How to Know my SOL Code: Steps, Recovery and MORE

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How do I know my SOL password? For Peruvian citizens, obtaining the secret phrase is very important, since with it you can carry out different processes before SUNAT. When creating the access, keep in mind that you should save it for your records. When entering the entity’s platform, the system will request it.

Nowadays, people who work on their own or are dependent on a company with this password, can carry out administrative processes, pay taxes, make inquiries, and more. Do not stay without completing the procedure!

How do I know my SOL password?

As detailed on the page of SUNAT, this option only focuses on ordinary people with DNI, who are not required to enroll in the RUC. To perform this process you must do the following:

  • Enter the official page of the SUNAT.
  • Select the option «Online Operations«, Then press the» keyoptions without SOL Key«.
  • At that point click on the option «acquire SOL key”And enter the DNI number.
  • Quickly complete the information they ask for: place of birth, date of issuance of identity card, bank account code, among others.
  • At that point, click on list and accept to close the process.
  • The system will send you the confirmation that will reach your personal email (which you should have provided when creating the password).
  • Finally, the Proof of Registry Information (CIR).

Sometimes how easy and simple it is to carry out the process, but it depends on you doing it exactly, to avoid rework when creating the Sol Clave.

How to know my SOL password: Steps to follow

Now that you know the conditions necessary to understand the G Key, the next thing you should know is the method that is used for the security question. The reason we started this way is that this is the easiest and fastest way to learn about this instrument.

It is for this reason that here, we will provide you with a list of all the things you need to do in order to quickly recover the password:

  • The main thing to do is enter the SUNAT website, which you can access without problems. You only need to enter the information requested by the system.
  • When you do, you must choose the alternative «Remember username or password?» which is just below the login file.
  • Whenever this is done, you must choose “Retrieve the SOL key through the secret question“, Which is the main alternative you need to navigate.
  • By the time you have done this, you must enter the RUC as this is what will allow you to access the personal question frame.
  • After you have answered the security question, you need to choose whether you only need another secret key or passphrase and username and fill in the fields.

How to know my SOL password: How to recover it?

As my Sol Code will have been made known through the alternative of the security question, it is quite simple. Today many will think about how to do the procedure without it. What’s more, the post-election actually looks a lot like the security question, as it is the confirmation question.

The cycle to continue due to this type of inquiry is actually equivalent to the secret question, without literally changing anything. Obviously, if you have missed the consultation questions, you must do the methodology in person.

To do this, you must do the following:

  • First of all, you must have the current RUC, also a copy and the updated DNI.
  • When you have them, you should go to one of the Citizen Administration Centers, the one closest to your residence.
  • When you are there you must supply a new user and a new SOL key, clarifying that he lost the one he had.

Please note that you will have up to three unique events in two days to attempt to override the security responses to retry.

How to know my SOL Password: Change Password

A question that is also strongly identified with how to know my SOL secret phrase is the strategy to change the secret key, and in fact, to be clear about it, it is essential to say that changing the secret phrase also implies changing the SUNAT client.

This, however, is a surprisingly easy thing to do, as there aren’t many trailers that need to be finished, but here we leave them all:

  • The main thing to do is enter the SUNAT online platform.
  • When you do this, you must choose the button “Change username«, Found when you enter the menu.
  • When you have done this, you have to enter another username, which should be made up of the mentioned limits.
  • After this, it will be essential that you enter both the old secret phrase and a new one, since really at that moment the client and the creation of the secret word will be approved.
  • Finally, you just need to choose the button “Say«In the new secret word and press»Keep«With the aim that everything is done properly.

What is the SOL Clave?

The Sol Clave is a very valuable instrument that allows the dependent and independent citizen with their own business, to acquire the security phrase to carry out different administrative operations.

The main thing to specify is that the Sun Code is what will allow you to enter SUNAT without problems, in reality it is a personal secret password which is non-transferable, and therefore each person must have one, as well as each one that requires it.

This is done with the possibility that there is a greater degree of security in everything identified with the secret phrase and what is allowed. At the same time, this secret word is considered possibly the most significant in everything that is identified with the administration of the country.

What is it for?

As mentioned in the previous area, the SOL Code has numerous uses, both to simplify the life of the client and for the national government. In this sense, the main thing that should be mentioned is that this secret key is the one that allows entry to the SUNAT stage.

This implies that it is the step to the collection entity of Peru and in that line it is identified with its activity. What this quickly implies is that it is through it that clients can carry out all SUNAT exchanges.

In the same way, the SOL Code can do everything that is identified with its commercial exchanges and that SUNAT can filter it without problem. Also, through the user code, you can make changes to the state of the RUC, for example, restart operations or a brief suspension.

At the same time, it will also be possible for you to deliver a wide range of electronic installment coupons for all your online exchanges without worry. Finally, these are only a part of the things it allows, since it has many more specific ones that depend on the type of business you are doing.

What is SUNAT?

The National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration – SUNAT, is a specialized technical body, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, has legal personality under public law, with its own assets and enjoys functional, technical, economic, financial, budgetary and administrative autonomy.

By virtue of the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 061-2002-PCM, issued under the provisions of numeral 13.1 of article 13 of Law No. 27658, the National Customs Superintendency has been absorbed, assuming the functions, attributions and capacities that by law correspond to this entity.

Functions and Capabilities

To expand the subject a little more. Next, we will indicate the functions and powers of SUNAT:

  • Administer the internal taxes of the National Government, as well as the tax and non-tax concepts whose administration or collection is entrusted to it by Law or Interinstitutional Agreement.
  • Propose to the Ministry of Economy and Finance the regulation of tax, customs and other regulations within its competence.
  • Issue, within the scope of its competence, provisions on tax and customs matters, establishing obligations of taxpayers, managers and / or users of the service customs.
  • Provide measures that lead to the simplification of the procedures corresponding to customs regimes, as well as regulate the procedures derived from them.
  • Dictate organization and internal management rules within the scope of its competence.
  • Systematize and organize legislation and statistical information on foreign trade, in order to provide general information on the matter in accordance with the Law, as well as that related to internal and customs taxes that it administers.
  • Celebrate technical and administrative cooperation agreements in matters within its competence.
  • Promote, coordinate and execute technical cooperation, research, training and improvement activities in tax and customs matters, in the country or abroad.
  • Grant the postponement and / or fractionation for the payment of the tax or customs debt, in accordance with the Law.
  • Request and, where appropriate, execute the measures designed to protect the perception of the taxes that it administers and order their suspension when appropriate, in accordance with the Law.


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