How to recover my Movistar Play account: How to recover Movistar Play username and password

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As in any page where an individual needs to enter with an email and a security password, there is always the risk that it may be forgotten either of the two.

In this opportunity we will explain the simplest way in which you can recover your Movistar Play account and you can use it again without inconvenience.

How to recover my Movistar Play account

In order to carry out the process of recovering your account to the Movistar Play streaming platform, you don’t need to have much knowledge As for the technological part, you only have to do what we explain here and you will see how easily you solve your problem.

First of all, it is important that you know that the Movistar Play streaming platform allows you to enjoy great virtual and live content, through the equipment that you like the most. Achieving access to multiple content.

In order to benefit from this service, You must be registered on the website of the same and have complied with what was ordered by the Movistar company.

If you have registered, we know that it may happen that you forget some important information, to be able to enter the account, so the idea is to explain how you can recover the account without any complication.

You must be clear that this service is only offered by the Movistar operator exclusively for its users, so only you will have the possibility to enter the platform with an account and be able to enjoy this incredible service.

It is important that you have the data that you remember on hand to recover the account, since the system will request part of these, as necessary. You can write down both the email and the last password you remember.

The process it will depend on what you have forgotten, so first you must be very clear about this in order to proceed to recover your account.

How to recover Movistar Play username and password

User recovery

If you have not logged into your account for a long time or, on the contrary, if you have used it a lot and do not remember the email you placed, you can easily search the email that you think you have linked in the registry.

Search your email inbox and check until you find the message that Movistar Play sends to verify the association with the service at the time of registration.

If you cannot locate the company message or the email that appears linked, it no longer allows you to enter, you can contact customer service through your mobile device or a movistar landline, through the following numbers:

  • 104
  • 0800 11800

When you manage to make contact, explain the problem you have in detail and wait for them to give you the solution to it.

Just be patient in the process and remember have any documentation on hand that you think you may need.

Password recovery

To proceed to recover your account, you must first start by entering Movistar Play with the equipment you prefer and do the following:

  1. Place your username in the corresponding box and try to enter the password you remember, If it is not correct, you will have to press the option that you see on the screen to recover it.
  2. Press «Forgot your password?» to continue with recovery.
  3. The system automatically will send you a message to your email which will serve to restore it.
  4. You must find the email and press it to continue with the procedure.
  5. Then you can create a new password in the Movistar Play system that will allow you to have access to the streaming platform again.

Change of password

If, on the other hand, you remember the password, but want to change it, you can do it from Movistar Play. You just have to have the current password and the username. We can guide you to make the change, follow these steps:

  1. Enter Movistar Play with your current username and password.
  2. Goes to select the option shown on the screen in the top menu, «change password».
  3. A box will automatically open, in which you have to add the current password of your account.
  4. Then you must create a new combination and add it where appropriate, followed by confirming it at the bottom.
  5. When you have completed that process, happens to save it.
  6. Finally you will be able to see on the screen, how the change has been made successfully.
  7. Proceed to enter your account with the new password and ready.

How to see my Movistar Play account

In order to have access to your Movistar Play account, you must follow a few simple steps that will lead you to it. Remember that currently having access to this type of services through the internet is very simple.

You only have to have a network connection and your registration on the page to be able to make your income, so we explain you first how to register the account:

Movistar duo or trio users

  • Choose the document you want to enter to begin with the registration in Movistar Play.
  • Choose the city where you are located
  • Enter the movistar landline you have
  • Add email where you will receive the data to enter the system
  • Check your email so you can copy the username and password received
  • Enter the Movistar Play website with the data obtained
  • Ready, to enjoy the content that the platform has.

Mobile users Movistar / tv movistar

In the case of being one of these users, you must follow the same steps, but with their respective numbers.

  • Enter your mobile number to be able to receive the code.
  • Write down the 6 digits with which you verify the Movistar Play
  • Add an email so that the system assigns you a user with a password
  • Enter the Movistar Play platform with your new username and the corresponding password
  • Start to entertain and inform yourself with the content that Movistar Play has.

What should I do if my data is already registered in Movistar Play

According to the Movistar Play website, this will depend on what is happening in your account, so the possibilities may vary.

  1. If there is a person registered with the same data as yours, the company recommends that you enter the web and try to recover the password.
  2. Instead, if you haven’t even registered, it is best to contact the operator through the help chat, to assist users who have a problem with this service.
  3. Likewise, whenever you have doubts, you can consult the official site of Movistar Play Perú and look for information. Place the following link in your browser:

How to change the email of Movistar Play

Enter your Movistar Play account normally and in the settings part or the menu, check the option available to change user.

If you cannot do the procedure there, contact an agent authorized by the Movistar Play Perú media or go to one of the branches closest to your location.

What is the value of Movistar Play

The Movistar company puts at your disposal the Movistar Play service at no cost, Since by obtaining any of the plans offered by Movistar Perú, you are entitled to use the platform.

You can enter Movistar Play for free, just by joining a company package. Although we must make it clear that the content you can find on the page may depend on the package you choose.

To know what you will have at your disposal is better than check with the person in charge of activating the plan, so you can solve your doubts directly and accurately. Among the available plans are those listed below:

  1. Duo plan or mobile plan: It has more fixed internet.
  2. Plan Tv or Duo: Provides more fixed cable.
  3. Movistar total.

What is Movistar Play App

This is the most complete entertainment application that the Movistar company may have released on the market. In it congregates the most popular, varied and complete of the audiovisual world.

Through the application you will be able to enjoy diverse content, internet, cinema and television from the same place. The company offers you extensive content, with more than 3000 different options, ranging from series, movies to incredible documentaries at your disposal.

Likewise, as in other platforms, Movistar Play gives you the option of being able to rent box office films, as well as films for people over 18 with exclusive content.

Benefits of the Movistar Play service

Currently this amazing site, provides a great service that gives you many benefits if you decide to use it, among which we can name the following:

  • You can enter Movistar Play with the mobile device of your choice.
  • Extensive entertainment content from the audiovisual world:
  1. Documentaries
  2. Sport: Matches / Leagues.
  3. Music
  4. Series
  5. Feature films
  6. short films
  7. etc.
  • Personalization package for your Movistar Play, thanks to the available Fox Premium.
  • Diverse and innovative content at your disposal weekly
  • Rental of extensive content and the latest in show business.
  • Channels for exclusive use for the Movistar company
  • Live programming of 21 linear television channels, through Movistar Play.
  • Availability of the service from wherever you are.
  • Guaranteed and quality service.
  • Easy access and handling platform.
  • Media with customer service.
  • Registration of up to 4 teams per Movistar Play service.


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