Procedures and Requirements to Enter the Peruvian Army

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Before entering this career that is certainly quite demanding, we must know in depth what are the Procedures and Requirements to enter the Peruvian Army and thus, be very well oriented when presenting ourselves.

It must be taken into account that we must prepare with some time in advance if we want to meet the objective: sbe part of the military service.

Integrating the Peruvian Army means intervene in national defensesince it is the entity in charge of protecting the State in the event of an attack against it.

You can participate in the defense through the Peruvian Navy, Air Force or Army. In each of these entities there are different demands and requirements, which we will detail below.

Requirements to enter the Army

In order to assimilate into the Army, you will have to carry out certain procedures, that is, a series of essential requirements, since from them you will be evaluated to have an effective performance.

In this way it is possible to measure your possibilities and you become an applicant. These are the requirements:


  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • Certificate of Military Registration.
  • Since the individual will present a series of tests, they must be in excellent physical condition and health.
  • You will have to pass a psychosomatic aptitude test according to the Armed Institution in which you decide to be.
  • You must submit an affidavit of being single and remain single until the end of your Military Service.
  • Have finished high school and bring a copy of the certificate.
  • Sworn statement stating your willingness to provide Quartered Military Service, abiding by the Law, the Regulations and provisions of the Armed Institution to which you will provide Military Service.
  • Gentlemen: Minimum 55.40 Kilograms, Maximum 100.20 Kilograms.
    Ladies: Minimum 50.01 Kilograms, Maximum 72 Kilograms.
  • Registration Application according to Annex C-1 format.
  • Domiciliary certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Authorization of father, mother or guardian.
  • Single certificate.
  • Certificate of conduct (Last two years of secondary school).
  • Registration Form Military Book/DNI.
  • Appointment of the Agent.
  • Certificate of good standing.
  • Certificate of Order of Merit (select applicants).
  • Commitment of Exemption from Liability.
  • Six passport-type photos of the applicant.
  • Background Certificate of Military Justice.
  • Criminal record.
  • Evidence and/or Certificate of Knowledge or mastery of a foreign language.
  • Submit the complete set of documents and to the full satisfaction of the EMCH (Chorrillos Military School).
  • Obtain a passing grade in the entrance exams, which allows you to reach a vacancy in the merit table.
  • All this procedure will be carried out in the Lima Offices.
  • Front color photograph: Three (3) passport size white background.
  • Receipt for issuance of ticket and exchange of Military Book and scanning of photographs.

In the following link you will find a video in which Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Pozo Torre gives information about the processes to acquire the certificate or military booklet


  • Be Peruvian by birth.
  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • You must have a simple copy of the certificate that indicates that you finished your studies (at least having completed primary school).
  • Original ID document and copy.
  • The Military Registration Certificate is required.
  • Information of the parents or guardian (full names and surnames, place and date of birth and ID number)
  • Minimum size: Ladies: 1.50 m / Gentlemen: 1.55 m
  • You will have to be single and without children.
  • Affidavit of health history, personal being physically and mentally healthy and family.
  • Commitment legalized by a Notary Public of the Parent or Guardian of the applicant with the Navy, relating to the economic responsibility of the admission fee, in the event of discharge.
  • Criminal and Judicial Background Certificate issued by the Judiciary.
  • Pay the expenses for the right of installation of the entrants. These will be established annually by Resolution of the General Command of the Navy, at the proposal of the General Director of Instruction of the Navy, which will include the benefits of exemptions.

They must be paid by bank deposit before the date scheduled for incorporation. Failure to comply with this requirement will cause the vacancy of the occupied vacancy, which will be filled by another applicant according to the strict Order of Merit obtained during the Admission Process.

  • For the rank of second lieutenant in the case of dentists, engineers, administrators and architects, Applicants must not be older than 29 years as of December 31 of the year prior to the assimilation process.
  • Domiciliary certificate issued by the police delegation of your sector.

