How to Know the Sanitary Registration of a Product: Food, Cost and MORE

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If you are undertaking or are interested in developing in the commercial field, it is important that you know How to know the Sanitary Registration of a Product? In this article, you will receive all the information that will allow you to comply with this requirement.

Currently marketing a product has a great responsibility. Therefore, it is vitally important to have the permission generated by the competent entities to be able to move the different products throughout the Peruvian territory. Keep reading and you will learn more about the subject!

How to know the Sanitary Registration of a Product?

If there are doubts regarding the consultation of the Sanitary Registry of an article; You can do it using 3 basic ways. Similarly, it is important that you comply with all the requirements imposed by law so that you can market without problems.

Keep in mind, these simple indications to consult the Health Registry of a Product:

  • First, you must dial from any phone to the number (511) 631-4430 and follow the instructions given by the administrator. Information is mentioned to help you understand the process for submitting an article.
  • Second, you can access the DIGESA platform. Ask the question you require. And also, you can send an email requesting more information if required.
  • Finally, you can personally go to the DIGESA central command, located at Las Amapolas # 350 Urb. San Eugenio, Lince (Lima 14) Lima – Peru. From Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

How to Know the Sanitary Registration of a Product: Foods that Need It

With regard to the advertising of food, beverages and medicines, organizations, regardless of whether they are manufacturers or exporters, must have the Health Register.

This is a guarantee for Small and Medium Organizations and SMEs, it also adds security in the creation and appropriation of articles. It is fundamentally significant that they have the authorization granted by the General Directorate of Environmental Health (DIGESA).

This focuses on foundations for organizations that depend on health care and control. They must adhere to all the current needs in the current guidelines, so that they can work except for those elements in which they supply Health services.

The foods that require a Sanitary Registry to be created and exhibited in Peru are the following:

  • Dairy products.
  • Came.
  • Rolls.
  • Chocolates
  • Oils
  • Creams and sauces.
  • Baubles.
  • Drinks.
  • All kinds of sausages.
  • Bread.

According to Article 102 of the Regulation on Food and Beverage SurveillanceIt is the responsibility of DIGESA to keep a careful control of all industrialized food and soft drinks.

How to Know the Health Registration of a Product: Foods That Don’t Need It

Next, you will obtain information about the products that do not need the Sanitary Registration permit. Keep in mind that they are easier to market. Between them we have:

  • Diapers of all types.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Sanitary towels.
  • Wheelchair.
  • Canes.
  • Auxiliary machine for training.
  • Mattresses

How to know the health registration of a product: how long does it last?

At the time the tender is transferred to the Non-Family Trade Single Window, a period of seven business days is entered to seek a response from DIGESA’s records.

The current current status of the Health Register it is established and sustained by strategies for Superior Announcement. In this sense, the document will have five years of authenticity from the date the Registry was issued.

There is a time limit for the response; normally around 22 days, these are confirmed from the date of transmission of the request. Through verified statements made by the General Directorate of Environmental Health (DIGESA), this response time regarding the selection of foods can be reduced to 7 business days, under the commitment of the applicant.

As indicated by the concurrence in the articles of (DIGESA), embraced and configured by strategies for Unique Declarations, the authenticity of the Sanitary Registry; taking into account everything, and the devices that incorporate and are within the Guidelines, it is a long time since the date they were circulated.

You complete the Sanitary Registration process in the only Foreign Trade window (VUCE)

How can I obtain the Sanitary Registration and how much does it cost?

It is important that the citizens who are carrying out the procedure should know that the Health Register It is granted by merchandise or by lot and by manufacturer. A collection of items are those that are made of a similar measure of essential fixings and added substances.

The request to open the processing of the Health Register is done through the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE). This is an entity attached to the MINCETUR of Peru.

Keep in mind, the following precautions that you must consign before carrying out the Sanitary Registry process for the commercialization of food and snacks for human use, among them we mention the following:

  • The SOL code, cited before the Public Superintendence of Customs and Expenditure Organization (SUNAT).
  • This registry has the personality of an affidavit that shows that the rules by which the registration was allowed are in force.
  • Record the current results of the microbiological investigation.
  • Also the results of the actual synthetic exam, which must be current.
  • Due to unusual systems, current food analysis results.
  • At the time the food is imported, free offer support or similar.
  • Subscription confirmation transmitted by the VUCE.
  • Information marking. Name of the article and statement of fixations and added substances.
  • Name that shows the idea of ​​the article and its image.
  • Manufacturer’s recognizable proof and direction. In case it is imported, name, business name and sender’s address.
  • Expiration date and unusual storage conditions when needed.
  • Distinctive proof of the lot.
  • Type of container for the introduction of the article.

All test results must be delivered by the research center responsible for quality control or some other authorized entity in Peru. In case it is of foreign production, it should have global recognition (ILAC or IAAC).


The expense to pay for the processing of the Health Register it depends on the characterization of the organization. It must be attached to the Affidavit in the case of a small or private company.

The expenses are as follows:

  • In the case that it is a MYPE, S /. 69.00 (02% UIT)
  • In the event that it is anything but a MYPE, S /. 241.50 (07% UIT).

Once the Health Register, The registration must be re-registered, it will be subject to the same conditions, requirements and deadlines.

What is the Sanitary Registry?

The Health Register It is a file provided by the General Directorate of Environmental Health of the Ministry of Health From Peru. With it, a legitimate or characteristic individual is approved to manufacture, package and import food suitable for human use.

What is sought with this approval is that the articles promoted in the country comply with the adequate welfare audit. In this way, the needs mentioned by the market are met as compared to the article.

Enrollment is dependent on physical, substance, and microbiological examinations performed on the item by a licensed research facility. This ensures the reasonableness of the food according to current cleaning guidelines.

Have the Health Register in force It will prevent the products from being confiscated by the authorities and falling into mistrust with the customers. The organization must ensure that it maintains an excellent image, the confidence of the commercial sector depends on it.


To grant the Official Export Sanitary Certification This must be requested by the interested party, not before having gone through all the inspections and complying with the requested requirements.

Likewise, the Sanitary authorization is provided after having passed through; review of articles and microbiological research, this is established in the current cleaning guidelines; later you can request Full Approval for national or international exchange.

The Sanitary registration is obtained from physical and synthetic microbiological examinations that are completed in the articles, guaranteeing their seriousness according to the current sterilization guidelines.

Which supplies a research center that is known and is committed or additionally the laboratory that is in charge of the quality control of the plant. The food or beverages that the Sanitary Registry has will prevent the articles from being seized or support any type of doubt regarding the client and specialists.

This presents you with the prospects and freedoms to enter exceptionally demanding markets; and reinforces the inspiration to try not to have negative eating frames.

Requirements to Obtain Authorization for the Marketing of Additives

Keep in mind, the following precautions that you must consign to be able to commercialize without delay the products that you offer to different customers:

  1. Request from the organization endorsed by the legitimate agent, proving the location of the producer and / or fractionator organization.
  2. Summary of added substances that the organization produces and / or isolates with its specialized sheets.
  3. Target point: for public and / or unknown market.
  4. Manuals for the Program of Great Care Practices or Great Manufacturing Practices and the Cleaning and Sterilization Program.
  5. Payment in installments of administrative and inspection law.

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