How to recover my RUC

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How to recover my RUC? It incorporates the distinctive test information of the client’s financial years and other applicable data. Likewise, it allows knowing which exercises depend on the payment of quotas. In Peru, any individual who completes a monetary movement is required to register their RUC, since it is a fundamental report to make various systems.

The RUC of a legitimate or characteristic individual is something that could be more useful than is accepted in specific events. The main thing you must do is enter the Sunat site, where you must choose ‘Consult RUC’, an alternative found in the ‘My administrations’ menu.

How to recover my RUC

Select “Forgot your username or password?” and the option “Retrieve my SOL passphrase via secret query”. Then, at that point, write your RUC number and answer the secret question that you produced when preparing your SOL key.

The framework will send you a connection to the email you registered in your RUC document so that you can produce another username and password. This connection is substantial for 48 hours and could end up in your junk or spam mailbox. In case you have not included your mystery question and answer above, you need to produce another SOL key from the ‘Retrieve my SOL key using confirmation questions’ alternative.

How to recover my RUC: What is the Single Taxpayer Registry or RUC

The Single Taxpayer Registry (RUC) is the file that recognizes and individualizes citizens, common or legitimate persons, for collection purposes. The RUC is the instrument that allows the Internal Revenue Service (SRI) to control the load.

The RUC number, which is individual and unrepeatable, is made up of thirteen digits and changes according to the type of citizen. For normal people, the RUC number is equivalent to their recognizable test number, followed by the arrangement 001. For legal people, it is an irregular number that depends on the territory where they are consolidated.

The RUC is not only a particular succession of numbers, but also incorporates individual data of the citizen, for example, position address, telephone numbers, email, description of the monetary exercises carried out, type of citizen and the commitments of duties that must be fulfilled. . for the distributed type.

All regular or legitimate persons who initiate or complete monetary exercises in the nation forever or occasionally, or who are owners of merchandise or rights for which they must pay charges, are required to register with the RUC. However, there are special cases for certain people:

  • People who receive payment only for a dependency relationship (compensation for work).
  • External persons offering types of assistance in Ecuador for less than 183 days in the scheduled year.
  • People who, due to their degree of solidity, cannot join the RUC.

How to recover my RUC: What is the RUC for?

As an initial step, to recognize residents with the Tax Administration, the Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC) was executed, whose capacity is to list and distinguish citizens for collection purposes and provide data to the Tax Administration.

The RUC is compared with a recognizable test number for all regular people and organizations that complete any financial movement in Ecuador, forever or from time to time, or that are owners of products or rights for which they must comply with the charges.

The registration number is made up of thirteen numbers and its structure differs according to the Type of Taxpayer. The RUC registers data identified with the citizen, for example, the location of the parent organization and its foundations where the financial action is carried out, the portrait of the monetary exercises carried out, the commitments of duties obtained from them, among others.

The financial years relegated to the citizen are resolved by the CIIU activity classifier (Unique International Industrial Classifier).

Requirements to get the RUC

Registrations will change based on your status, regardless of whether you are a characteristic individual, organization, legitimate substance, or non-profit association.

Normal person or company

  • Unique and Copy of: Identity Card or Passport for Ecuadorians, Passport with Visa for Non-Resident Foreigners, or Credential or Refugee Certificate.
  • Duplicate of the Migratory Movement Certificate, both for Ecuadorians and foreigners. (Applies only to occupants of the Galapagos Province,
  • Present any of the accompanying reports to confirm the location of the address: Invoice, Return or Proof of payment of essential administrations, in its only adaptation.

Receipt or minutes of proclamations from different administrations, verification of payment of local metropolitan or rustic charges, credit notes or take note of charge, any file transferred by a public element.

Business concession contract or certificate of use of premises or workplaces granted by the organization of shopping centers, the region, list of places and markets and others, bank articulation, city permit or fire administration.

In the same way, an affirmation from the Parish Council closest to the place of the house, a letter of task of use for nothing of the property or deed of acquisition and offer of the property or testament of the Property Registrar.

Depending on your financial movement

  • Expert: Original and Copy of the Qualification granted by the National Artisan Defense Board or MIPRO.
  • Accountants: Professional Title (It will be checked on the SENESCYT page). In addition, for people working in a trust relationship, they must present an accreditation of the business or activity of the faculty of administration APA (arrangement) or an agreement for the arrangement of administrations.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting: The Bachelor’s certification, identified with Accounting CBA, will be confirmed through the website of the Ministry of Education.
  • Politician: Original and Copy of the Credential of Diplomatic Agent.
  • Experts: Professional Title, will be verified through the SENESCYT site.
  • Nurseries / Child Development Centers: Original and Copy of the Ministerial Agreement.
  • Minors not released: Original and Copy of the identity card file of the minor’s agent (father or mother, doorman, delegated custodian) who will require the individual methodology. The identification report can be any of those that appear on the distinctive proof sheet.
  • Released Minors: Original and Copy of Public Deed if a deliberate release occurred; o the legal sentence issued by the appointed designated authority; or the marriage will in case the common state does not appear in the declaration.
  • Legal officials: Original and copy of the settlement delivered by the National Council of the Judiciary.
  • Transporters: Original and Copy of the Qualifying Title, Viability Document or itself (Resolution of advancement of accomplice or increase in quantity), since the citizen is distinguished.

How to get the RUC

As a characteristic individual there are two alternatives, among them we can mention the following:

expert and independent

  • Individual Identity Card (Photocopy).
  • Last payment receipt for public assistance (electricity, water or telephone) of the citizen’s residence, or duplicate of the request for establishment of any of the public administrations (Photocopy).
  • RUC registration form duly completed and marked.

financial specialist

  • Individual Identity Card (Photocopy).
  • Commercial License or Commercial Registry granted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries or Notice of Operation (Photocopy).
  • Last receipt of payment of a public aid (electricity, water or telephone), which concurs with the location that appears in the License or Mercantile Registry, in case you do not have this need, attach a duplicate of the location (Photocopy).
  • RUC registration form duly completed and marked.

What is the cost of processing the RUC

To obtain the amount of your Unique Taxpayer Registry (RUC), you must go to the National Superintendence of Tax Administration (Sunat). On a lonely day you will have the technique established and at no cost.

Differences between the RUC and the RISE

It is important to highlight that among the differences of the RUC and the RISE, we have the following:

  1. They are not two different spending systems.
  2. The RUC has been, more or less, your character card, even before the Tax Authority. The RISE on the other hand, is an evaluation system, like the General Regime.
  3. All the followers are registered in the RUC, while only a part is registered in the RISE.


RUC status types

In the event that they have the RUC number, they must confirm that the RUC is constantly in dynamic state, this is because this type of dynamic state allows them to complete the various strategies and exercises regularly. There are (6) types of RUC situations with:

  • Dynamic state: when they perform trading exercises.
  • Brief Status of Suspension: Report the suspension of business exercises. You may very well be suspended for up to 12 consecutive scheduled months.
    • In addition, they can restart the exercises as long as within a year with the SOL username and secret phrase; After this period, in the event that they do not restart the exercises, they may demand the conclusive withdrawal of the RUC.
  • Status of Temporary Withdrawal: When mentioning the withdrawal of registration from the RUC and it is presented in the evaluation stage by the Sunat.

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