How to recover my Entel number

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How to recover my Entel number? Considering that Entel is one of the most recognized broadcasting organizations in Peru, due to its extraordinary assortment and nature of administrations, in the following article it will offer the possibility of carrying out this process. If you have confusion to get the number again, continue reading and you will know more about the subject.

Here you will discover, how to know your number using the DNI, what are the benefits given by Entel, data on the site of this administrator. For this, it is important that you follow the instructions step by step so that you can be successful.

How to recover my Entel number

Currently there are several methods to find out your Entel line number, among which are the following:

  • Make a phone call, or send an instant message to one of the contacts you have in your multitasking, and request that they send you their phone number.
  • If you have the WhatsApp application inserted in your versatile, you have the opportunity to know your number.
  • Check the invoice of your telephone line, it will explicitly show the amount of your Entel line.
  • Entering the Entel authority site, arriving at the alternative that says «Consult numbers».
  • Verifying the Entel number with the cell phone, calling * 1 #.
  • Immediately, a message with your mobile number will be displayed on the screen.

How to recover my Entel number: What is Entel

Entes is a broadcasting organization of Chilean origin. Made on August 31, 1964, it is anything but a state organization, and in 1992 it was privatized. To date, it is the largest broadcast communications organization in Chile, present in most data innovation administrations.

It should be noted that the satellite vehicle of radio and TV signals, satellite TV, the web and fixed and cellular communication are part of the administrations that this noble organization gives at the level of exchanges. For the long stretch of April 2013, Entel assimilates the Nextel Peru organization.

Likewise, in October 2014, it began its exercises with Entel Peru, and quickly positioned itself as the most advanced media communication organization in the country. After promoting its mechanical advances, we can say that Entel has the largest number of cell phone customers in Peru.

How to recover my Entel number: What services does Entel offer?

Regarding the administrations that Entel offers in Peru, there are those of: fixed and portable communications, broadband, mass instant messaging and meandering worldwide. In addition, they are accessible cross-country.

prepaid mobile phone

This type of administration is one in which a particular measure of cash is paid in advance to the administrator. It incorporates a web package, in addition to accessible minutes on calls or SMS instant messages, which are easy for customers to use.

On the other hand, Prepaid Mobile Telephony offers types of assistance, for example, recharge framework, prepaid portable web, start your prepaid chip, significant distance and meanders, arrogance, prepaid rates, my Entel light and prepaid bags. If you need more data, you can access this connection.

Postpaid mobile phone

This help is paid at the end of each month. It offers three (3) postpaid plans known as: Entel Powers with various rates (13, 18 and 24 Gb). With this help, all plans have web, calls and roaming without obstacles.

fixed telephony

Landline communication uses a phone with a line and is used only in a particular location, usually a home. This manager has a prepaid remote arrangement, which can be mentioned through their online interfaces.

Remote fixed broadband

This support offers three (3) speeds: 5, 10 and 20 Mbps, and with unlimited support. It explicitly focuses on the business area. For more data, you can enter Entel’s site.

How to recover my Entel number: How to acquire an Entel line

To buy an ENTEL line, you must be over 18 years old. When you fill that need, you should follow the accompanying trailers:

  1. Go to any ENTEL administration center or by calling 600367 7000.
  2. You must be of legal age, without exception.
  3. Confirm your lease
  4. In the event that you need financial records, present an international credit card and present a reputable bank account
  5. Also, submit a ticket from the startup organization in cases of portability.

How to check the Entel balance

With regard to the prepaid agreement, we decided to tell you the best way to advise Entel and, in this regard, we have the option of more easily controlling its use. The mobile phone balance request should be possible face to face at one of the administrator’s workplaces.

Meanwhile, the most functional ways are the use of the My Entel stage, accessible on the real site of the administrator and through the portable application. Therefore, these do not have additional expenses, in this way, they are the most thoughtful forms. Below we tell you the best way to use the administrations of the Mi Entel scenario.

Online consultation of Entel Balance

The Entel balance request can be accessed online on the administrator’s site and on My Entel. In both, you must make an enlistment with your versatile number, Rut and secret phrase (to be used for both stages).

To see the sum, after logging in or downloading the application, choose the option “My products» and then «Balance“. Where you will see your final use of communication, messages, information, etc.

Entel number to check the balance

The Entel number to check balance is very similar for other data, 103 for calls or for quick requests dial * 103 #. In both, choose option 1 to know your balance. To inquire about sacks use *102# and to purchase packages use *119# or call 103 and follow the steps in the frame. Please note that the use of this asset may include additional charges.

How to recharge the Entel balance

Entel is accessible in numerous places and from various perspectives. There is the possibility to buy top-ups face-to-face in the related stores. In these places you can pay with real money or with credit and debit cards. Like purchased on your bank’s site and different places, such as Servipag.

Entel recharging should also be possible through Zone spotlights. To carry out the exchange, you must visit the Mi Entel site, select the Points Zone from the menu and enter the Points Exchange area.

Entel Online Replenishment

Two exceptionally functional, protected and fast alternatives to reactivate Entel are to do it online through the My Entel stage, located on the administrator’s site (the red symbol in the upper right corner), and Entel (Android and IOS).

Enter the My Entel segment, with your line number, Rut and secret word and look for the “My Products” section and then “Re-energize”. Fill in the information (item, number to reactivate, sum and legitimacy) and affirm the charge information. Then choose one of the membership strategies and complete the purchase.

In case you need to reactivate Entel online through the versatile application, download it and follow the steps in the online scenario that we present. Entel’s online re-energize is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Replenishment Entel with Rut account

The replenishment of Entel Online should also be possible via PC or mobile phone, where you have to choose which items you need to reactivate. Therefore, you can pay through RedCompra with your Rut or Visa registration.

To reactivate Entel with a Rut account, you can also use the nearest CajaVecina, where you can pay both with your Rut account, financial records, etc. Obviously there are advances for BancoEstado clients and Rut accounts. From now on, revitalizing Entel with a Rut account doubles your revival.

Benefits of being an Entel customer

Being an ENTEL customer implies having several advantages, for example:

  • Accounts with low loads.
  • There will always be a curiosity in prepaid cell phone administrations.
  • will take calls versatile and neighborhood throughout the country.
  • They offer you 120 instant messages and 1200 megabytes for the web.


To participate in the Promotion, the person must meet the accompanying prerequisites:

  1. Being an ENTEL cell phone customer, that is, a customer who has a current public cell phone administration supply contract with Entel, whose supply is made intermittently through the private collection register (client membership) or who no occasional related charges (prepaid customer).
  2. Have the dynamic ENTEL VISA Credit Card when making the purchases shown in the Promotion and until having obtained the advantage of the Promotion.
  3. Have enough space on the ENTEL VISA Credit Card to make purchases related to the Promotion.
  4. Be the holder of the ENTEL VISA Credit Card with which the exchanges for this Promotion are made.
  5. Not be in arrears or economically behind in the delivery of their ENTEL VISA Credit Card accounts, during the entire period of the Promotion and until the date on which the advantage of the Promotion is obtained.
  6. Be a characteristic individual occupant or domiciled in Peru.
  7. Comply with the agreements established in the Entel Benefits Program.

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