Procedures and Requirements to be a Congressman in Peru

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People have many dreams to fulfill and based on this, they work hard to materialize them. Some dream of being in a great company, others dream of a great profession.

For people linked to politics, many may dream of being congressmen, so Find out here about all the procedures and Requirements to be a congressman in Peru.!

Democracy is a way of life and government. This guarantees a free and equal society, where all citizens have the same duties and rights, as well as being tolerant of their differences.

This should be followed to the letter. However, as is well known, democratic countries very rarely abide by the rules in this way, due to the form of government.

The duty to be Congress of the Republic is to guarantee democracy.

For this, it is important that every citizen knows the functions and the way in which the strengthening of the work of congressmen can contribute to the country.

However, what does a congressman do?

be a congressman it’s a service charge Y of great responsibility to best represent the population that voted and elected him as their representative.

For this reason, he must be chosen with real sincerity and awareness, since he is a person who will be in power for several years.


  • Congressmen make the most important decisions for the country.


  • The congressman carrying out his work in accordance with the principles of independence, transparency, honesty, veracity, respect, tolerance, responsibility, democracy, common good, integrity, objectivity and justice.
  • You must know how to take your actions to the democracy of the country.


  • You must have respect for the parliamentary investiture
  • Refrain from taking steps outside of their parliamentary work before State entities in the exercise of their functions.
  • Do not claim preferential treatment when carrying out personal or family procedures.
  • Take responsibility for every document you sign
    and seal.
  • They must comply with their tax obligations.
  • Comply with and enforce the Constitution and laws.
  • Maintain exemplary conduct even when they do not share your opinion or your position.

You have to meet these characteristics to be a good congressman.

At the same time, you must have a series of documents and fulfill a series of requirements.

Requirements to be a Congressman

What are the Requirements to be a Congressman of Peru?

  • Being Peruvian by birth
  • Have completed 25 years
  • Have completed high school studies and preferably studies at a higher level.
  • Be registered in the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status.
  • Have the right to vote in any election
  • Be elected democratically
  • Not be impeded by justice to exercise their citizen rights. (judicial records, debts with SUNAT, etc.)
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Documentation to be a Congressman

According to the law, to be a congressman it is not necessary to have some level of education. A person who cannot read or write can run for Congress and be elected; he also does not need to own assets or have a certain economic income.

Although this is what the law dictates, it really is necessary for the congressman to have a certain level of educationsince it is a person who will make very important decisions for the country and those who suffer the consequences are the state and its citizens.

Such a high position requires complete university studies with master’s degrees in public management and doctorates if possible.

With exceptions only for congressmen from vulnerable populations or ethnic groups who have active participation in the development of their town.

You would be an excellent candidate if you meet at least these generalities:

  • Have a three-year college or technical degree.
  • Have no history of financial problems.
  • Forbidden to have a criminal record.
  • Nor can you have a history of judicial accusations.

What body should you go to to be a Congressman?

You must approach the Congress of Peru so that they give you all the rules.

Its main headquarters is the Legislative Palace of Peru, located in the historic center of Lima. The current President of Congress is Daniel Salaverry, representative of La Libertad.

Now, if you are a citizen you not only have the right to provide information to Congress but also to request it.

That is, you have the right to actively participate in congressional affairs and thus collaborate with transparency and avoid illegal or unethical actions.

If the citizen goes personally to Congress, they can do so at any of the Citizen Service Modules.

The specially trained personnel will provide advice and specific information on the activities of the institution and the congressmen.

Likewise, access to parliamentary facilities will be provided and printed material will be provided with information on bills, forum calendars, public hearings, committee meetings and other events.

Functions of a Congressman in Peru

  • Produce own laws or papers from others.
  • Exercise political control over tasks or decisions of government and public employees.
  • Make efforts in favor of communities in regions of influence.
  • Control and supervise State institutions that comply with their work.
  • The work of congressman is full time.
  • He cannot carry out any other function or hold other public positions, except that of Minister of State.
  • He is prevented from being a majority shareholder in private companies that have works concession contracts with the State.
  • Formulate law proposals that are relevant and important for all citizens and that are duly studied and substantiated.
  • Participate with voice and vote in the Plenary and in the commissions.
  • Submit bills that contribute to the development of the country and the well-being of all Peruvians.
  • Submit written requests to meet the needs of the peoples they represent.

How much does a Congressman earn?

The salary of the congressmen, which the political parties agreed to freeze for the next four years and reduce from 2022, represents almost 44 times what a parliamentarian earned in 1991.

The congressman’s payment should be partial.

  • That is to say, if you receive 18 thousand soles a month, you will receive only 5 thousand and the remaining 13 thousand would be delivered at the end of your term as long as you do not have any investigation or crime and should be evaluated.

There are congressmen who have been congressmen all their lives and there are no results, so it must be improved if it cannot be measured or evaluated.

How long is the term of a Congressman

How long does a Congressman last in office?

Hard 5 years. However, to date there is a proposal to prohibit congressmen from running again.

In other words, the Peruvian voter disapproves of the management of the Congress of the republic or is in favor of eliminating the re-election of its members.

However, figures on the composition of the Peruvian Parliament show that, between 1931 and 2016, 77% of the legislators elected were newcomers.

The percentage of congressmen who have participated in at least three terms barely exceeds 8%.

Currently, there is also outrage toward Congress. This has a lot to do with political intolerance and mistrust of public institutions.

How many congressmen are there in Peru?

Congress is made up of the Senate of the Republic and the House of Representatives.

It is a body that is made up of several members, and that each one of them has equal power and responsibility.

Currently there 130 congressmen elected for the period 2016-2021.

Click here to find out what they are by name and surname.

What is Congress in charge of in Peru?

The congress in Peru takes care of:

  • Give laws and legislative resolutions.
  • Ensure respect for the Constitution and laws.
  • Arrange what is convenient to enforce the responsibility of offenders.
  • Approve treaties, in accordance with the Constitution.
  • Approve the Budget and the General Account.
  • Exercise the right of amnesty.
  • Give consent for the entry of foreign troops into the territory of the Republic, provided that it does not affect, in any way, national sovereignty.
  • Authorize the President of the Republic to leave the country.
  • Exercise the other powers indicated by the Constitution and those that are specific to the legislative function.


  • All the above mentioned points of functions and features must be met.
  • If you are going to be a Congressman try to be a citizen who really wants to serve his nation and can deliver.
  • In Peru today a change is needed, since it is affirmed that the congress has become a cradle of corruption.
  • Prove the opposite.

Well then, if you are already choosing to be a congressman and you are willing to fulfill the functions according to the Constitution and the laws, collect all the Requirements to be a Congressman in Peru and do your best

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