How to Know Which AFP I’m in: Steps, Membership and MORE

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How do I know which AFP I am in? As the years go by, a worker may forget his affiliations and this question arises.

The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) As a private entity, it has a series of consultation systems and procedures, which it offers satisfactorily to its affiliates. We will describe them below so that you can get out of your doubts.

How to know in which AFP I am in Peru?

Fortunately, to know what AFP I am registered is an easy task for collaborators. Many may not remember exactly which of the options they chose when they started working, especially after years.

Therefore, a method was developed for Peruvians to come together and then ask what AFP are associated.

Both options are offered through the private pension system. In the first case, however, the affiliation is made directly by the AFP. For the second type of membership, this must be done with the help of the Social Security Standardization Office (ONP).

For the self-employed or independent, registration is a completely optional process. It is up to you to choose the most convenient option to verify your membership.

How to know which AFP I am in: Steps to follow

The following should be followed Steps To determine which AFP I am a member of:

  1. You must enter this link that has been activated by the Peruvian state for the use of citizens. The query is completely free and it can be done from any electronic device.
  2. Place the data requested in the corresponding fields. First, you will be asked to use the person’s ID or first and last name to determine what you want to search for. Either way, you must fill in the required information.
  3. After entering the personal data, you will find the proof of security which is pretty quick and easy.

Once the form, you will be informed to which AFP you are affiliated or associated, what rights you have as a taxpayer and what tasks correspond to your management agency. You will also receive the following information:

  • Affiliate Code.
  • Your origin as a partner.
  • If you are registered as a self-employed or dependent worker.
  • What AFP do you contribute?
  • What is your type of commission?
  • Your full partner status.

In addition to these data, your personal information are displayed on the page. This includes:

  • Name and surname.
  • Your gender
  • The number of the national identity document.
  • The nationality of the member.
  • Native city.
  • And the civil status of the taxpayer.

Ready! With these simple steps, you have followed the given instructions to determine How to know which AFP I am in in Peru.

How to know which AFP I am in: Affiliation

As mentioned above, there are two ways that citizens can join to an AFP.

  • The first is through the private pension, which corresponds to each supplementary pension administrator.
  • Second, this can be done through the fund national pensions, which is controlled by the Social Security Standardization Office (ONP).

To join an AFP, the requirements and the process varies depending on the type of work you are doing.

If you want to join an AFP as an employee dependent, you should ask your employer directly. The role of your manager is to initiate the process for which you request the following documents:

  • You ID. Depending on the case, you must provide the following details if you are an adult Peruvian citizen.
  • The immigration card or passport with a work visa, if you are a foreigner.
  • The savings account of the youth worker or national identity document, if you are a minor Peruvian citizen.
  • The military or police identity card if you are part of one of these camps.
  • If you were already connected to another AFP system, you will need to provide a simple copy of your last two pay stubs.

If you want to join an AFP as an employee Independent, you must provide the documentation described here:

  • A copy of your national identity.
  • If you have more than 50 years, a statement in which you indicate that you fully know the characteristics of the private pension system and the national pension system.
  • The form full and printed association agreement.
  • In the latter case, the employee has two membership options: online and in the office.
  • Has to visit an agency of the pension fund administrator with the above requirements or go to the corresponding AFP website.

Tea we recommend that you consider the following aspects when choosing your ideal AFP:

  • This is the exclusive property of each individual employee.
  • They are part of the assets of each employee.
  • Deposited funds cannot be confiscated.

For more information, we recommend entering here. There is enough information on this site to answer all your questions about joining an AFP.

How to know which AFP I am in: How much do I have in my AFP?

There are different methods that will allow you to know how much you have in your AFP.

The first of them consists of the account statement, which must be sent to your address or email Every four months. In many cases, this information does not arrive or is difficult to deliver, so you still have a few options.

If you do not receive it, you can also contact an agency of your AFP near your residence, where you will have to give a detailed report with your fee, accumulated balance, your movements and contributions.

Taking advantage of the service, you can request that your information be sent monthly to the indicated address.

Finally, most AFPs have the option of accessing their portals Web. For this you will need to create a bill, in addition to using your generated password, to start a free session and check all your balances and movements.

Also, you have some mobile apps that allow you to know how much you have in your AFP is even faster and easier.

What are the AFPs that exist in Peru?

So far, there are four pension fund administrators that offer services in Peru, these are:

  • Integra, of the Sura group.
  • Prima, from the Credit Group.
  • Profuturo, from Grupo Scotiabank.
  • Habitat, of the Chilean economic group Inversiones la Construcción.

What is an AFP and what is it for?

A AFP or Pension Fund Administrator is a financial institution whose main objective is to maintain control of the funds of retirees in their personal accounts. In short, it is a kind of banking entity dedicated solely to saving savings for the pensions of its users.

An administrator of Pension funds grants disability pensions, survivors pensions, among other services in Peru. Likewise, it is responsible for the burial or burial expenses of taxpayers in times of emergency.

The pension fund managers were formed in 1993. They operate under the regulations of the private pension plan. This theme, in turn, is supervised and controlled by the banking, insurance and supervisory authorities AFP.

Therefore, the AFPs are institutions dedicated to storing taxpayers’ money safely and continuously until the moment of its transfer. retirement. Most pension fund management entities have digital options to through which users’ questions and concerns can be easily managed.

What is it for?

The pension fund managers or AFPs They have a fundamental objective: to manage the individual accounts of future retirees in Peru. Also, when the time comes, it will be your responsibility to pay old-age, survivor, death or disability pensions.

The main reasons why a worker must use an AFP are:

  • Your profitability, for the performance that accumulates monthly with the investment of workers.
  • Contributions are always voluntary, so they are also unlimited, whether they are paid to your pension, your social security or without the need for a clear forecast.
  • Contributions are made on an individual basis. Consequently, the pension can be paid in the form of a family pension in nuevos soles or in dollars, calculated on the basis of the Fund’s resources.
  • The possibility of hiring a funeral insurance, survival or disability of the owner’s relatives.
  • And the health insurance ESSalud, thanks to which the beneficiary can assert their rights and pay only 4% of their total pension.
  • Likewise, the members of the family member may receive benefits even if the owner dies.

What are the benefits of an AFP?

In addition to the pension, an AFP in Peru such as Benefits You have access to the Essalud medical service and its various benefits, as well as access to early retirement, and a series of other advantages such as:

  • Affiliated to a Pension Fund Administrator (AFP) of the Private Pension System (SPP), they have a fund that, upon retirement, guarantees them access to a pension for retirement, disability or death.
  • Bonus for Disability, survival and funeral expenses Individual Capitalization Account (CIC), Profitability Voluntary contributions, Health coverage in Essalud.
  • You choose the type of pension Recognition for early retirement Bonus account status.

Start the contributions as soon as possible, as long as they can start to contribute to a pension, because the interests received are proportional to the term quoted in AFP.

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