How to Pay Movistar: Using the App, your Bank and MORE

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Movistar is a company that offers a variety of service options and a variety of payment methods to facilitate the process for customers. The how to pay Movistar it becomes easy to carry out all the instructions to the letter.

In this section, we will mention in detail all the payment methods, terms and conditions of use, campaigns and much more. Do not miss it!

Pay Movistar from the APP

The company Telefónica Movistar, in Peru, offers an easy, fast and secure way to pay the invoices of the services in use for its clients, protecting their bank details.

Accessing the My Movistar account, selecting the amount to pay and the type of card that will be used to make that payment: debit or credit (Visa, American Express or MasterCard national or international).

Pay Movistar from your Bank

The Peruvian bank BCP is an option to make the payment:

  1. Entering this link BCP, click on the option «Enter your accounts with your Credimás» and with the internet password, which must contain 6 digits, you will be able to access.
  2. Click on «Services pay» and then in «Telephony».
  3. To select «Landline», enter the telephone number and choose the credit card with which the amount will be paid.

For customers with lines postpaid:

  1. Enter the Mi Movistar app and click on the option «Pay».
  2. Add the requested bank details.

For customers with service Home or Movistar Total:

  1. Enter the Mi Movistar Hogar app, click «Receipts» and then in «Pay».
  2. Add the requested bank details.

Pay Movistar: Terms and Conditions of the Prompt Payment Campaign

Telefónica de Perú SAA, also called Movistar, offers the contest called «Pay your bill on time and win a HUAWEI Y9S with Movistar», also called The Contest that raffles this type of mobile device, which would be the Prize for all those clients of both fixed, mobile and Movistar total Movistar services nationwide, as long as they comply with those established in terms and conditions.

The contest is valid throughout the national territory of the October 1, 2020 at 00:00 hours at October 24 of the same year at 24:00. Subject to compliance with the terms and conditions created for this.


All those clients affiliated with fixed, mobile and Movistar Total de Movistar services who are of natural age with DNI (National Identity Document), passport or immigration card and make payments of their respective receipts on each payment date until the expiration of the services, they must agree with the Terms and Conditions, that is, they must give their full acceptance to them.


The prizes consist of 3 HUAWEI Y9S. The winning client must bear in mind that these teams are regulated by their brand, Movistar has nothing to do with the characteristics they may have.

The award will be delivered by Movistar, acting as an intermediary between the brand, the owner of the equipment and the winning clients.


The draw will take place on the date of October 27, 2020.


The winner of this draw will be selected through a random method. On the same day of the draw, the participants will be available in the database to start selecting the winner.

The announcement of the winner will be made the day after the draw is made through the Movistar landing or any other means that they deem necessary.

The winner will be contacted via telephone to coordinate the date, time and address of the meeting for the delivery. If the winner does not confirm their acceptance of the prize in the call, they will be notified by SMS (text message).

The right to the prize is lost if the winner does not respond within 24 hours after having contacted Movistar for SMS, not appear at the address and at the coordinated time, without the right to claim compensation or compensation.

In this case, Movistar will decide what to do with the award with free will.

In times of pandemic, the award ceremony will be made following the biosafety protocols related to COVID-19.

Conditions and Restrictions

  • The award is just as advertised.
  • The award will be awarded in the areas where Movistar provides service delivery-mobile Movistar.
  • Clients must comply with laws, anti-fraud policies and Terms and Conditions of the company.
  • The prize is not exchanged for any means or reason, money or other property.


Movistar reserves the right to discard participants that may be considered fraudulent. Likewise, those who do not meet the requirements and those who do not comply with the conditions established in the Terms and Conditions. They are not responsible for all this.

Movistar, as a company, may modify what it deems appropriate regarding the conditions and other details of the contest. Evidently, without harming in any way to the participants.

Privacy and data Protection

The participant authorizes Movistar to use and process the personal data you provide during the contest. Likewise, the information that derives from it, including the information that results from the presentation of the service.

The information will be used for these purposes:

  • Profiling for sending personalized offers or specific third-party products and services for each client.
  • The continuous improvement of the services, content and experiences of Movistar.
  • Conducting surveys and studies to gain insight into customer preferences, satisfaction levels, and suggestions.
  • Function test under development.

Thanks to the aforementioned, Movistar can personalize the content and offer direct accesses and suggestions for use. Just as you also get to know the interests of the client which allows to improve the communication and measurement system to display advertisements and content.

The participant authorizes Movistar to spread publicly, in transmission, retransmission, publication and / or reproduction of photographs, videos, images or recordings of voices and images, full name and DNI (Identity Document) or Immigration Card of themselves.

The diffusion would be in media such as over-the-air, cable or satellite television, radio, internet, audiovisual, graphic or visual. All this without the right to claim for compensation, compensation or any remuneration.

The participant declares that he knows what rights correspond to him, following the law, to protect his information, for access, updating, inclusion, rectification, deletion and opposition to his personal data, in Movistar Customer Service Centers or by email:


Movistar It is not responsible for damages or losses that may affect the winner due to force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, the responsibility of the winners before, during and after the award is received and executed.

Movistar is not responsible for the loss of the prize given to the winner. Likewise, the participants and the winner agree to maintain unscathed to Movistar, its employees, its related companies or representatives before any claim that may arise as a result of damages, obligation, loss, cost or expense, debt or other due to:

  • as participants, breach of Terms and Conditions;
  • violation of third party rights (property rights, privacy or copyright);
  • administrative, judicial and / or extrajudicial claim for damages or other concept for the use of the prize.

This obligation of defense and indemnity will remain in force even when the Terms and Conditions have been eliminated or there is finalized the use of the prize.

Applicable jurisdiction

The judges and courts of the Lima judicial district, will apply the necessary jurisdiction to present any controversy for the realization of the promotion, between the participants and Movistar. Prior to everything, the participants submit to the opinions of these judges and courts. What is not contained in the Terms and Conditions, current Peruvian laws will apply.

Frequent questions

  • How to pay the Movistar bill?

The steps to follow to pay the receipt of Movistar are as follows:

For customers with Postpaid line = Enter the app My Movistar and click on «Pay», add the bank details and that’s it.

For customers with Hogar or Movistar Total service = Enter the app My Movistar Home and click on «Receipts», then on «Pay», add the bank details and that’s it.

  • What Movistar services can be paid online?

Services can be canceled from Movistar apps. The lines postpaid they are paid through the Mi Movistar app. Services Movistar Total or Home, are paid through the Mi Movistar Hogar app.

  • Does the payment for the Mi Movistar app charge a commission?

The app Does not charge no commission. Instead, the windows or agents do. Postpaid lines, home service or full Movistar can be paid through the app.

  • How to know what is the debt in My Movistar?

The debt can be known from the App My Movistar or the Virtual Branch. It can be downloaded to solve any problem related to services and products quickly and easily.

Also, the Movistar Payment Portal and the RUT are options that allow you to view the debts to pay.

What is Movistar?

Movistar is a trademark of the Spanish multinational telecommunications company Telephone. In Latin America and Spain, it offers products and services for mobile and fixed telephony, internet and television.

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