Procedures and Requirements to Get Married in Peru

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If you consider that you have the person with whom you want to start a family by your side, you should know the requirements to get married in Peru.

Marriage is the conjugal bond between natural persons consolidated by legal, religious or moral norms.

In other words, marriage is the union of two people, which is carried out voluntarily with the sole objective of living together.

Documentation needed to get married

The marriage process and the necessary documentation It will depend on the requirements of the institution. and collecting them in the stipulated time for it will depend solely on the couple.

The requirements to record to carry out a marriage are the following:

  • Birth Certificate; both bride and groom must deliver a certified and updated copy.

In the case of people registered in the Province of Lima, it cannot have an issuance time of more than three months, while those registered in the other Provinces, the validity period will be six months.

  • Service Receipt; It can be a water, electricity or telephone bill. Requested to verify that at least one of the bride and groom lives in the district chosen to marry, or if they do not reside there, request a transfer if allowed.
  • Original ID and copy of spouses and witnesses; They must be people of legal age, with more than three years of friendship, they cannot be relatives and additionally, the copies of the identity document must have the voting stamp of the last elections.
  • Payment for the right of marriage opening; which will allow to begin to prepare the marriage edict.
  • Medical exam; It is requested by the municipality chosen at the time of delivering the other documents.
  • Single Certification; In some municipalities it is necessary the affidavit of the contracting parties of their marital status.
  • Publication of the marriage edict; At the time of obtaining the marriage decree, it must be taken to the municipal newspaper. You can get married on the ninth day of its publication, and it is valid for a maximum of four months.

Let’s not forget that when you mention the “marriage edicts” we are referring to the public announcement of the marriage to be contracted between a man and a woman, in order to denounce the possible impediments that may exist before the union.

Requirements to get married

In addition to the requested documents, it is necessary meet the following requirements:

  • witnesses; Generally there are four witnesses, two for each spouse, one for each sex respectively.

They must be of legal age, not be relatives of the couple, and have a friendship relationship of more than three years that attest to the authorities that there are no impediments to the union of the two individuals.

  • Proof of Preventive Counseling; taking into account the Law No. 26626 which indicates that its validity should not exceed thirty days from the date of marriage. This procedure is carried out in any health center of the Ministry of Health.

Cost of Getting Married in Peru

As mentioned above, proof of payment of the right to the marriage ceremony is an essential requirement, the cost of this right varies according to the location where the ceremony is held.

In this sense, and taking into account the location where the marriage takes place, the cost is between 198.10 and 530.60 Nuevos Soles.

Obviously if the marriage takes place within the municipal precinct, one day from Monday to Friday during working hours the cost will be lower.

For previously divorced couples

If you are divorced and you want to get married again, the first thing you should do is verify the requirements and documentation necessary to carry out the process.

In this sense, the additional requirements that must be recorded/complied with are the following:

  • Document validating the divorce from your previous marriage.
  • Affidavit of assets and children; where it is evident that they do not have parental authority over minor children or that they manage their assets.
  • In the case of divorced women who wish to get married within 300 days of their divorce, they must present a medical certificate of pregnancy, which must obviously be negative.
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Where to go to get married?

When a couple wants to marry You can go to any municipality in Peru, because they all have a Civil Registry office or office and that is where everything related to civil marriage must be processed.

However, LimeBecause it is one of the largest cities in the entire country, it has been decentralized, and is located in the Avenida Seis de Agosto No. 856 – Jesús María.

What to do when the documents are collected?

After obtaining all the documents requested to carry out the marriage, the couple must go to the chosen municipality with all the documentation required to open your marriage file.

The person in charge in the municipality of receiving the documents will verify that the documents are in accordance with what was requested.

Later, The person in charge will take note of the day, time and place chosen to perform the marriage.

The ideal would be to carry out the entire process three months before in order to have the requested day available.

The public clerk, in turn, will deliver the appointment for your medical examination, It is generally scheduled for the same week, looking for the comfort of the couple in terms of schedules, time.

Finally, they will be provided with the date on which they can withdraw the marriage Edict, publish it in the local circulation newspaper, and once it has been published, the clipping must be taken to the archive along with the other documents.

And all that remains is to wait for the big day, Do not forget to attend with your respective witnesses.

Is the presentation of rings necessary?

No, In civil weddings in Peru it is not necessary to wear rings, however It is something that is left to the discretion of the couple.

It is recommended that if the bride and groom wish to give each other something, it should be something that identifies them or their union, but that is different from rings because it is traditional to use them only after the ecclesiastical wedding.

It is essential to know the meaning of marriage, and the commitment that is acquired with it, both for society and for the family that is formed after the union of a man and a woman.

Marriage is the commitment and the desire to stay together with the chosen person for the rest of life, or at least for a long period of time.

However, marriages do not always work, but, in case of failure, a divorce can be carried out to later be able to marry again. There are no limitations to get married when divorced, the only thing different is the obligatory consignment of some documents.

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The managers of the different municipalities of Peru recommend begin to collect the documents to be consigned well in advance, usually three months, in order to obtain the desired date for such an important day.

Generally, the bride and groom are dedicated to the consignment of documents, however, there are two equally important requirements: the witnesses and the document evidencing attendance at the preventive talkwhich is basically in charge of publicizing the different sexually transmitted diseases, and some general advice for life as a couple.

Before getting married, you must know the possible places that could serve as a location for your great event, and of course, you must verify the Requirements to get married in Peru.

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