de Crédito or the Banco de la Nación.

How long does the issuance of the Public Report take?

Curiously, Reniec issues the DNI within a period of between four and two months. Ultimately, if an error or perception occurs, this period could be extended. Instructions for knowing the DNI of a person in Peru can be exceptionally valuable in different living conditions.

Whatever the explanation, in case you are a bit uncertain, it is ideal that you look and verify the data that they provide.

What information is observed in the National Identity Document?

In the case of Peru, the DNI contains the following information:

  • The Unique Identification Code number.
  • Names and Surnames of the citizen.
  • The sex of the holder.
  • The civil state.
  • Also, the date of birth.
  • The date of issuance of the document.
  • The expiration date of the document.
  • The citizen voting group.
  • Organ donor status.
  • A photograph of the holder.
  • The signature and fingerprint of the small index of the citizen.
  • The department, province and district where the owner lives.
  • The direction.

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