Live Birth Certificate: Data, Who Issues it and MORE

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In all the countries of the world, birth certificates are issued to all newborn children in the territory. These records are usually generated days or weeks after delivery. In it, the data of the father, mother, the newborn and other data about the delivery are evidenced. The Peruvian government has a new system, which instantly grants a Birth certificate.

The system is supported by new technologies and digital transformation practices. To maintain better control over this type of birth certificate, which is essential for monitoring and for the process of identifying newborns.

Mother’s Data for the Live Birth Certificate

In the birth certificate, there are many data about the newborn, one of the most relevant data is that of the parents. But particularly those of the mother prevail, therefore, in the certificate there must be a detailed content about the mother’s information.

That is, all the identification data of the mother must appear on the certificate. Such as: the names and surnames, also the respective identification numbers either from the national identification document or from the passport.

However, if the mother does not have a DNI at the time of delivery. The doctors in the health center, in order to register in the system, have a system that provides information about people. Then they can search with the first and last name, the respective identification number of the mother.

If the mother does not have an identification number, the case must be notified to the authorities and police forces so that they can open a record and a file. The box and the space where the mother’s identification number is placed, there would be a note that says «Not known»

In the event that mothers do not wish to provide their identification data, an attempt should be made to raise awareness by informing them of the legal implications of the document. If you still do not want to provide your information, the medical center will contact the country’s judicial body to handle the case.

Birth Data for the Live Birth Certificate

Regarding the information reflected in the certificate regarding the newborn. The document must have a very detailed report on the baby, it must contain information about the pregnancy and what happened during the delivery.

Next, we show you a list of informative data that must be reflected in the certificate:

  • Weeks or months of pregnancy.
  • Place of birth.
  • exact date and time of birth.
  • Names and surnames.
  • Sex.
  • Weight.
  • Size.

Any information that characterizes the delivery of the baby must be expressed there, in case of an error the doctor in charge of the delivery can make an adjustment of the information. As long as the nature of the information is basic. That does not imply a change of name or address of birth.

Who can Generate the Certificate of Live Birth?

This is a very important point about the certificate, the only people authorized to register and issue the certificate. They are those doctors or assistants who have participated in the delivery or have been there to verify it.

This makes a totally professional person and alien to the individual, make a very objective and realistic record of the birth. Obstetricians are the ones who know the details of childbirth best, even more than mothers.

Because mothers may be sedated during childbirth from the effect of anesthesia. Then the doctor is the most qualified person to make a record, which consists of the objective account of the events.

What is it for?

As discussed in the introductory section, people get a certificate when they are born. That reflects the main data of the person, that is, the record will be the first identification document that all people have.

It is said that it is the first identification document, because the name of the newborn is reflected for the first time in the birth certificate. In addition, the exact time and place of birth are reflected, including the doctors who participated in the delivery and much more information.

However, the process may have a defect, the birth certificate is issued days or weeks after delivery. This can cause certain problems in the registry, one of them very common is the fact of duplicating people’s identity or that it is falsifiable.

To correct these problems, the National Identity Registry together to the Ministry of Health they developed the «Live Birth Certificate Registration System”With the purpose that the medical centers where the deliveries are carried out can carry out the respective records of the newborn, without the need to wait.

That is, just when the baby is born, the doctor in charge of delivery can record the newborn’s data in the system and in this way generate the Birth certificate instantly. The new system helps correct the following errors:

Errors that the system fixes

  • Forgery or duplication of identities: by keeping an instant record, after delivery. The chances of this happening are low.
  • Transcription errors: the minutes used to be written by hand and in pen, this system corrects possible writing errors.
  • Inconsistency of the facts: the doctor who attended the delivery will make a professional and realistic description of the facts.
  • In addition, the system allows to corroborate the parents’ data and thus avoid errors at the time of registration.

It has been mentioned that it is the first identity that all people have. Therefore, having a problem mentioned before in this document could hinder our future transactions or identifications such as ID or passport.

For example, let’s imagine an error in the transcription of our date of birth. That could imply that we have the majority of at a time that does not correspond to us. Or an error in the name, could violate our identity making it falsifiable.

Therefore, the errors that the system seeks to correct seeks to facilitate the future legal life of newborns. The implications of this new process are very favorable, not only for children, but also for the control of the National Identity Registry From Peru.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Live Birth Certificate

The most common question is whether the data can be modified after it has been uploaded to the system. The answer is yes! that is one of the most important functions of the system. Correct possible basic transcription errors, such as in the date and time, but the name and address of birth cannot be modified.

In the event that an attempt is made to modify these data, the action may be taken as an act of falsifying the identity or duplicating it. This could have serious legal consequences for anyone who tries.

Another very common question is whether a certificate can be canceled. Again the answer is Yes! but this can only be done by the supervisor in charge of the delivery, under a request that can only be done by your mother or father.

They should also keep in mind that certificates are issued only once, so what happens if the mother requests a copy of the certificate? the mother can regularly request proof of the data reflected in the certificate by adding the certificate number through the barcode located at the bottom of the document

What is it?

If you read the previous sections, you may have learned enough about the new registration system and the certificate issued by the Peruvian government. However, in this section we define what is the Birth certificate and its implications.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the certificate is the first identification document that people have. It shows important data about labor, which are described by the obstetrician in charge.

The data that is reflected in the document are: names and surnames of the mother, of the newborn as well. The exact place of birth, where the municipality, street, name of the health center is expressed. The exact time the baby was born is also indicated.

East certificate, allows the newborn to later obtain a birth certificate, which may also be eligible for other documents issued by the civil registry. It will even allow you to obtain the national identification document and the passport.

In general, it is a basic document for people to develop their legal life in the country. If people do not have it, the next identification processes will be difficult.

Babies are the future of the nation, we must make sure we provide them with the services they need.

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