Procedures and Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Peru

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There are essential objects in the life of every citizen. For example, the DNI or as it is also known, the identity card, also the passport and others.

These documents, in addition to helping to identify people, facilitate processes such as opening bank accounts, requesting a legal document, etc.

In this case, the passport is necessary to travel. If you don’t have it, collect the Requirements to get a passport in Peru.

If you have a trip planned soon, if you want to do it or if you’ve just had the idea for a long time,decide now!.…but before processing everything you need in time.

Currently, in Peru, only the Electronic Passport is issuedalso called biometric. With this, Peruvians can leave the country and exercise free international transit.

The same happens with the DNI, before the blue DNI was processed, now both to renew and to obtain the identity card for the first time they do it via the internet.

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Requirements to process the Passport

The most important requirement to get your passport for the first time and the one you must always have for any procedure:

  • The ID in good condition.

Steps to get the passport

Now, if you want to have the passport you must follow a few steps to formalize the process.

It is simple and you can do it in 5 steps.

If you do it in person you must:

  • Pay for the processing fee

Make the payment of 98.50 soles for the right to issue a passport. You can do it in two ways:

  • Pá You can pay online with a credit or debit card, it can be VISA or Mastercard, on the platform Pá
  • National bank: You can pay at any National Bank or Multired agent.


  • You must indicate your ID number at the time of payment. That is why it is important that you keep it in good condition.
  • Also keep your payment receipt, you will need this proof to carry out the process.
  • make an appointment
  • You must enter the Online Appointment System to schedule your appointment.

  • Request an appointment by clicking here.
  • Enter your personal information or that of the relative or friend who is going to process the passport. You must enter the receipt number, verification code and payment date that appear on the voucher.
  • Select the Migration office where you want to get your passport.
  • Choose an available date and time for your appointment.


  • Print the proof of the appointment to speed up the attention when you go to the Migration office.
  • attend the appointment

Once you have registered on the page and requested your passport, you will be assigned a day for your appointment.

That day, go to the Migration office that you selected, taking your ID and payment receipt.

You must show proof of the appointment.


the procedure electronic passport it is face-to-face In other words, even if you make the payment or make the appointment for a family member or friend, that person in charge must personally attend the appointment since their identity must be confirmed and a photo taken for the passport.

  • passport photo

The day you attend the assigned appointment, your passport photo will be taken. This photo is taken according to international standards for biometric identification.

Remember that you must leave totally neutral, therefore, it is mandatory that you follow the following recommendations:

  • You cannot wear large glasses or frames that block the view of the eyes.
  • Do not wear colored cosmetic contact lenses.
  • Do not wear headgear, hats, bangs or hair covering the face.
  • Do not wear facial piercings.
  • Pick up your electronic passport

Finally, once the previous steps have been completed, all that remains is the delivery of your passport. This is done the same day of the appointment after meeting all the requirements.


If for some reason you cannot collect your passport, you have 60 days to do so at the office where you completed the procedure. If the electronic passport is not collected within this period, it will be destroyed and you will have to process a new one.

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Process appointment for passport by the MAC

Now apart from process the passport in person you can also do it for MAC.

What is MAC?

The MAC is the Center of attention in which the State, through a group of Entities, offers public services on the same integrated platform.

To process your passport you must follow the previous steps, the only thing that changes is that you must request your appointment in:

  • Appointment at Alo MAC

Request your appointment by calling 1800 Aló MAC.

They will ask for your ID number and will indicate a date and time for your appointment. You can also choose between the MAC Callao Center, MAC Lima Norte, MAC Lima Este and MAC Ventanilla where you want to process your passport.

  • Go to the Banco de la Nación to pay the amount of 98.5 soles or by Pá
  • Go to your appointment at the MAC Center.
  • Take the picture.
  • Pick up the passport.


  • Those people with disabilities who process their electronic passport will be able to attend their appointment with a support person in case they need it.
  • This person must be identified with the ID or passport.

How to consult, cancel or reschedule passport appointment

It’s simple. you should only re-enter the same website and click on one of the options below on the right side.

We leave you a video in case you have any doubts.

Where to go to get the passport?

To get your passport you can go directly to Lime oh Provinces.

Here we leave you the links so that you can consult all the available offices.

You can also choose between:

  • MAC Window
  • Mac Callao
  • MAC East Lima
  • MAC North Lima

Between the offices nationwidehe meet:

  • Arequipa
  • Chiclayo
  • Chimbote
  • Cusco
  • Huancayo
  • ilo
  • iquitos
  • piura
  • pucallpa
  • Puerto Maldonado
  • Fist
  • tacna
  • tarapoto
  • Trujillo
  • tumbes

urgent cases

What do I do if I have a special case?

If you have an emergency and want to travel as soon as possible, You must present documents that validate your urgency.

According to Migrations Peru, the special cases are subject to evaluation and it can only be processed at the Breña headquarters in LimaPeru.

You must follow the same steps. In other words, pay the amount established in the places mentioned, only now you will request the appointment at this only office for now and the corresponding photo and fingerprints will be taken there.

You must take your ticket with the dates of the trip so that the evaluation has no setbacks.

  • Remember show up early in the office so that you solve the case quickly.

Get passport at Jorge Chávez International Airport

If you have an inconvenience and for some reason you must travel inevitably, keep in mind:

At the Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima, there is an office to issue passports biometric. However, you must also present documents that justify your urgency.

get passport in one day

For example, if you have to fly that same day without exception and just because, in addition to the documents that demonstrate the urgency, You must present the boarding pass that is given at Check-in with the airlineand pay the fee there same.


  • The DNI must not have restrictions from the ONPE and Reniec.


  • Go to the airport 3 hours before to check-in with the airline as soon as possible.
  • Also, don’t worry, it’s easy to make an appointment in advance.

What if I’m out of the country?

If you are out of the country the process varies a little.

You must consult and coordinate your appointment to obtain your passport, with the peruvian consulate closest to your place of residence.

Because the procedure is not the same in all places of residence, you should comment on your case so that they can help you in the best way.

So good, now that Peruvians do not need a visa to travel to 30 countries of the European Union, you can travel easily and without any restrictions.

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All you need is to have a valid passport; so follow these steps and Requirements to Obtain a Passport in Peru Y Take advantage of your travel opportunities!

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