Air Force

  • Being Peruvian by birth or having been born abroad to a Peruvian father or mother, provided they have been registered at the respective Peruvian Consulate during their minority.
  • You will have to have finished high school.
  • You must not be pregnant and it is not allowed to have children.
  • Your marital status must be: Single
  • Not having been discharged for the cause of «Disciplinary Measure» from any Institute or Training School of the Armed Forces or National Police.
  • You have to be athletically fit as well as an excellent swimmer.
  • Candidates over the age of 18 must submit an affidavit of not belong to any political party or organization, in accordance with the scope of articles 34:

“Members of the Armed Forces and the National Police have the right to vote and citizen participation, regulated by law. They cannot apply for positions of popular election, participate in party activities or demonstrations or carry out acts of proselytism, until they have retired, in accordance with the law.»

As well as article 169: «The Armed Forces and the National Police are not deliberative. They are subordinated to the constitutional power.” of the Political Constitution of Peru.

  • Minimum height: Ladies: 1.60 m / Gentlemen: 1.65 m.
  • The weight must be in accordance with the anthropometric table.
  • For the rank of lieutenant, in the case of surgeons and lawyers, they must not be older than 33 years as of December 31 of the year prior to the assimilation process.

In the following video, the Cadet General of the command of replacements and mobilizations of the army Moisés Chávez explains what are some requirements to enter, how long does the military service last in Peru, the benefits of being part of it and also shows us part of the work that day by day they perform in the volunteer military service.

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Steps to enroll in the Army

For everything that is done you must have an order and specific indications that help you comply with everything that is requested. Here we leave you certain steps to follow depending on your situation and also the dates on which it will be possible to carry out your registration.

Army of Peru Assimilation

  • Peruvians who are by birth or personalized: They are obliged to register or register in the Military Registration Records, in the year in which they reach 17 years of age, for which they must present themselves to the ORM, within the following periods:
    Gentlemen: From January 2 to March 31.
    Ladies: From April 1 to June 30.
  • Nationalized by Naturalization: They must register within 90 days computed from the date of issuance of the Nationalization Title.
  • Foreign residents: They must register at the Peruvian Consulate of the country where they reside or the nearest country.
  • When registering you must deliver all the procedures already mentioned in the requirements and go to Provincial offices or Lima Officesand comply with all the preparation indications that are pointed out to you.
  • The procedure will be evaluated by the Head of the Military Registration Office (ORM) and resolved by the Head of the Military Registration Office (ORM).

Registration dates

  • Army Enrollment Dates:

1st Appeal from January to June.

2nd Appeal from July to October.

  • Registration dates for the Navy:

1st Appeal from December 1 to January 31.

2nd Appeal from April 2 to May 31.

3rd And finally on July 9 to August 31.

  • Registration dates for the Air Force:

1st Appeal from November 15 to January 15.

2nd Appeal from April 15 to May 15.

And the last call that will be from July 15 to September 15.

How much do you earn in the Peruvian Army?

Once you are part of the Peruvian Army you will enjoy a monthly economic allowance, depending on the institution in which you operate.

How are the salaries in the Army?

The army is the executing body of the Ministry of Defence, in charge of the country’s territorial defense. It is part of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Peru and as such is part of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Peru.

In addition to this, it also actively participates in disaster relief tasks and international peace missions.

Salary is reflected as follows:

  • Major General Salary 3,800 soles.
  • Brigadier General: Salary 3,150 soles.
  • Colonel: Salary 2,700 soles.
  • Lieutenant colonel: Salary 2,500 soles.
  • Elderly: Salary 2,100 soles.
  • Captain: Salary 1,900 soles.
  • Lieutenant: Salary 1,750 soles.
  • lieutenant: . Salary: 1,500 soles.

How are the salaries in the Navy?

The Navy is the armed service in charge of the defense of a country by sea or land. For this, it operates with destroyers, frigates, corvettes, ships, beacons, tugboats, minesweepers, amphibious assault ships, among others.

Salaries are:

  • Vice Admiral: Equivalent to Major General. Salary 3,800 soles.
  • Rear Admiral: It is a military rank of the Navy officer rank, equivalent to that of Brigadier General in the land armies or air forces. Salary 3,150 soles.
  • Captain: Equivalent to a Colonel in other armies. Salary 2,700 soles.
  • Commander: Equivalent to a Lieutenant Colonel in an army. Salary 2,500 soles.
  • Chap. of Corvette: It has the same value as the Commander in an army. Salary 2,100 soles.
  • First lieutenant: Salary 1,900 soles.
  • Second Lieutenant: Salary 1,750 soles.
  • Frigate Ensign: Military of the officer corps in the land and air forces that has a category immediately above that of Second Lieutenant and immediately below that of Lieutenant. Salary 1,500 soles.

