How to know my DNI: How to get it and renew it

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how to get your ID? At what age can I have the first time ID? What requirements do I need to get my ID?, Do you have all those doubts? And you don’t know what to do! Do not worry, keep reading and we will clarify everything you need to know about your ID.

What is the DNI

Is ID is he National identity document, it is of the utmost importance that all Peruvian citizens have one compulsorily. Since it is this is the main identity document. It is extremely necessary when accessing a service, as well as state benefits.

This is because it is mandatory, as previously mentioned, to have an ID, everyone has the right to have one, both minors and adults.

It is important that you always have your ID above and if for any reason it was lost or stolen you must report it immediately, because if it falls into the wrong hands and they commit any illegal act you will be responsible.

There are two types of ID:

For children and youth up to 17 years of age this identification document it’s colored yellow.

By the time I’m 17 it’s time to change it to a ID color blue.

The DNIe (electronic ID)

The electronic ID It is the same identity document, with the difference that it allows you to prove your identity personally and electronically.

Thanks to eDNIe You will obtain your identity digitally, which will allow you to access all the digital services that the state provides, an example of this is electronic voting, as well as paperwork and certified copies of official records.

All this thanks to the new way of having electronic IDfrom the comfort of your home.

You must bear in mind that in order to access the services remotely, each public and private entity must allow these procedures to be carried out virtually (make sure of this).

town get this eDNIe from 18 years of age onwards.

Its color is light blue white.

What are the necessary requirements to get my ID?

If you are going to take out your ID for the first time you need the following:

  • The receipt of payment
  • The copy of the birth certificate issued by the civil registry
  • Public service receipt can be water, telephone, among other services. You must bring the original and the copy (not older than 6 months)
  • Up-to-date passport size photo, without any frame, not blurred, must be in color, with a white background from the front, face and ears must be uncovered, you cannot smile, must not be retouched, without any clothing on the head (except religious people ).
  • An affidavit from the father, mother or brother or, failing that, from two people of legal age who have frequent contact with the applicant (this only applies if, on the date of carrying out said procedure, they are over 20 years old).
  • Disability certificate (RM 372-2000-SA/DM) or that is similar, the CONADIS executive resolution, certificate from the special education center in which it must be stated that you have a disability condition.

How to get my ID

you exist 3 types IDamong them are those of minors, adults and electronic (DNIe).

DNI for minors (yellow color)

If your child or a minor child is in your care and is between the ages of 3 and 16, you can request the ID for minors brown color.

This procedure can be carried out by the mother, the father or the guardian in charge. The DNI that he will receive will be the same for the rest of her life.

Here below we provide a quick and safe way to carry out this process

Get ID for a minor

DNI for adults (Blue color)

If you are 17 years old or a little more, it is easy for you to obtain your blue ID, which is for people of legal age.

This ID It has a valid 8 years. Young adults who draw their ID minors under 18 years of age will not be able to exercise their duty to vote, they will have the possibility of voting until they reach the age of majority.

Here below we provide a quick and safe way to carry out this process

Get an ID of legal age

electronic ID

If you are 18 years of age or older, you have the option of processing the ID which will allow accrediting in a very personal and electronic way.

This ID will replace the ID blue in color and will allow you to digitally sign the electronic document, you can exercise the electric vote and process from the comfort of your home or wherever you find documents such as minutes, holes and registration certificates.

Here below we provide a quick and safe way to carry out this process

Obtain your Electronic ID

What are the necessary requirements to renew my ID?

Necessary requirements for the approval of the ID

  • The receipt of payment
  • Updated passport size photo, without any frame, not blurred, in color with a soft background, from the front without any clothing on the head or body (except if the person is religious), without any type of glasses, nor can the photo be retouched .
  • If the DNI is going to be renewed by a minor, the child must be present when said renewal is requested. To withdraw it, it is only necessary for the father, mother or guardian in charge to do so, this means that it must be done by the person who accompanied the minor.

How to renew my ID

If you already have your ID and you want to request the renewal of this you can do it through ID renewal.

This procedure must be carried out with some 60 days prior to the expiration of your previous ID.

What is the cost of renewing the DNI

The cost of ID is found in S/ 30.00 soles

  • Once you are 65 years of age or older, this procedure is totally free!
  • People who have a disability is totally free!

What are the benefits of having a valid ID?

  1. If a child goes missing, it would be easier to find them if the photo of the national identity document is valid.
  2. -It is easier to locate anyone if they are the victim of a traffic accident if they carry their valid identity document with them.

Thanks for always reading us.

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