Procedures and Requirements to join the College of Engineers in Peru

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Do you like Engineering? Are you a lover of mathematics, do you usually look for solutions with what you have at hand and are you intrigued by how things work? It is natural to think that you are already on the engineering path.

That is why, today we explain the Procedures and Requirements to join the College of Engineers in Peru.

Many people flee from Engineering, due to its direct relationship with numbers, with accuracy. However, the truth is that Engineering has an extremely broad labor field.

  • Engineers have a lot of knowledge about how any industry works no matter what it is focused on.

In short, they are said to be considered as the strategists of the processes and objectives of each of the organizations, since they always seek to make processes efficient that are taking place.

The more technological advances appear, the more important engineers will be in the eyes of companies and society itself.

Likewise, it not only has studies of numbers, but also combines logical knowledge with business. That is to say, Engineering is approached from the Philosophical part and from human thought.

What is the College of Engineers?

When was the College of Engineers born? What is the function of tuition?

In this case, the College of Engineers of Peru was born from an approach of the First National Engineering Conference held in 1932 by the Society of Engineers of Peru. That proposal did not prosper at first but later it did bear fruit.

It is a public moral body that it has legal personality and its own assets, with all the rights, obligations, powers and attributions established by law; Its headquarters are in Lima.

It’s character union and it is made up of those who exercise the so-called liberal professions and who are usually protected by the State. Its associated members are known as collegiate.

Headquarters of the College of Engineers

Where is the main headquarters of the College of Engineers?

  • Address: Av. Arequipa Nº 4947, Miraflores, Lima – Peru
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College Requirements

How can I enter College?

Engineers who wish to register must take into account Article 3.09:

  • They must have an Engineer title issued, revalidated or recognized. It must be obtained by people who accredit complete university studies in ten semesters in the specialty they wish to enroll in.


1.- Make the Virtual Registration

  • Register all your personal data in the Virtual System of the National Council.
  • Scan the requested documents into the system.
  • Print the registration form in triplicate in color, sign it and attach it to the Documents to be submitted.

2.- Submit the documents

  • Original title of Engineer granted in the name of the Nation by a Peruvian University.

The degree must be duly authorized, with an authentication seal with signatures of the General Secretary of the University of origin.

In case of having graduated abroadduly revalidated with the procedures established by the National Assembly of Rectors.

  • Two simple photocopies of the professional title of Engineer in A-4 size.
  • A simple photocopy of the university academic degree of Bachelor of Engineering reduced to A-4 size.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Studies.

The name of the university, signature and seals of the authorities, courses, month and year of its accreditation must be clearly appreciated.
  • Copy of the ID.
  • Photocopy of the Chancellor’s Resolution (with which the professional title is issued).
  • A printed copy of the thesis.
  • Certified copy by the University of the Graduation Certificate indicating the names of the Juries.
  • Printing of the SUNEDU registration verification:

Cost of Enrolling in the College of Engineers

Another of the steps to join is:

3.-Make the payment

The payment is 1,200.00 soles


  • Payments are made once the documents are approved by the Membership Commission and the Board of Directors.


The collegiate engineers must register with a Departmental Council. Registration will be in the place where they reside or work.

To register as an ordinary member, the applicant engineer must appearat your choice, before the Secretary of the Departmental Council corresponding to your domicile.


  • The photo of the Engineer must be well scanned, and fill the box that has the FUR-C..
  • Regarding the academic data of the Engineer, the obligatory boxes to fill out are: residence data, company data, institution that granted the title, way of obtaining the degree, name of the report.
  • The specialty of the Engineer must be equal to his professional title.
  • The signature and fingerprint of the engineer must be signed in the FUR-C.
  • The Single Membership Registration Form FUR-C, is an affidavit, which the Engineer signs, so he cannot have any observations and must be impeccable in his presentation.

Services of the College of Engineers

The College of Engineers provides a number of services such as:

  • job bank

They are virtual tools that are at the service of formally constituted companies that wish to manage a job offer and this can reach the entire CIP Engineers Database.

In this process you can:

  • See the job offers of the companies registered in the CIP Job Bank.
  • Request a change of venue.
  • Social benefits of the ISS.
  • See the contributions you have made to the ISS.
  • Register your letter of ISS Beneficiaries.
  • Request a new institutional email or reset of the password to access it.
  • Register new specialty.
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To see more information: PCIP web page

The ISS-CIP is made up of all the collegiate and authorized engineers of the College of Engineers of Peru.

Price: 2.50 nuevos soles that qualified engineers contribute within the payment of their monthly social fee to their corresponding Departmental Council.

It is an essential requirement that the engineer must be up to date with his contributions to the ISS-CIP to have the right to access the services provided by the ISS-CIP. The maximum permissible term of debt is three months.

  • access to Family Medical Assistance Insurance.

How often should the College card be renewed?

What are the requirements to obtain my collegiate card?

  • Two simple photocopies of the current Employment Contract, signed by the Representative of the company and the contracted party.
  • Letter from the company, requesting the engineer’s «Tuition Renewal» and indicating the position or function to be exercised, as well as the term for which he has been hired (1 year minimum).
  • Bring a letter from the interested party, requesting «Renewal of my Tuition» indicating their complete identification.

Should have: names, surnames, identification number, your position or function that you are going to exercise and your CIP number. Personally signed.

  • Copy of the collegiate card on both sides, which was previously delivered.
  • Simple photocopy of the Passport or Immigration Card on both sides.
  • Pay $2,000.00 at the CIP – Callao Departmental Council.


Once the procedure is approved, forward the file to National Council who will evaluate the approval of the same and the validity of the CIP registration number and the issuance of the membership card will be updated.

To withdraw the card the delivery is personal.

DURATION: Within 25 business days.

  • It must be renewed every year.
  • In addition to the renewal, the Engineer may request a duplicate of your card.
  • You only need to submit a passport-size photo if you have never submitted one and pay the cost of the duplicate, which is 15 soles.


  • To carry out any procedure, you must be authorized.
  • To access the job market and be able to create an email user account with the domain, the registered engineer must have access to the CipVirtual system.
  • To request a duplicate card or diploma process, you must present an identity document.

Benefits of college

The benefits of joining a college can be said to be the same services. Why? Well, because the College of Engineers provides a series of aids and facilitates many services both for you and your family members.

For example, the Family Medical Assistance Insurance agreements.

Well then, if you have already graduated as an Engineer and you are thinking of joining a college, quickly process everything you need. Follow the steps and Requirements to enroll in the College of Engineers and enjoy your time in it.

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