How to Pay the Duplicate DNI: Requirements, Application and MORE

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In Peru, when you lose, expire or your DNI (Identification Document) a duplicate of it must be requested. For this it is necessary to cancel an amount, meet certain requirements and conditions.

Here we will talk about how to pay the duplicate of the DNI and much more. Let us begin!

How can I pay the duplicate of the DNI?

Currently the payment for the duplicate of the DNI It has a cost of S / 21.00. Payment methods vary, there is online payment using a Visa card, either credit or debit or in person before completing the procedure, going to Banco de la Nación, Multired Agent or Multired Virtual.

Another form of payment is through Credit Bank (BCP); however, this bank charges an additional amount of S / 3.40. Except in the cases in which it is done in its official agents or through the Internet.

It is necessary to have proof of payment at hand so that the duplicate of the DNI can be issued.

The standard waiting time for the document is 48 hours. It varies according to the province in which the applicant is located. Through an email or viewing the account statement through the website of the RENIEC – Section «SERVICES», you can know when it is time to pick up the document.


  • The duplicate will have the same expiration date and the same data that appeared on the first DNI.
  • Once started, the process cannot be aborted.
  • If the procedure is done online, the applicant must be of legal age.

Pay the Duplicate DNI: Requirements

The requirements to obtain this Identity Document are the following:

  • If the applicant is a minor, he must be present and accompanied at the time of doing this process by the declarant who may be his father, mother, guardian, representative or another.
  • Payment of the procedure and proof / receipt thereof.
  • If the applicant has the original ID with him, he must deliver it and sign a Sworn Declaration of DNI Cancellation to start the duplication process. If you do not have the original, the clerk of the RENIEC will arrange the Sworn Declaration of DNI Cancellation to sign and complete.
To verify the identity of the owner, a biometric fingerprint reader will be used. This is how the DNI or DNIe will be delivered.

Pay the Duplicate ID: Collect the Document

Face-to-face mode

Go to the selected office to collect the DNI with the proof of payment. It is a strictly personal procedure so the identity of the owner will be verified by means of a fingerprint reader.

The 3 easiest steps to collect the document are:

How to pay the duplicate ID: It varies according to the age and condition of the person. Minors will cancel an amount of S / 16.00, people with disabilities do not cancel any amount because the process is free and for adults the amount is S / 24.00.

The transaction can be made through pay it. paying online with Visa or MasterCard, credit or debit cards, going to the Banco de la Nación or the nearest Multired agent and making the payment, with the BCP (Credit Bank) paying through the app, BCP agents or the bank’s website to avoid the S / 3.40 commission.

Some offices of RENIEC They have POS systems with which you can cancel using Visa credit or debit cards, no cash.

MAC Service Center or RENIEC Service Center: Go to the lagoon of the RENIEC offices in the town where you live or in one of the MAC Callao, MAC Lima East, MAC Lima North, MAC Ventanilla, MAC Piura Centers. In the MAC Service Centers you must request a prior appointment to be treated.

Present the proof of payment with reference to the duplicate of the DNI. The official of the institution must receive the requirements and provide proof of application to present it at the time of collecting the duplicate.

In Lima, the delivery takes between 7 and 10 days or in the provinces, 20 days.

Duplicate pickup

Go to the chosen office to carry out the procedure. In the event that the owner cannot present himself and send someone else in his place, he must collect a proxy letter by his own means addressed to RENIEC or through the website of this institution, signed and with the fingerprint, together with the receipt of payment.

The place where the document is collected can be changed for an amount of S / 5.00 through the following link: Change place of pick-up of DNI. Delivery may take 10-15 days.

If the applicant has a disability, he must present himself at one of the RENIEC offices or at the MAC Callao, MAC Lima East, MAC Lima North, MAC Ventanilla or MAC Piura Centers.

In the case of not having updated the marital status of Single to Married in RENIEC, the duplicate DNI cannot be processed. The modification has to be done first. We provide the link for those who need it: Modification of DNI data.

Through Module

There is a platform called Virtual Multiservices (PVM) that resembles an ATM located in public places in Lima and Callao. If the applicant is of legal age, he / she may request a duplicate ID.

Using this platform, an amount of S / 21.00 must be paid for the right of duplication, in cash or Visa debit or credit card. With this procedure, a certificate is obtained with which the DNI is collected after a maximum of 72 hours.

Details to be considered:
  • The procedure carried out through the website of the RENIEC, must be picked up at the selected site. If this site is closed, you must wait until it is enabled again to obtain the document.
  • All those people over 17 years of age who have an electronic ID or blue ID may carry out this procedure.
  • The moment of delivery of the DNI, will be notified at the end of the process and through the registered email.
  • The delivery of either of the two types of DNI, will be made exclusively to the holder because it is a personal procedure.

Duplicate Request Via Web

Obtaining the duplicate is facilitated in these times of pandemic, making a web platform and App available to the public. RENIEC, the institution in charge of this procedure. With a few simple and quick clicks you reach your goal protected and safe from the comfort of your home.

Officially, the blue DNI has a cost of S / 21.00 and the DNIe of S / 33.00. There are many forms of payment and they are mentioned below:

  1. platform.
  2. Agents, app or website of BCP (Banco de Crédito).
  3. Multired Agent or Banco de la Nación.

How to cancel the amount of the procedure online?

  1. Enter to
  2. Register and / or access the platform with the user.
  3. Click on RENIEC and select «Duplicate DNI from 17 years of age» or «Duplicate electronic DNI».
  4. In the rate register, click the option «Duplicate DNI via website» and provide the document number.
  5. Add to the shopping cart and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Choose the type of payment card and enter its details.
  7. Finally, click on «Pay» and add the details of the payment receipt.

Steps to process the duplicate DNI through the RENIEC website

This process only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the following link and accept the Terms and Conditions: Duplicate through RENIEC.
  2. Click on «Data Validation» or «Face Verification». This can also be achieved with the DNI BioFacial app.
  3. Select the payment method, enter the contact information and choose the agency to collect the duplicate.
  4. Add the code of the payment receipt.
  5. Finally, schedule the appointment to collect the duplicate ID.

National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC)

RENIEC, acronyms for National Register Identification and Civil Status, is an institution created as an autonomous body with legal status of internal public law, through Law No. 26497 of July 12, 1995, articles 177 and 183 of the Political Constitution of Peru.

It is an authority that, according to the Organic Law, has exclusive and exclusive powers in registry, technical, administrative, economic and financial matters.

They are responsible for organizing and maintaining the Unique Identification Registry of Natural Persons, making use of mechanisms that guarantee the security of the preparation of identity documents and registering, the facts and acts related to the capacity and marital status, as well as creating reliability in the information resulting from the registration.

It is specifically responsible for identify the entire Peruvian population, to grant the national identity document and register vital events such as: births, deaths, marriages, divorces and other civil statuses and their possible modifications.

When it is said that they are an autonomous institution, it is because they do not belong to any sector of the Executive Power, Legislative Power or Judicial Power. They have the best up-to-date computer technology and a 100% trained staff to carry out the pertinent tasks to the organism.

Currently, the person in charge of directing this institution is the National Chief Carmen Milagros Velarde Koechlin.

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