How to Know the Tariff Item of a Product: Steps, Doubts and MORE

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With global exchange, tax order systems were created, in ancient times they were simple records where a control was kept. Then, the importation of the product from all the countries and the financing cost to be paid were established. Therefore, the importance of How to know the tariff item of a product?

Next, you will learn how to carry out this procedure. Tariffs is the instrument that allows an international identification code to be placed on the merchandise or product that needs to be exported. Success in the process!

How to Know the Tariff Item of a Product in Peru?

The tax item is in charge of coding and displaying the product by numerical methods, normally this consists of 10 digits, this depends on the country so its determinations can be sequential.

The initial 6 digits with codes are global, this implies that they are the equivalent for any country; In case you need to check the status of the lien, you can do it as follows:

  • Access the entity’s website.
  • Place the number association.
  • On the name you must click.
  • This unfolds some sections, check and press the one of your preference.
  • Enter the game.
  • Finally, you will get the subheading in this step by complete the 10 digits, you already have the tariff heading of the product.

How to Know the Tariff Item of a Product: Steps to Follow

Having the right data is essential to make interaction faster, safer, and more productive; This is an absolutely important activity to achieve nationalization and any product can be legitimately displayed.

We reveal to you little by little how to achieve it:

  • Carry out the transmission of the request for fiscal grouping of the product.
  • Wait for the reaction of the confirmation of the data that everything is fine.
  • Come closer to SUNAT.
  • You will need to undergo a customs evaluation. Wait for the result.
  • At last, you will receive acceptance.

How to Know the Tariff Item of a Product: Classification of Goods

There is a correct method to group the tariff heading that passes beyond sight or the actual information about the product you are handling. To this product to be grouped, technical data, catalogs, posters, specialized information, inventories, how it is formed, results are its uses, etc. must be added.

All the data that allow you to reach the appropriate characterization. This grouping is divided into 2 explicit and conventional parts:


These can be located in detail, for example: a level, seat, with this their arrangement is distinguished, regardless of whether they are made of wood, metal, if they have calfskin or any detail or mark that can lead to an alternative characterization.

All specifications are found taking into consideration that the tariff fraction has several digits, these are:

  • Departure.
  • Chapter.
  • Tariff fraction.
  • Subheading.
  • Fraction.

In addition, there are chapters that are isolated into 22 segments that the general import and export law, leads to segments that are separated in Roman numerals. Thinking about these requirements, we are destined for success to give a characterization to the particular product.


In the present case, when no detail of the article is unequivocally found, the supposed non-selective part is reached, so the number 99 is communicated in its last 2 digits of your tax code.

With this component expect a position where a particular item with a comparable character can be found, an assignment that should be clear as from time to time the information may be referenced by the import / shipping authorities.

It’s important to put attention on the alternative of recognizing that each item that is exhibited and imports the damage generates responsibilities, weights and commitments. Therefore, the importance of working with quality will depend on customer satisfaction.

Importance of the Tariff Classification

At the moment in which we refer to a tax, we can say that it is an obligation of the customs, after all, this gives the consent where to collect duties or expenses that are linked to the importation of the product; With these evaluations, these taxes protect national products from imported ones.

What is kept away is that these imported articles can enter the country with a lower cost than domestic articles or that it causes the annihilation of public creation; These measures applied are investment and prevention funds.

If this process is carried out in a transparent manner, it will collaborate with the national government, since these collections are another type of income for the country.


The importance of tariff part is the global identification key, it is an incredible advantage to know the rate that will be paid for the item once it enters the distant country, and to know the non-tax guidelines; assigned by the country you need to exchange items with.

Without prejudice to discussing the importance of the lien order, it is also essential for the characteristic that the advantages are acquired at the end of the tax stages, for example:

  • Make quotas that are related to customs expenses.
  • Consent for consistency with collection guidelines and if there are limitations.
  • Accurately apply global settlement agreements.
  • Present the managerial requirements to facilitate the customs clearance process, which are: show licenses, data letter, starting wills and everything mentioned by the Department of the Economy (SE).
  • For each and every one of the processes, you should try not to receive fines or penalties for erroneous payments of customs expenses.
  • Try not to have any administrative process that has to do with Customs (PAMA), this can end in a ban on the product made by the specialists as insurance, until it is clear if the tariff classification is correct as expressed in the request.

Each of these variations contains the meaning of the correct tax provision of each of our articles, with this we try not to fall into some type of abnormality that causes problems with the specialists.

It is prescribed to have all the records and requirements before the product is on the way and before being marketed, this to prevent charges and make the activity fruitful.

How to Know the Tariff Item of a Product: Common Questions

It is logical that you have doubts to carry out the procedure, however, take into account all the indications that have been reflected in the article. Here are the most common questions:

What are the types of taxes?

Explicit: they are charged for the type of product, weight, length, etc.

According to the value: a% is charged on the estimate of the product, creating the tax to be paid.

What are tax codes and what are they for?

They are those that have 10 digits as recognizable proof, this gives us the charges that must be applied to the product and articles at the time of importation.

Who is responsible for the tax guideline?

The Public Government, through the Trade, Industry and Tourism Service, is responsible for setting tariffs and tariff rates; which should be discarded for a particular item, this attempts to ensure public business.

What is known as estimated cost?

An established cost is taken as a reference, they are also called margins; This helps us to have ranges to carry out the administrative process, which is issued by the Customs Directorate.

Since there should be control over the FOB costs that were declared for the imported item, this is simply the cost incurred by the method of packing and transportation to the place of shipment that the merchant fully anticipates.

What are customs obligations?

These are compared with all taxes, charges, commitments, contributions and expenses of any kind; are exchange protection measures within the customs field, or any payment that is established directly or implicitly in the importation of articles to the public region.

What is the Tariff Item?

It is important to know that the tariff heading serves as an important consumption to carry out market studies and have a clear idea of ​​its situation against the competition. It can also be used to identify limitations, tax burden or know product prices.

It is imperative that you first know the tariff numbers, being clear about the benefits or limitations of the product; you can measure the cost of exporting or importing it. If you make a mistake and have the wrong tariff heading, it can lead to very high fines, returned goods, hassle, and wasted time.

Tariff items are processed using a numerical encoding consisting of 6 to 10 digits. This tariff code is defined for products collected only before the Harmonized System (HS) that works with the World Customs Organization (WCO).

The higher the number of digits in a tariff code link, the more specific the product it will identify. However, please be careful to check merchandise thoroughly to avoid inconvenience.

What is the tariff classification?

The tax provision is the code that portrays a merchandise ordered by description and coding. Without prejudice to recognizing it, this allows assigning a rate value and income to a particular deal hagged in unknown exchanges, for example, international alliances.

It is perceived as the distinctive proof or mathematical coding of a product that depends on the Harmonized System (HS), which is a product classification created by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

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