How to Pay Detractions: Via Web, Requirements and MORE

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Citizens must comply with their tax obligations, therefore Peruvians must pay the deductions. That is, the buyer or user of a good or service is reflected a percentage of the amount that must be canceled.

If you need to know a lot about this topic, then we will explain every detail to you.

Pay Withdrawals at BBVA

First the deductions are intended to help in the collection of tax. Through the BBVA company, citizens can pay deductions.

Similarly, the affiliate must have an account at Banco de la Nación to carry out the transaction. You must first sign up for your account BBVA, You must also comply with having the Affiliation Form for the Electronic Tax Payment System which is sent by the SUNAT.

When you have the document at your disposal, you must complete it and each legal representative of the company must sign it.

Next, the Peruvian citizen must go to the BBVA Bank to any office you want. You have to deliver the document and signature that you will present to the bank official.

You must know the expenses associated with the service. In the event that it is an individual deduction, the commission charged to the account for each payment processed is 3.50 soles.

If it is for massive withdrawals, the commission charged to the account for each file or batch processed is 10.50 soles.

In case you have doubts in this regard, you can contact them through the number (o1) 595-1200, option 3 in the business line and leasing service.

Request the deduction payment service in just 3 steps: Get ready, go to any BBVA branch and finally sign the contract.

Advantages of Payment of Withdrawals

Learn about the advantages of paying deductions at BBVA, they are the following:

  • You can manage your payment of your deductions at Sunat, simply and quickly.
  • You can make the payment of your deductions to several providers in a single operation.
  • The citizen can consult in line the relation of the deposits made.

Pay Detractions Via Web

To pay the deductions Web way, first the citizen must enter the website of the Sunat. When you have entered found a blue box with the option «Online operations» then click on Other Declarations and Payments.

A box will appear where you must enter your ID and password, you can also access by entering your RUC, username and password. Finally, you will log in.

It is very important to note that you can make the deposit in individual or mass mode.

In order to make the deposit in a individual or massive, the citizen must comply with the instructions:


Once you have entered the Sunat, you must use a virtual format for each deposit to be made, highlighting the information complying with the rules that the deposit certificate must contain.

Then you have to choose a bank or a credit or debit card from the list of banks and cards that appear in the virtual Sunat.

Now, you can carry out this procedure by fulfilling the following steps:

  1. At the bottom of the first screen (individual deposits) You must enter the information to identify the deposit considering: the code of the type of operation carried out, the good or service code, place if it is a supplier or acquirer, type of document and the number, tax period, type, series or number of the voucher.
  2. Next, you must determine with data according to the System of Payment of Tax Obligations with the Central Government.

When you have supplied the data, you must press the continue button, the details of the operation will appear on the page.


To make their massive payment online, the citizen must make a file with the important information about the deposits, for any memory unit on their computer.

Then you must access the Sunat official website in online operations, you will enter your username and password, if the information is correct you will be able to make your massive deposit.

It will appear on the page that must attach the payment file, regarding the option of massive deposits.

Payment declined

Your payment will be rebounded in the event that the provider of the asset that is the object of withdrawal, the service provider or the person who carries out the construction contract, does not have a deduction account open in the National bank.

Also the citizen can make the payment through the application for payment of the Bank of the nation with a maximum term of 30 operations.

Pay Detractions: What are they?

The detractions are made by the buyer that help corporations or suppliers meet tax responsibilities and obligations.

In this case, if you acquire a corporation that is on the Sunat list, you must make the deposit in the current account of the company’s deductions.

To determine the stipulated amount, it is obtained by separating a percentage from the total amount of the sale, according to the percentage of deductions determined by Sunat.

Pay Detractions: Requirements to Do It

To pay the deductions, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The main requirement is that the corporation must have a checking account to carry out the procedure at the Banco de la NaciónOtherwise, you must contact Sunat, who will automatically open a checking account in the name of the corporation.
  • For the deduction to be carried out satisfactorily, the amount of the operations must be greater than the UIT average of 2,100.00 soles in the case of goods and greater than 700.00 soles.

Aspects to Take into Account for the Procedure

To carry out the process of paying the deductions, they must take into account the following:

  • You must have a checking account in the National bank.
  • Next, to make your deduction payment through the Internet, you must enter the Sunat page, which has to enter your sun key even if you only have the RUC or your DNI.
  • If you want to carry out the procedure through other financial institutions, you must investigate if said bank has an agreement to make the deposit. The allowed banks are in the Virtual sunat.
  • You must bear in mind that the payment receipts that you send in the system may not include operations other than the one you carry out.
  • Massive deposits made online do not have a maximum limit, it can be used for 1 or more deposits.

National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT)

SUNAT through its creation that was determined by the Law No. 24829. It is a body attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in aid of legal personalities in accordance with public law, with its own assets.

It also enjoys the autonomy of the financial and administrative economy. It has the legal address and the main headquarters is in the city of Lima, Peru.

For people and companies you can attend any department in the place where you reside, for example you can attend Av. Circunvalación Nª 1801 in the Open Plaza Atocongo Shopping Center, San Juan de Miraflores, in Lima.

The opening hours are from Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

If you have selected the department of Ancash, you can go to Urb. Mariscal Luzuriaga Mz Lote 13 in the District of Nuevo Chimbote. The hours of operation are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In the case of customs, on the web portal you can verify our departments, but you can go to the National Administration of Customs Control, which is located in the Av. Agustín Gamarra 680, Callao.

The hours of operation are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition, you can call (01) 315 0730 from cell phones and landlines, if it is from landlines nationwide you can call 0 801 12 100.

Organize your time and complete the process as quickly as possible to comply with your tax obligations.

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