How to Know the Electronic Item of a Company: Steps, Number and MORE

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In the event that you are a land owner or are simply interested in How to Know the Electronic Item of a Company? We invite you to read this article. Keep in mind that the importance of having the property heading helps interaction, should you want to buy or sell.

Also, here you will find relevant information about how to carry out the consultation process for your company, the SUNARP number and other data that will undoubtedly be of great relevance. What are you waiting for, keep reading!

How to Know the Electronic Part of a Company in Peru?

The departure of the Electronic Registry of an organization is made before Sunarp. In this file you can see the name of the owner of the organization and other data identified with it.

This is one of the procedures that people who need it usually do in person, although it is not the only method; In this segment we will show you how to do it online.

Also note that electronic departure is not only for companies, which means that it also applies to a piece of land or a house. In case you want to use it for a property, keep in mind the following steps:

Of a house

  1. Having the data regarding the amount of electronic enlistment of a home or land, the monitoring is done through the file in the organization, through its SUNARP online interface.
  2. For the query to be validated, you need to know the name of the owner if there is one or of the multitude of owners if there are several, (correct names and surnames).
  3. In the event that you have more than one property, you can also do the electronic tracking having all the important information in order.

How to Know the Electronic Item of a Company: Steps to Follow

To perform the item of the Electronic Registry of an organization You must follow the means that we will show you below:

  • In the first instance you will have to find the Volume corresponding to the game, in this way the search time is reduced.
  • Go to one of Sunarp’s work centers. To discover where they are click here. Remember to go during established business hours.
  • Go to the service section or the responsible official and make your request.
  • Cancel the amount of the payment that corresponds to the process, which is 600 soles.
  • At that time you must give the name of the owner of the organization.
  • The official will show you a set of items from which you will have to choose the one you want to consult.
  • To view the game you will have to pay 5 soles. You will be given a visualization form.
  • This consists of a PC territory that is compared to Sunarp offices where you really want to see the electronic record of the organization you mentioned.
  • Also note that you can only view the document for 30 minutes. Also, it is simply conceivable to do as such through this PC place. The purpose of this is to ensure the security of the organization.
  • If the section you want to advise is at least 100 pages long, you should go to Sunarp’s main office. Also those that should be consulted by volume


The conferences that take place in la SUNARP Headquarters They are the ones that are in documents; These can be explored at any of the work centers of the aforementioned entity.

There are Registered Items that have more than 100 pages or that are acquired by volume; to advise these seniors should contact the SUNARP headquarters.

You must bear in mind that you will only be able to obtain this information if you decide to approach the headquarters, otherwise you will not be able to attend by other means, thanks to the security measures that are reserved.

How to Know the Electronic Item of a Company: What does it consist of?

The electronic or registration number of a property, It is an extraordinary code that distinguishes said property or property from others, according to the case. Once you want to carry out this process, you must bear in mind that the electronic registration number is the carefully acquired enlistment number through the Sunarp.

In general, some tend to confuse it with the DNI, but it is not the same, since the electronic entry is one of the documents used to carry out certain authorized strategies. Through the starting number of a property, it can be confirmed that it exists and has almost the same importance as the property title.

This number is used right now to make deals or strategies that have connection with the properties that have it. The properties that an electronic number can have are:

  1. Condominiums
  2. Distribution centers
  3. Garages
  4. Land
  5. Farms
  6. Houses
  7. Business

Some of the procedures or documents in which it is necessary to have the registration number are as follows:

  1. For Lease or offer of the land established in the property.
  2. Lease or offer of the property.
  3. At the time of proclaiming the property as family patrimony.
  4. At the time of liquidating the metropolitan rights.
  5. To mention the credits when the land or the urbanization is used as collateral for the mortgage loan.

Keep in mind!

When referring to the registration of a property of land or company, it is the main record after the property title, as it states that this property exists.

The Public Registries in their work centers must have the stock and all the data of the beginnings of the properties that are registered in the districts.

The electronic starting number of your land is vital to complete regulatory cycles. This number alludes in one way or another to the earth, what the DNI directs us is the way by which we recognize ourselves before the world.

How to Know the Electronic Item of a Company: Number

To know the Electronic Item number of a property or home you have to enter the website of the Sunarp. Follow the next steps:

  • Access the official website of the Sunarp.
  • Locate the access that indicates CKnow the Certificate Number of your Home.

  • Select the button Pay in that appears in the pop-up tab.

  • You must enter data belonging to the property in the system, such as:
    • Full name of the owner.
    • Type and number of document.
    • Date on which the game was issued.

  • Once you have indicated the corresponding data, solve the captcha code and click on search.

These are the steps you must follow to know your business electronic entry number. In case you have a problem or have doubts about it, you can go to one of the central offices and complete the process in person.

Or you can simply go to the official SUNARP portal, and display the customer service option; there without any problem they will be able to attend you.

Processing costs

As we have just referenced, the total sum to be paid for the electronic registration interview of an organization at Sunarp offices is 600 soles for hunting and 5 soles for representation in a similar office.

On the other hand, if the full name and registration number of the owner are known, as well as the date of issuance of the registration, it is carried out free of charge through the Sunarp website.

We suggest that, in general, you have this code close by, since, in the event that you are the owner of the property, not having it can cause charges and postponements when completing the techniques identified with it.

National Superintendency of Public Registries (SUNARP)

SUNARP is an autonomous decentralized office of the Justice Sector and the administrative body of the National System of Public Records, and its main capacities and functions is to dictate policies and technical-registry standards.

Which are specialized by the public entities that make up the National System, ordering and assembling, managing, coordinating, organizing and supervising the registration and presentation of acts and agreements in the Registries that make up the System.

Legal foundations

Through Law No. 26366, the National System of Public Records and the National Superintendency of Public Records – SUNARP, and by Supreme Resolution No. 135-2002-JUS, the SUNARP Statute was endorsed.


In Peru, basic freedoms are considered in an environment of a culture of legitimacy and friendly social conjunction, with low rates of grievance and segregation.

Where each and every one of them appreciates legal security and approaches a framework of comprehensive and solid equity, due to an avant-garde and direct State that successfully looks after the interests of the country and its citizens.


List and publicize the acts, agreements, rights and qualifications of the residents through a service of quality available, convenient and no surprises. Through each of its designated offices and entities.


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