How to Pay the Cencosud Card: Scotiabank, BBVA and MORE

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In Peru there are several cards that offer customers great benefits, in this case the Cencosud Card can be used anywhere and in the world. However, on a certain date you must Pay the Cencosud Card.

If this is your case and you want to know everything related to Cencosud, then this article is ideal for you.Keep reading!

Pay the Cencosud Card with Scotiabank

This company seeks to solve the financial problems of Peruvian citizens, in addition each of them can enjoy the Cencosud card.

They have always evolved, seeking alliances with important companies. Today they joined the with the Scotiabank financial bank.

Citizens who wish to pay the Cencosud card, you must comply with the following steps:

  • First, the interested party must download the application from Scotiabank on any mobile device.
  • Open the application, you must choose the type of document and enter the number of said document.
  • Next, you must enter your password and when you have entered, you have to select «Want».
  • After clicking on pay or recharge and select the option of the «Credit cards».
  • A table of all institutions or banks will appear, you must choose «Cencosud» and enter your card number.
  • It is to choose the payment you want to make and it will give continue.
  • You have to enter the digital key.
  • When you have completed each step, at the end you will see a pay constancy.
  • It is very important to note that payments from Monday to Saturday before 9:00 pm are processed the same day, other times, Sundays and holidays, are processed the next day.

Pay the Cencosud Card with BBVA

The citizen can also choose to pay the Cencosud card, through the financial company BBVA. Before doing so, you must first download the application of said bank on any mobile device.

When you have downloaded it, then the citizen must enter the document number with its respective password, then at the bottom you can find the payment option.

When you have done that step, several options will appear and you will click on institutions and companies.

In the search bar you must type «Cencosud», will select the Cencosud / metro / wong card and place the cardholder’s card number.

Then you must select your debt, place the amount, the account, you will click on continue and finally you can confirm the transaction to Pay the Cencosud Card.

Pay the Cencosud Card with the BCP

Another option that Peruvians have is that they can Pay the Cencosud Card through the Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), then citizens must download the application on any mobile device.

When you open the application, you will need to place your internet key and click next. When you have entered, you will see three lines on the left and it will display several options.

Select the option service payments, then the search bar will appear, which you will have to place «Cencosud» and select «Cencosud Card».

You will have to enter your card number, select the payment for the month and finally give him to continue.

And voila, in those ways, the citizen can pay the Cencosud Card.

Insurance and Assistance with Cencosud

What type of insurance are you looking for? The Peruvian citizen can choose to 6 types of insurance and the following can be mentioned:


You have protection insurance on your cards, you must bear in mind that the monthly plan is 7.90 soles and the annual plan is 59.00 soles.

This insurance is intended to protection and safeguarding of your credit cards in the event of theft, theft, kidnapping, loss or, in any case, fraud.

It covers the following:

  • The incorrect use in establishments, commercials, and / or ATMs in situations of robbery, loss, theft, among others. In that case, the sum insured is 10,000 soles in the case of Cencosud Cards and on other cards it is 6,000 soles.
  • In any case due to theft of money stolen through the ATM, you have an insured sum of 6,000 soles in Cencosud Cards.
  • For theft of purchases using your cards, the insurance sum is 1,500 soles for Cencosud Cards.
  • The reimbursement of expenses for duplicate documents, has a sum insured for Cencosud cards and other cards of 750 soles.
  • If the citizen died as a result of a robbery, he has an insurance sum to Cencosud cards and other cards of 18,000 soles.
  • Hospitalization expenses have an insurance sum for Cencosud cards and other cards for 13,500 soles.

Life insurance

This life insurance provides financial assistance in difficult situations and circumstances in the event of death. It is a coverage for the holder and 5 additional ones such as: spouses, parents and children.

You should bear in mind that the monthly plan is related to the 19.90 soles and the annual is 199.90 soles.

