How to know my Postal Code in Peru: Consult, What it is and MORE

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How to know my Postal Code in Peru? Ask those users who are interested in making a shipment or purchase within the Peruvian territory, or receive an order both nationally and from other countries.

You will know how to make the query both traditionally and online, what is the usefulness of the Postal Code, the Postal Codes throughout Peru, what the Postal Code is and much more. For this reason, you should continue reading what we have for you.

How to know my Postal Code in Peru?

Either to carry out an operation, a purchase, send an order in the national territory or receive a package from abroad, it is essential to know the Postal Code from where you are exactly. This is because, with these figures, the operation can be completed.

Thanks to the Postal Code, you have the opportunity to do different procedures, and it also enables the precise location of your region. In Peru there are currently 2,670 Postal Codes, divided into 210 postal zones spread over 25 regions, covering 98,011 populated communities.

The Postal Code helps dispatch institutions to usefully organize groups of packages by equal zones, according to the Postal Code, in such a way that their dispersion is reduced.

When you need to make a shipment or purchase a product abroad, you must bear in mind that Colombia has a Postal Number, what differentiates it worldwide. You must be aware, because this is not equivalent to the Postal Code, it is similar to the one indicated to make a call abroad.

This number consists of 6 digits which is: 579986. 57 is the number of divisions nationwide, and 99 is the number of postal zones by departments. Also, 86 reflects the number of postal regions by locality or region.

Important fact

To know the Postal Code related to the area where you are, there are two (2) options: One is communicate through a call to the community 4-7, or search online. To be sure, a test was done, and the call was not possible as the code is required.

However, the code was obtained shortly. On the other hand, via the internet the search lasted more than ten (10) minutes, to acquire the required code.

How to Know my Postal Code in Peru: Traditional Consultation

There are two (2) ways to make the query to know your Postal Code, these are named below:

Traditional way

If you consider yourself a very conservative person, and you want to reduce the management as much as possible, you have the possibility of making the query through three (3) alternatives, which are:

  • You can communicate by phone call to the number (+511) 615 7999, and ask for your code.
  • The other option is, through the following email address:
  • You can also enter the website of Postal Code.


  1. The first step is to enter this link, and you have the opportunity to download the app on your phone smart iOS or Android.
  2. Then you must find the address for the Postal Code you want to find.
  3. Continuing, you must enter an address to know the code of the town you are consulting.
  4. In conclusion, Postal Code will appear that belongs to you.

What is the Postal Code for?

According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), it is a special pattern that integrates the particular codes, which distinguish each of the communities populated in the country. This allows the optimization of postal organizations, collaborating with financial and commercial activities.

Started, it recognizes the topographic areas of the country for the transport and vehicle of postal items from Peru or abroad. Likewise, it eases the shipping operations processes and offers a more marked protection in the collection and transfer of products.

Postal Codes of Peru

As we already know, Postal Codes are used to get specific areas or locations. Each code is made up of a succession of figures, which are used to adjudicate the location of a place classified topographically.

These Codes optimize the traffic of calls and messages, to specifically encourage the area of ​​the spot. The organization of Postal Codes have their own structure. In the country, each Postal Code consists of numbers, which are used to administer telephone and mail services.

In the case of emails, Postal Codes are used to admit the deliveries of contacts and to order the database, also for ensure operability and quality of postal service. Now, the communication administration is used for users who speak with different areas of the country.

In such a way that, any citizen can make shipments or make calls, using a list of Postal Codes and get the place they want to locate.

What are the Postal Codes by region in Peru?

According to the data shared by Peru21, the Postal Codes of the most important cities in the country except Callao and Lima are the following:

  1. In Callao and Lima, 158 codes have been distributed and there is more than one per district, therefore, it is required that an address be entered to know the key of the locality that is being searched.
  2. In the case of La Victoria, it has up to four (4) postal figures: 15018, 15019, 15033 and 15034. To know which is yours, you must consult the precise location.

Next, the respective Postal Codes in Peruvian territory are exposed, in alphabetical order:

  • In Abancay 03000.
  • Aguaytía 25551.
  • In Amazonas 01000.
  • Ancash 02000.
  • On Ancon (Lima) 02.
  • Andahuaylas 03700.
  • In Apurímac 03000.
  • Arequipa 04000.
  • In Watchtower 25201.
  • Ate (Lima) 03.
  • In Ayacucho 05000.
  • Bagua 01720.
  • In Baños del Inca 06004.
  • Barranco (Lima) 04.
  • In Bethlehem 16000.
  • Bellavista (Callao) 2.
  • In Breña (Lima) 05.
  • Cajamarca 06000.
  • In Callao (Callao) 1.
  • Capital 09001.

