How to recover my password from BCP

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How to recover my BCP password? Every BCP customer who has a credit card has a 4-digit secret word that allows them to use it through ATMs, retail stores, over the counter and telephone banking. In general, it usually happens that the card is lost or blocked, for this, you must follow a series of instructions to activate it again.

In case you don’t remember your BCP passphrase and have no idea what to do, relax! We will present everything you need to do to successfully exit the process. Currently there are many ways to do it and in a simple way. Continue reading and you will know more about the subject!

How to recover my password from BCP

You have up to three attempts at an ATM or retail store to try to retrieve your 4-digit passphrase. In case the efforts are not successful, the card will be briefly blocked for 24 hours. In the event that you tried to remember the 4-digit BCP secret phrase and were unsuccessful, you should go to the office closest to your home and apply.

The procedure must be carried out by the registration holder and present the credit card and the personality file. The administrator will transmit you a temporary secret key that you must set at an ATM.

I don’t remember the secret word of my BCP card, where do I transmit it? In the event that you do not remember the secret phrase of your BCP card, you can contact the BCP customer administration center at number (01) 3119898 and the consultants will give you the guidelines that you must follow to recover it.

How to retrieve my BCP password: What is Banco de Credito del Peru or BCP?

Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP) is the largest bank and main provider of embedded money administrations in Peru, with approximately US$39 billion in all its resources and a share of the overall industry of 30.4% in absolute advances and 33.5% in full stores. BCP has been in the country for more than 127 years and is the most significant brand in Peru.

His organization of more than 8,340 resources serves his more than 13 million customers. BCP is the main subsidiary of Credicorp, Peru’s largest money holding company. BCP’s Wholesale Banking competes with nearby and unknown banks, and offers its clients short and medium-term cash advances from the neighborhood and unknown, financing for unknown exchange, rent, protection and monetary orientation.

As of now, it is the boss of the market with a share of the overall industry of over 40% in corporate advances.


On the other hand, the BCP Retail Bank serves individuals and small organizations with a wide range of items with high aggregate esteem with a share of the overall industry of more than 20%. Likewise, the BCP offers resources to the administration of directories, cash swaps, deposit administrations, care, risk warnings and monetary control exercises.

On February 24, 1889, the rules that led to the Banco Italiano were endorsed, established by Italian vendors and having Mr. José Alberto Larco as its first president, in whose honor José Larco Avenue in the Miraflores region is named after him.

Much of the offerings were purchased by established accomplices with public capital and produced by Italian merchants located in Peru. Consequently, he began his exercises on April 9, 1889, adopting a credit strategy driven by the rules that would later guide his institutional conduct.


Juan Francisco Raffo (President), Rollin Thorne (Director) and Gino Salocchi (General Manager) with the rest of the board of directors of Banco Italiano de Lima. The Banco Italiano de Lima was located in a small leased premises at 42 Mantas Street, which had a local with the old Banco de Lima, and with only five people in the hacienda, it opened its accesses.

After twenty years, Banco Italiano had branches in Callao, Chincha, Arequipa and Mollendo. He had created the Italian Insurance Company and joined the arrangement of the National Salt Company and the Deposit and Consignments Fund.

During the 1920s, the bank found its most outstanding quality, the organization was modernized and authorities were hired in Italy; the most significant among them was Gino Salocchi, who in 1927 supplanted Luis Morelli as General Manager, an Italian-Peruvian whose parents had appeared in Peru in the previous century.

In 1928, the bank opened its new base camp in downtown Lima (at the intersection of Jirón Lampa and Jirón Ucayali). In the building of San Pedro that was inaugurated on April 21, 1929, coinciding with the 40th commemoration of the establishment of the bank, just as the date on which the establishment of Imperial Rome in Italy was recommended.

How to retrieve my BCP password: What services does BCP offer?