In the conditions of the insurance coverage, the following can be highlighted:

  • The main coverage is due to death, only for the holder.
  • In the additional coverage, it involves transfers of remains and repatriation of remains abroad. Only for the holder.
  • Funeral assistance, for the holder plus 5 additional people. The maximum amount is 6,000.00 soles.


In life insurance, it helps citizens who are involuntarily unemployed or in the event that they have become temporarily disabled to develop income-generating jobs.

Also, it covers in cases of divorce, marriage, titling, the birth of a child and mourning, with an indemnity of 650.00 soles.

In insurance coverage, the following may be mentioned:

  • The insurance sum in the case of dependent workers is up to 6 total installments of a maximum of 650 soles per installmentOn the other hand, if you are a temporarily disabled citizen, they are the same fees as a dependent worker.
  • It has a deductible for dependent workers of 1 quota and the disabled for 30 days.
  • The grace period is for 60 days in the case of dependent workers and also 60 for incapacity for work.
  • The maximum number of events is 2 events for every 12 monthly renewals, both disabled and dependent.


Health insurance provides coverage in Medical specialties for all the people that make up your family nucleus, They have support with Rímac and Red Salud.

In your monthly plans, only one headline can be highlighted is at least 29.99 soles, if it is a holder plus a dependent it is 39.99 soles; holder plus 2 dependents is 49.99 soles.
If you are the owner plus 3 dependent, it is 59.99 soles, in the case of 4 dependent has a relation of 69.99 soles and 5 is 79.99 soles.
On the other hand, the annual plans, only the owner is 249.00 soles and the holder plus 4 dependents is 349.00 soles.
In addition, the main coverage has hospital income due to accident, for a maximum of 3 days a year in a row or not in a row, the insurance sum is 250 soles per day.
Finally, the additional coverage, your insurance sum, is assistance in the health area.


In home insurance, protect your home with electronic equipment, appliances, furniture and other uses in the event of fire and theft.

They help you with assistance to your home made to measure, in addition their main coverage are the following:

  • The monthly plan is 9.90 soles , on case of fires has a compensable limit of up to 10,000 soles.
  • In cases of robbery or attempted robbery it is up to 10,000 soles.
  • The risk of social political, in case of strikes and vandalism, also it is up to 10,000 soles.
  • And for civil liability against third parties up to 5,000 soles.


In the case of having your Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT) Help with medical expenses, deaths or invalidity in traffic situations of the occupants of the vehicle, as well as third parties. It is from 79 soles.

In the case of assistance, they offer: total health assistance, health care, academic assistance and protected family assistance.

Pay the Cencosud Card: Benefits and Discounts

Having the Cencosud Card you can get great promotions and discounts. For example: a Asti Ice sparkling martini by Ice ml has a value of 39.90 soles, for purchases from 179 soles , from November 16 to December 31, 2020.

Exclusive promotion canceling at 100% with Cencosud Card, for family consumption, for maximum 2 promotions per card and per customer per month for the duration of the promotion.

You can secure your Christmas dinner with your Cencosud card, to acquire it, you must present a voucher for purchases over 25 soles at the Cencosud Card Center at Metro stores.

Afterwards, they will provide you with a code to acquire your Papacham Gift Card, when you have paid at the Metro stores at 59.90 soles.

The promotion is valid from November 9 to December 31, 2020.

In the shops wong has a 70% plus 10% m discount , additional on every Krea Christmas, from December 3 to 7, 2020.

In all the wong store in the textile area has a discount of 50% plus 10%, this and many more promotions having your Cencosud card.

For more information about the most discounts they offer, you can access the Cencosud official page.

What is Cencosud?

The Cencosud Card comes to satisfy the needs of all the clients of the Retail, Wong, Metro and other establishments, fulfilling and valuing the work towards the clients.

We are in several countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

This card is ideal for acquiring products from any establishment in the Peruvian territory and in the world. In addition, they can enjoy great offers in places like Wong and Metro.

Membership is free, consuming monthly, at no cost.

Are you going to miss it? Get this important card.

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