How are the salaries in the Air Force?

The Peruvian Air Force’s main function is the air defense of the country; participates in social support campaigns for hard-to-reach populations.

Salaries are handled like this:

  • Lieutenant General: Salary 3,800 soles.
  • General: Salary 3,150 soles.
  • Colonel: Salary 2,700 soles.
  • Commander: Salary 2,500 soles.
  • Elderly: Salary 2,100 soles.
  • Captain: Salary 1,900 soles.
  • Lieutenant: Salary 1,750 soles.
  • Ensign: Salary 1,500 soles.

Benefits granted by the Army

When you start working in the army, you have benefits that we will talk about now. In addition to fully supplying you with garments, medical assistance of health in the Minsa and EsSalud hospitals, they give you a life insurance; they will equip you with discounts up to 50% in museums, sports and cultural events.

Additionally, you will have certain privileges that will allow you to do higher studies in universities and institutes attached to the Beca 18 Program in the Armed Forces modality.

This scholarship fully covers the study expensesas well as lodging, tickets and study materials that are necessary for the development of the chosen career.

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What do they teach in the Peruvian Army?

Voluntary military service lasts from 12 to 24 months. Then, the recruits will be discharged and will remain in the Armed Forces reserve.

In all this time they provide a productive technical education, that will make you capable of expanding your possibilities in the labor market.

The careers of Nursing, Administration, Telecommunications and Automotive Mechanics of the Institute of Public Technological Higher Education of the Army (IESTPETEE) “Sgt. 2nd Fernando Lores Tenazoa» have the accreditation granted by the Peruvian State, through the SINEACEthanks to the excellent teaching they give in their classrooms.

Army ranks


  • Army general.
  • General of Division.
  • Brigadier General.
  • Colonel.
  • Lieutenant colonel.
  • Elderly.
  • Captain.
  • Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant or Ensign.


  • Admiral.
  • Vice Admiral.
  • Rear Admiral.
  • Captain.
  • Chap. of Frigate.
  • Corvette Captain.
  • First lieutenant.
  • second lieutenant
  • Frigate Ensign.

Air Force

  • Air General.
  • lieutenant general.
  • Major General.
  • Colonel.
  • Commander.
  • Elderly.
  • Captain.
  • Lieutenant.
  • Ensign.

How to reach the ranks?

In order to reach the different ranks, you will have to do all the courses which will be displayed below:

  • Higher Intelligence Course.
  • Superior of Psychological Operations.
  • Administration.
  • Leadership and Planning.
  • Joint Staff Course.
  • Command and General Staff.
  • High Command Course.
  • National defense.
  • Regular Command Course.
  • Regular Amphibians.
  • Horse Riding Master Course.
  • Antiaircraft Artillery.
  • Electronic warfare.
  • Basic Skydiving.
  • Jump Master Course.
  • Freefall.
  • Operational jumps.
  • Basic Course of Psychological Operations.
  • Basic Armored Course.
  • Basic Anti Tank.
  • Basic Intelligence Course.
  • Pilotage.
  • Snipers.
  • Personnel Administration Course.
  • Logistics Administration.
  • Diploma in Science and Technology.
  • Orientation Course.

As they complete all these courses they will raise their rank.

You have to take into account the many benefits that are offered to you by being part of the army; Whether it’s the Navy or the Air Force, you have endless possibilities. You must not forget that this is a I work full time in which you will have to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is a job that it requires absolute effort and deep preparation; you will constantly be exercising, by doing this it will be possible for you to assimilate into the army.

Official Pages

Information on their vision and mission is available on the official website of the Peruvian Navy, as well as their YouTube channel so that you are aware of the activities they carry out and there you can find how to get in touch with them. , just click here: Peruvian Navy.

Click here: Peruvian Air Force to know its essential values, its vocation for service, personal integrity and what its professional excellence is like.

To find out what the organization is like and what are the divisions of the army, just click here Peru Army to go to their official page.

We hope that you will be encouraged to be part of this prestigious organization and that the Procedures and Requirements to Enter the Peruvian Army have served you!

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