How to know how many points I have in Claro: How to make the query

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Telephone companies have innovated their services in a fierce way due to technological advances and the Claro company is not far behind. In Perú, technological organizations innovate their services every year in order to provide the Perúvian public with a better service

Having a mobile or fixed plan in any of the telephone companies operating in the country leads to an automatic subscription to the citizen’s system affiliated with the plan or service.

The people affiliated to Claro, whether they are new or with an estimated time of affiliation, have various services and extra points and do not know it for various reasons.

Has it ever happened to you How do I know how many points I have in Claro?

If you do not know how to do it or do not know the services offered by this telephone company

Read on to find answers to your questions!

How to know how many points I have in Claro

This question is asked by many citizens, since there are many people who are unaware of the clear points they have accumulated and wish to use them.

Browse the different digital platforms, post a photo on Instagram, among other things you can do with a phone through navigation with Claro

To understand a little more what the clear points are for, it is important to mention their functions:

  • Grant credits to users of clearing
  • Accumulate extra points
  • Opt for a better mobile or service
  • Navigation and extra mobile data
  • Better phone signal
  • Faster internet
  • Wider and faster coverage
  • Be selected for company credits and benefits

Claro points must be redeemed or recharged by the user who wishes to use them, having many accumulated points is a great advantage to use Claro services

It is worth mentioning that Clear points have more benefits for people affiliated with Claro Club, to learn a little more Click here

But How do I know how many points I have in Claro?

A very feasible way to check the balance of clear points is downloading the Claro Club mobile application

This aap which will not only help you to consult salty but to carry out other additional procedures

Once the Claro Club app you register and go to the “Points” section and at the top you will see your available balance of points

Click here to download the application

How do I check my Claro Club points?

Having accumulated Claro Club points is an immense benefit for users who have mobile or fixed plans because these points provide extra credits

It is notorious that Claro has received many affiliations over the years.

A study carried out between 2018 and 2019 shows that more than 700,000 Perúvians have joined Claro Perú

With the large subscriptions that Claro has had, it has decided to improve and extend more services throughout the National territory

There are different ways to know how many clear points you have accumulated,

But the most used is by telephone, since in just seconds you will be able to know how many points you have accumulated

Also to check your points you can call Claro’s telephone number, which is the Claro Club App, you can find it at Play Store or Apple store

Several people choose to visit Claro Perú offices at the National level to file complaints or purchase new products

Click here to see the Claro Perú offices

Note: Take into account that every time you recharge points later do a balance check to verify that the points are already accumulated, for more information click here

Steps to follow

Before starting with the steps to follow, we recommend that you save the following number on your phone to check points of course whenever you want 2525

As we mentioned before, you can consult your clear points by text message, below we will show you the steps to carry out this query:

  1. Open the message section on your mobile and add the number “2525”
  2. Once you have the number added write a message to that address with the word BALANCE
  3. When you have sent the message in a few seconds you will receive a return message that will show you the places available so far

If you get a message and you do not have accumulated points! No problem! You can recharge in the Claro Perú web portal and start with your accumulation of points

Although most users have Claro points, there are still people who do not have this service.

If you are one of the people who want to join Claro points or worry and enter the Claro Perú web portal to start with your subscription

How do I transfer my balance to another Claro mobile line?

If you run out of balance and need to be transferred or a case happens the other way around and you need to transfer to a relative, no problem

Through a phone call you can make a balance transfer to any line affiliated with Claro

Transfers by telephone are very simple and can be made from prepaid lines to postpaid lines, as well as from postpaid to prepaid lines

Steps to follow

Follow these steps to make a transfer by phone quickly and easily

  1. On a cell phone dial the number * 222 #,
  2. When the call drops, you mark option number 2 which is “Transfer Balance
  3. Having marked these options, the operator will ask you for the number to which you are going to recharge, this number must be indicated in full without hyphens
  4. The system will ask you to rectify the telephone number, in case you have dialed the number wrong, you must choose the option to dial number again, as this is not the case if you continue with the transfer
  5. Once the telephone number has been verified, you must indicate the Nationality Document and identity of the holder of the number
  6. You confirm the transfer if it was done correctly and you have finished the process

Note: The established rate to make the transfers is from 0.25 soles to 60 soles per month

Claro Services

Claro Perú offers a variety of services for the citizens of the country from a simple telephone line to a state-of-the-art mobile device

The services that Claro offers are the following:

  • Mobile Service: Postpaid, prepaid, international coverage, coverage packages, online portability, high-end phones at a good price, among other services
  • Fixed- Home. Fixed internet service, television signal, coverage packages, fixed signals, plans with payment opportunities
  • Claro Club: this service offers the people affiliated with Claro club coverage points, discount coupons, unlimited offers, improve the quality of the service

Apart from these services, Claro offers its audience general offers on its services with attractive packages for users.

If you want to join Claro, what are you waiting for? Start with the necessary procedures and enjoy the spectacular services of this company

See you in an upcoming article!

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