How to recover my Claro number

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How to recover my Claro number? If you need to carry out this process, you must enter the official page to rescue it again. Keep in mind that now it is very easy and simple, for this you must have a website to do it.

Of course It is a very dynamic organization and getting a Claro line is quite simple. Appreciates an exceptional position, for the phenomenal provision of its articles and services, so discover how to recover or reactivate the number. You must continue reading the article carefully, to obtain the data and the different modalities that it offers. For example, where to buy the chip, how to check and reactivate the balance, among others.

How to recover my Claro number

If the circumstance is that we have announced our Claro line, due to theft or loss of telephone equipment related to a specific number, reactivation is extremely simple and fast, we simply have to call * 611 and follow the instructions of the assistance specialist.

It is also possible, appearing in any of Claro’s administration habitats and discovering our need. For both of the two modalities, it is essential that we have within reach, the key with which we inform the line. Currently, if the case is a prepaid laptop, which we have not reactivated for more than 90 days, the administrator continues to delete it and its number is gone.

While, by postpaid, as long as we drop or drop the contracted arrangement, we have one month to get the number back, otherwise it will not be conceivable. What remains for us to do is acquire a chip with another number, going to one of Claro’s Customer Service Centers, to plan a fix, go to the substance’s authority site.

How to recover my Claro number: What is Claro

The beginning of Claro is related to a Brazilian/Mexican media communications group, with representation in Latin America, owned by the América Móvil de México organization. However, it was in Brazil where it was carried out, in 2003, on September 14, due to the consolidation of some Brazilian telephony administrators, under the authority of América Móvil.

Claro’s set of experiences in Ecuador begins in 1993, when CONECEL, short for Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones SA, was established, related to the “Porta” brand. It is truly, from the hands of the Ecuadorian government, a permit for a very long time, for the use and activities of the radioelectric field.

Becoming the main cell phone organization in the Ecuadorian country, some time later its opposition Bellsouth de Otecel joined this area. By 2000, the brand came under the control of the Mexican-funded organization América Móvil, keeping up with its underlying non-exclusive name, in power until 2011.

However, in 2009 prior to the brand difference, the recognition components, for example, corporate logo and line designs, underwent changes until it was virtually indistinguishable from the replacement brand Claro. Continue with the provincial pattern of unification of the equivalent.

In 2008, Telmex Operadora Mexicana, acquired from Ecuador Telecom SA, a neighborhood organization that offered fixed telephony and internet providers, functioned as Ecutel. Somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2011, pay television was added to its administrations disposal. Also, in 2011, EcuadorTelecom’s management organization became Claro, along with Conecel’s communication and versatile website.

In that same year, it was declared that Porta and Telmex would be renamed Claro. After a seemingly endless amount of time after year, new mechanical advancements are made, so for 2018, you are considered the manager with the biggest piece of the pie.

How to recover my Claro number: What services does Claro Peru offer?

Claro, as an organization focused on offering telecommunications administrations, has a powerful entry list for portable help, in practically 100% of the Ecuadorian region. Offering elements and administrations of the most advanced innovation, considered as the main private administrator, which supplies its clients with advanced innovation, GSM, 3G, HSPA + and 4G LTE and much more from the end of 4.5G.

Depend on attractive versatile business rates, offering plans with unlimited calls and SMS to the public. Subject to a specific measure of minutes worldwide, like web access restricted to 3 GB. In addition, to get closer to its customers, Claro has more than 5,500 points of sale and more than 80 Customer Service Centers, with service channels day after day.

In the Mobile Services area, Claro offers Prepaid and Postpaid plans. Just like the Internet of Things, International Roaming, 4.5G and different administrations. In Home Services, we discover administrations in Fixed Telephony, Internet, TV and different alternatives. Regarding the Entertainment administrations, we can reach Claro music, Claro video, Claro play, Claro games, Claro Apps Club.

How to acquire a Claro line

To obtain a Claro line, we have two situations to think about:

  • In the event that we need another chip with another number, we have the alternative of buying a Claro Chip, through the Virtual Store and getting it at the entrance of our house. To buy click here and for different queries we enter additional data.
  • The moment the chip has been damaged, lost or taken, we require a replacement while we keep our current number. We should move towards any of the considered habitats.

What are clear points

Claro Ecuador, to work with our needs as a client, offers us a decent amount of possible results to check the balance, between different tasks. Next, we will comment on some of them, when we have a versatile prepaid or postpaid line:

  1. through the site
  2. We enter the official page.
  3. You must register and login.
  4. Locate the alternative Check your balance.

By application

  • From Google Play or App Store, depending on the work disposition of our cell phone, we download the Mi Claro application.
  • We introduce it and complete the enlistment.
  • In the application menu, we discover the option Check your balance

By phone

  • From the cell phone, we dial * 123 #.
  • You must establish communication.
  • After the menu of alternatives, we select the number 5, then at that point 1 finally 2.

How to check my Claro points


In case you need to know how many approaches you have collected in Of course, you need to follow a couple of exceptionally easy advances via SMS. You must first open the message piece on your removable gadget and add the 2525 metropolitan.

When the information is related, you must write a message to the authority with the word Balance. After submitting the report, in almost no time you will receive a message showing the added hotspots.

Clear App

Another approach to find out the number of approaches you have added is through your app. With Claro’s versatile app you can do various strategies, for example, check your balance and approaches.

To verify your approaches with the Claro Club application, you must register and choose the Points area. Later you will see the measure of approaches gathered.

How to check and recharge Claro balance

Regarding the balance request, Claro Ecuador offers us some options to satisfy our need to reactivate the balance. In the attached lines, we will detail little by little each Claro balance reactivation option:

  1. Through Claro Recharges
  2. Access Claro Recharges.
  3. From the nation dropdown, select the one that relates to the line you are reactivating.
  4. Provide the Claro phone number that you need to re-energize.
  5. Choose the value to re-energize, among the alternatives in nearby money or in USD or US dollar.
  6. Enter the information in installments, to finalize the purchase.
  7. You will receive an SMS message, confirming the activity.

my clear website

  • Enter the Mi Claro authority page.
  • It is essential to be ready. To get there, enter the email address email and secret key. In addition, it is possible to access using the phone number or using the Facebook profile.
  • When the individual meeting has begun, you will find the option to revitalize your balance.
  • In addition, you must complete the media displayed by the frame until the activity is done.

  • From the versatile, we dial * 123 #.
  • You will find the Refills option for prepaid customers.
  • It must be adjusted to each of the means to perform a powerful revitalization.

Mi Claro application

  • Download the app, from the store for this reason, depending on IOs or Android.
  • Sign up with email, Facebook client or mobile number.
  • You will find the revitalization cycle of our line.

From any Claro branch

  • You must demand that the balance reinvigorate the administration of our Claro line.
  • We show the sum to revitalize ourselves, or we choose one of the advertised packages.
  • Provide the phone number to re-energize and continue with the subscription.
  • Select the installation technique, we release and recover the energy.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS.

Benefits of being a Claro customer

Apart from counting. With a vigorous organization in the area of ​​media communication, Claro Ecuador, for a long time, focuses on executing updates in its innovative stages, to keep pace with the administrations that it offers us in magnificent tasks. As Claro customers, we approach the advantages or advantages that accompany it:

  1. Attractive and dynamic help previews.
  2. Probability of acquiring limits on items or administrations.
  3. Easy entry to selective items for customers.
  4. Use global versatile alliances
  5. Cooperation in clubs or discussions to obtain internal advantages of the clients.
  6. Warranty on your items.

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