Through our BCP Agents you can carry out the activities that accompany it:

  1. Reserves and withdrawals of funds
  2. administrations pay
  3. Cellular telephony (Entel, Viva, Tigo)
  4. Essential services (trunk hub)
  5. Organizations of magnificence (Transbel, Yanbal, Azzorti)
  6. assortment services
  7. balance request
  8. It moves between its own records or those of others.
  9. Interbank movements
  10. Payment in installments of credits and credit cards
  11. Western Union settlements
  12. Stores in your records or others.
  13. Interview of Balances and Movements.
  14. Sending and receiving national money orders.
  15. Stack and bring cash in your BCP Soli Pagos.

Requirements to open an account at BCP

In the event that you need to open a virtual registry in BCP, you must meet the accompanying requirements:

  • Peruvian by birth.
  • Try not to have an ethnicity other than Peruvian.
  • Have no financial or evaluation commitments outside of Peru.

How to open an account at BCP

All strategies for the BCP virtual account are supported online through the BCP Peru site, until the initial request, simply follow these means:

  • Access the part “Open your BCP registration” and select “Open it here” in the advanced registration.
  • Complete the mentioned information.
  • Examine the prerequisites Do you meet them? Press Yes.
  • Answer the approval questions
  • Introduce your niceties.
  • Select the money in which you need the registration.
  • Choose where the card will be sent.
  • Affirm the information.

Perceptive! Wait hard for the affirmation email and you’ll really want to get the most out of your BCP virtual account.

Essential documentation to present

The only documentation required to open a BCP virtual account is the Substantial Personality File. In case you need to open a registry for your child, it is important to present a guaranteed duplicate of the child’s introduction to the world of authentication or identification.

Types of accounts offered by BCP

Below are the types of accounts offered by BCP:

advanced account

Agencias BCP has a commission of 1% of the sum (Min. S/9.00 or US$3.60; Max. S/.350 or US$140). BCP Agents have a commission of 0.5% of the sum (Min. S/9.00 or US$3.60; Max. S/.350 or US$140)

prize account

Agencias BCP has a commission of 1% of the sum (Min. S/. 5.00 or US$2; Max. S/. 350 or US$140). BCP Agents have a commission of 0.5% of the sum (Min. S/. 5.00 or US$2; Max. S/. 350 or US$140).

Benefits offered by BCP accounts

Among the advantages of opening a registry BCP virtual can be mentioned:

  1. It opens effectively, doesn’t need a lot of documentation or has a base breakpoint to open it.
  2. You do not need to pay living expenses.
  3. The changes you make through the BCP ATM are free of charge. Unlimited activities are allowed.
  4. It allows you to carry out activities between BCP accounts through computerized channels without additional expenses.
  5. You can book a quota without additional costs.
  6. It has an Annual Effective Rate (ASR) of 0.123%
  7. Probability of downloading the registry articulation free of charge through web banking, the BCP Mobile Banking application and from any branch.
  8. We trust that this article has been useful to you. to retrieve my BCP secret key, we constantly like that it has been taken by perusing, the achievement of your interaction.

Frequent questions

What is the advance payment of an obligation?

This implies that you can pay in advance the sum you need, which must be more prominent than the regularly scheduled payment (on the basis that the regularly scheduled payment produced must be paid first) of any near-home credit obligation you have (CEF , contract and / or vehicle).

There are 3 prepayment options: advance portions, make an incomplete prepayment or make a prepayment of the entire loan. Depending on the prepayment alternative you choose, it will allow you to reduce the capital of the advance, interest, commissions and costs derived from the authorized withdrawals upon arrival of the installment.

What prepaid options exist?

Among the prepaid options that exist, we have the following:

  • Advance of portions: early liquidation of existing portions. Applies to charges after the one previously charged in the period. In this alternative, interest, commissions and different costs will not be reduced; nor will the term be adjusted.
  • Early partial settlement: payment of a measure half way through the absolute credit. This alternative will allow you to reduce interest, commissions and different costs and you can decide:
    • Decrease in rate: Decreases the amount to be paid for all expenses.
    • Reduction of term: Reduces the measure of the portions to be paid.
  • Total early settlement: installment of the entire loan. This alternative will reduce interest, commissions and costs on the date the installment is made.

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