Continuation of Postal Codes in Peru

  • On Carabayllo (Lima) 06.
  • Carmen de la Legua (Callao) 3.
  • In Catacaos 20006.
  • Cayma 04000.
  • In Centro Capital 20001.
  • Historic Center (Cusco Center) 08002.
  • In Cercado (Lima) 01.
  • Cerro de Pasco 19001.
  • In Chachapoyas 01001.
  • Chaclacayo (Lima) 08.
  • In Chiclayo 14001.
  • Chimbote 02800.
  • In Chincha 11702.
  • Chorrillos (Lima) 09.
  • In Cieneguilla (Lima) 40.
  • City 10001.
  • On Comas (Lima) 07.
  • Cusco 08000.
  • In Desaguadero 21611.
  • The Augustinian (Lima) 10.
  • In The Forest 20002.
  • The Strait 16110.
  • At El Tambo 12007.
  • Ferreñafe 14311.
  • On Huamanga 05003.
  • Huancavelica 09000.
  • In Huancayo 12006.
  • Huánuco 10000.
  • In Huaraz 02000.
  • Ica 11000.
  • At Ilave 21501.
  • Ilo 18600.
  • On Independence (Lima) 28.
  • Jauja 12601.
  • In Jesús María (Lima) 11.
  • Jorge Basadre 23750.
  • In Juliaca 21102.
  • Junin 12000.
  • In Freedom 13000.
  • La Molina (Lima) 12.
  • On La Perla (Callao) 4.
  • La Punta (Callao) 5.
  • In La Victoria (Lima) 13.
  • Slats 22151.
  • In Lambayeque 14000.
  • Lynx (Lima) 14.
  • In Loreto 16000.
  • Los Olivos (Lima) 39.
  • In Lurín (Lima) 16.

Other Postal Codes in Peru

  • In Madre de Dios 17000.
  • Magdalena (Lima) 17.
  • In Manú 17700.
  • Miraflores (Lima) 18.
  • In Moquegua 18000.
  • Moyobamba 22001.
  • In Nazca 11401.
  • Ornate 18200.
  • In Otuzco 13201.
  • Oxapampa 19231.
  • In Pachacamac (Lima) 19.
  • Feel 11330.
  • In Pasco 19000.
  • Pilcomarca 10003.
  • In Pimentel 14000.
  • Pisco 11600.
  • On Piura 20000.
  • Pocollay 23002.
  • In Province 09000.
  • Pucusana (Lima) 20.
  • In Pueblo Libre 06002.
  • Free People (Lima) 21.
  • On Stone Bridge (Lima) 22.
  • Puerto Bermúdez 19311.
  • In Puerto Maldonado 17001.
  • Puno 21000.
  • In Punta Hermosa (Lima) 24.
  • Punta Negra (Lima) 23.
  • At Punta Sal 24560.
  • Rímac (Lima) 25.
  • On San Bartolo (Lima) 26.
  • San Blas 08003.
  • In San Borja (Lima) 41.
  • San Isidro (Lima) 27.
  • In San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima) 36.
  • San Juan de Miraflores (Lima) 29.
  • In San Luis (Lima) 30.
  • San Martin 22000.
  • In San Martin de Porres (Lima) 31.
  • San Miguel (Lima) 32.
  • In Santa Anita (Lima) 43.
  • Santa Maria del Mar (Lima) 37.
  • In Santa Rosa (Lima) 38.
  • Santiago de Surco (Lima) 33.
  • In Sullana 20101.
  • Surquillo (Lima) 34.
  • In Tacna 23000.
  • Trujillo 13000.
  • In Tumbes 24000.
  • Ucayali 25000.
  • In Ventanilla (Callao) 6.
  • Villa El Salvador (Lima) 42.
  • In Villa María del Triunfo (Lima) 35.
  • Yanahuara 04014.
  • In Yanamilla 05002.
  • Yurimaguas 16501.
  • On Zarumilla 24150.

How to know my Postal Code in Peru: What is it?

Previously, the postal distribution of the place of residence contributed a lot to complications, because it was difficult to obtain them. Above all when making purchases online, as well as linking to an internet account.

Therefore, today it no longer takes a long time to find a local Postal Code. If you are in Peru, or anywhere in the world, and you want to know the specific figures of a site, you already have the means to process it to acquire it.

It is important to highlight that the sending of parcels is increasingly efficient throughout the national territory, as long as they are encoded. This serves to have a strategic space in conflicts due to erroneous transfers.

Peru Postal Code

Some Google users have found information about the Postal Code of Peru, however, the search result was not satisfactory. Here we tell you what its code is: Then Peru has the number 51 as code, and its capital Lima has the number 27.

In the same way, you can view your Postal Code by city or area, as mentioned above. In the case of Callao and Lima, there are codes by location, including by area, therefore their composition is precise.

Another case is that of the Lince, which has three (3) Postal Codes that are: 15046, 15073, 15076. San Borja, has four (4): 15021, 15034 15036 and 15037.

Data of interest

The first time Zip Codes came up, It was in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, in December 1932. The next country to show Postal Codes was Germany in 1941, then Argentina in 1958, the United Kingdom in 1959, followed by the USA, and then Switzerland in 1964.

Currently, the Postal Code consists of five (5) digits, and there may be more than one for each location. It should be noted that these codes are used to make calls to different national or urban localities.

You already have all the information you need about How to know my Postal Code in Peru. This code provides the opportunity to be located or find addresses exactly, this with the aim that packages or shipments can reach their destination without delay and precision.

As well as Peru, other countries also have a Postal Code, in such a way that depending on the operation you are going to carry out, you must verify their Postal Code. We hope this information is to your liking and usefulness.


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