How to request a medical appointment at Auna Peru?

auna is a program that offers health coverage through a wide variety of medical specialties and trained and quality medical personnel. He is in charge of ensuring the well-being of his clients and that of their families. Do you want to request a medical appointment at Auna? Keep reading!

What is Anna?

It is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of health. It currently has at least 900,000 members, positioning itself as health leaders in Peru. It has a staff of more than 800 medical specialists in different areas of health

It is the Peruvian network of health centers that offers the best medical services to all Peruvians. They offer services to individuals and companies. They have values ​​such as empathy, simplicity, coherence and daring

Among its main headquarters are:

Delgado Clinic, San Borja Oncology Clinic, Bellavista Clinic, Vallesur Clinic- Arequipa, Miraflores Clinic- Piura, Medical Service- Chiclayo, Occupational Health Center- Cantella

What services do you offer?

  • emergency unit: It has 23 independent boxes, characterized by presenting modern facilities that guarantee comfort, privacy and safety for patients.
  • Maternity Center: Suite service for labor, delivery and recovery in a comfortable and safe environment.
  • Cardiovascular Unit: It provides the service of highly trained personnel with a high level of specialization in rooms fully equipped with the best technologies for complex surgeries.

What are the categories of medical care?

Among its main coverages we can find:

  • Ambulatory care and non-accidental emergency

This benefit applies to medical fees, medications, laboratory tests, among others. It has a grace period of 3 months from the start date of the contract.

  • Hospitalization

Includes services such as surgery, room, medicine, operating room and recovery room. It includes drug coverage implementing the medicine cabinet feature as a benefit plan. Includes S/. 530 and 80% coverage. This benefit is subject to a 12-month grace period from the start date of the contract.

  • Accidental Emergencies:

It is based on providing coverage within the first 24 hours after the accident occurs, it does not have a grace period and it does not have any co-payment modality from services used in the emergency area. In the case of surgery or hospitalization, it will be covered under the hospital care conditions of the Benefit Plan.

  • Maternity

    For pre and post natal control, it provides a total of s/. 80 and 80% coverage. It includes among its benefits the coverage of ultrasound scans, medicines and medical examinations required by the patient. It also includes full access to the Obstetric Psychoprophylaxis program (from the sixth month of pregnancy). In the case of caesarean section and natural childbirth, it provides a total of S/. 530 and 80% coverage including delivery coverage, covering room expenses and medical fees, delivery room and baby room, among others. This benefit has a grace period of at least 12 months from the start date of the contract.

  • Home Doctor:

    It provides the services of our ally «Clínica en Casa» in charge of offering care for less complex outpatient diseases. This benefit has a grace period of 3 months from the start date of the contract. It is in charge of Clínica en Casa SAC

  • Annual preventive checkup:

It constitutes a total of S/. 80. Includes medical evaluations in order to present an early diagnosis depending on the age and sex of the member.

Some of the specialties that it has

It has more than 40 specialties including: allergology, pathology, anesthesiology, medical audit, blood bank, cardiology, general surgery, dermatology, echocardiography, emergency, among others.

Among its main services, it is worth mentioning the oncological services that include

High technology: the most innovative medical equipment on the market, which makes them reliable and different, since they guarantee the most precise results in the least amount of time.

Oncology Clinic: provides integrated care for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment together with the best-trained personnel in the country.

Radiation oncology: it is characterized by being the most complex radiotherapy center in the country since it has the most optimal radiation doses to treat tumors more efficiently. It is also characterized by having the most suitable equipment in the area of ​​radiotherapy thanks to the implementation of the most modern equipment on the market.

Integrative Medicine: focuses on treating the physical, psychological and spiritual care of patients accompanied by highly trained personnel.


Enrolling in Auna is a completely simple process and is within the reach of anyone, among its main and only requirements is.

  1. Have your ID.
  2. Not having any positive pathological diagnosis.
  3. Membership age limit: 61 years
  4. Fill out, sign and present the forms «Affiliation Application» and «Health Declaration»
  5. Pay the membership fee using a credit or debit card
  6. In the case of being a man over 60 years of age, a Prostate Specific Antigen test will be carried out and must be presented within the first 30 days of having carried out the examination in a center that has the certification of the regulatory entities of Peru.

Via Internet

Auna has a website where you can carry out all kinds of procedures, from requesting a medical appointment to creating contribution plans for possible affiliations. You can even join 100% online.

To do this, you must fill out a form that requests personal information such as your name, your email, your cell phone, the type of document you will use for your registration (it can be your ID, foreigner card or your passport).

You must also indicate the number of people you wish to affiliate, read and accept the privacy policies and accept the purposes and conditions. Once this information is completed you can send the form to request your quote.

  1. Enter the Auna website

Other services offered via the Internet:

For Affiliates

You can also choose to contact an executive via the Internet

The Auna website provides multiple services, some of the services it provides to its members are:

It allows you to know the result of your medical examinations online, this provides comfort to your clients by reducing the transport of clients to a medical center, it is so simple that it only requests your ID and the password with which you registered.

Provides information on how to activate cancer programs.

It reflects the results of laboratories after performing medical examinations.

It allows members to find a specialist among a wide list of doctors who provide their services at this center.

It also allows you to change plans or coverage from its internet portal.

Just as it provides members with information about which centers they can use to receive care.

For Patients

For patients, it also provides similar services, among them it allows you to view the results of medical examinations online, as well as laboratory tests, provides information about the medical centers where you can receive treatment, allows you to have information about the application procedures and copies of medical records, while providing information about studies and scientific information of interest to patients.

for doctors

For medical personnel there is also a network of information from the web page that is of vital importance, among them it provides clinical practice guides, demonstrates guides for writing manuscripts.

This medical center is characterized by being innovative and avant-garde, so its most successful service is the preservation of appointments online, for this they created an online application that can be downloaded on mobile devices belonging to Goolge Play and the App store in a completely free.

There you can create your user and request your appointment in the medical center of your choice, you can fill in the personal information so that they send you the confirmation of attendance to your appointment once the scheduled date approaches.

This streamlines the processes and makes the medical center more attractive to its consumers, since it gives them total freedom to quickly and easily choose the time, place, and specialist with whom they wish to book their medical appointment.

Care Centers

They have a main office at Av Guardia Civil 571 San Borja, as well as service modules distributed throughout the country.

The easy access provided by this service also includes affiliations through the website where contribution plans are provided and allows immediate enrollment in the insurance, while providing information about various oncology programs and other services they provide.


It has the best oncology team in the country after having at least 28 years of experience in the health market, specializing mainly in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Among its main benefits we can mention:

  • 100% coverage for cancer treatments.
  • Treatments that stimulate the immune system through special biological therapies.
  • In case of oncological blood diseases, bone marrow transplants are performed.
  • Psychological guidance for patients and relatives by highly trained personnel in the area.

Its main coverage plans include:

  • Medical fees in case of consultations, surgeries or supply of anesthesia
  • Chemotherapy
  • biological therapy
  • non-biopsiable cancer
  • Reconstruction and breast prostheses for patients who suffered from breast cancer
  • Transfers to Lima
  • Food for pediatric patients and a companion

We hope the information has served you. Regards!

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