How to Pay the Oh Card: App, Other Banks and MORE

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More and more there are financial companies to meet customer needs. In Peru there is the OH Card which helps Peruvians to enjoy many products, according to their needs. Consequently, here you will discover How to pay for the Oh Card so that you can buy with it.

If you are also interested in acquiring a card, this is ideal for you. We recommend that you keep reading, so that you can take note.

Pay the Oh Card from the App

To pay the Oh card from the app , you must first cancel with a credit card Visa debit enabled for online purchases.

The citizen can choose to pay from S / 1 up to your debt for the month and you can see the payment in the last movements.

Now to make your payment, you must first download the application on any mobile device,

When you have downloaded it, open the application, then you must click click the pay button. Then the citizen has to choose the amount to pay.

You must enter all the information regarding your Visa debit card, then you must mark «Remember frequent card» to pay faster next time.

And ready with those steps you can pay the Oh card. It is important to note that the payment will be reflected maximum 48 hours.

In addition, the citizen will only be able to make 2 payment attempts per day for the application.

Pay the Oh Card from Other Banks

Other payment channels that Peruvian citizens can use to pay the card Oh It is through other banks.

The agencies that can carry out the process are: Interbank, BCP and BBVA and Scotiabank. In these institutions they can cancel the payment in their agency and agents; by the application and by its web page.


If you are going to pay the Oh Card through the Scotiabank banking application, you must first enter the option of pay or recharge from the «I want» tab.

Next, you must choose the option of «Other companies and institutions», then give you in looking for the company «Financiera OH SA».

Step four, the citizen must choose the type of service «OH card» placing the amount to pay, the client’s DNI number (without placing zeros on the left) and the name of the applicant and will give the button to pay.

Finally, you must confirm the payment with the SMS password. It is important that the payment, you will see it reflected in a maximum of 72 hours.

If you want to pay through your website, you must click on the «I want» section, then click on «Other companies and institutions».

Next, you must choose the category of others, in the field of the Company and institution place «Financiera OH SA» and in the type of service you must choose «OH card».

You will click on the option to pay and confirm your payment using your SMS password. Said payment, you can see it in a maximum of 72 hours.


If the citizen is going to pay for the OH card through the institution of the Bank of Credit of Peru (BCP), you can do it by downloading your application or through your website.

If it is through the application, the citizen must enter the mobile banking of the BCP, a menu with three lines will appear on the main screen.

When you are in the menu, you must select the option «Credit card payments», then click on «Payment of cards from other financial companies.»

You must place in the field Financiera OH SA, then you must give it in OH deposits.

In the field of «Deposit Code» You must enter that code and in the important field, enter the amount that you placed in the OH Fixed Term Deposit request.

You will search for the accounts and select the BCP account to which the charge will be made and press continue.

The confirmation will appear, where you will have to validate the name of the service “Financiera OH SA- OH deposits” and the code, by pressing the “Confirm” button.

The application will receive and validate a virtual token via SMS. Finally, the operation will appear and the payment will be reflected in a maximum of 72 hours.

Web page

If you are going to pay for the OH Card through the website of this bank, you must first enter the BCP internet banking, then you will click on payments.

Next, you must select «Pay a service», then in the Company field, you must add «Financiera OH SA» from the list that will appear and click on that.

Then it will give «OH Deposits» and you have to put the client’s ID, then put the BCP account to which the charge will be made, it is very important to put the amount to be canceled.

You can enter an amount greater than your payment for the month, then it will give you continue.

Your confirmation will appear on the screen, you must validate it by placing your name and the ID number of the OH card holder.

You will press the pay button and your operation will finally appear, which will be reflected within 72 hours.


If the citizen is going to pay for the OH Card from the BBVA financial company, they can do so through its application that must be downloaded.

When you have it, you must first enter the BBVA Continental application, you must click on «Payments», then select the option «Institutions and companies».

Enter the search engine and click on «OH Deposit», then in the deposit code field, you must enter the ID of the citizen who owns the OH card.

The citizen must place the payment amount, Finally, the application will ask you for the account where to load the deposited amount and the validation by dynamic key for any payment operation. The payment, you will be able to see it reflected in a period of 72 hours.


Also through this financial institution, Peruvian citizens can pay for the OH Card. To do so, you need to download the bank’s app.

You must first enter the application, then it will give you the option to «Payments and recharges» and you must select the button «Payment to institution or company»

Step 2 implies that you must enter the OH Card, then enter the holder’s OH Card number and click on «Search receipts.»

The holder must select the total payment for the month or the partial payment (he will not be able to make a payment greater than the amount of the month) and then click on next.

The application will ask you to place the account from where you will charge the amount of the deposit and the validation by key, you will be able to see the payment reflected in a period of for the minus 72 hours.

Finally, it is important to note that in these financial companies, you can carry out the procedure in person.

Paying the Oh Card: Requirements to Obtain It

Peruvian citizens who aspire to obtain the OH Card, the requirements are as follows:

  • The person must be older than 21 years.
  • You must bring a copy of your DNI.
  • Attach the electricity, water or telephone bill.
  • The minimum income must be 500 soles.
  • Document proving your seniority in your job, of at least 6 months or demonstrate your employment continuity.
  • Document proving your income.
  • Have a good credit history.

Pay the Oh Card: Fees and Fees

The interest rates and fees that are charged by the OH Card are as follows:

  • The maximum TEA for the type of financing is at least 92.00%.
  • If it is an annual membership it has a value of 39.00 soles.
  • The physical delivery of an account statement has a cost of 10.00 soles.
  • If it is a virtual shipment of your statement, it has no cost.
  • In the event that the citizen needs a change of credit card, it has a cost of 10.00 soles.
  • The monthly insurance premium for a credit life has a cost of 7.90 soles.
  • The fee for currency conversion service foreign is from 3.00%.
  • Penalty for payment out of date, is 50.00 soles.
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs is 3.5% of the amount (Min is 6.90 soles -Max at 35.00 soles).
  • If it is cash withdrawal for ATMs, it has no cost.
  • Finally, the cash disbursement of credit via the web, at no cost.

Oh Card Account Statement

Through the official OH Card page or by downloading its application, they can review their latest movements and account statements.

Also, citizens can consult their account statement or to request cards, through the Customer Service Center, by calling 619-4800 and in the provinces it is 0801-00002.

Frequent questions

Citizens can have about these financial issues or how to obtain this type of card, we will answer it below:

Question 1: How to get an additional Card?

First, the citizen must go to the Tarjetea OH Center in the Oeschsle and Plaza Vea stores with the ID of the spouse or parents or direct family member to request an additional card.

It is very important to note that the person can access a maximum of 3 additional cards.

Question 2: What are the cut-off date or billing date?

Peruvian citizens must be pending when it is their cutoff or billing date, this is the deadline for entering the consumptions in the statement of account.

The dates are 4,8,18 and 28 of each month.

Question 3: What is the due date or payment date?

The expiration date or the payment dates, is the deadline in which the citizen can make the payment of his account statement, without having additional charges. The dates are: 1,5,15 and 25 monthly.

To conclude, this card is very satisfactory for citizens who want to save.

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