Procedures and Requirements to Obtain Brief

Driving is one of the things that most human beings do. You drive from your house to work, to the corner, to the store, to the children’s school, to an acquaintance’s house, to the shopping center.

You can spend a good percentage of your time driving, or am I wrong? However, in order to drive legally in Peru, you must have your license, or as they call it. License.

If you are new to this driver world, if you lost it or for any other reason, we explain all the Requirements to get a Brief what do you need.

What is the Brief for?

The brevete is an authorization to drive vehicles and in Peru there are different types of it to drive private vehicles.

There are heavy transport, minibuses, vans, trailers, dump trucks, among others, which are granted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).

  • One of the most common licenses is the A1 license.

It is estimated that in Lima and Callao, according to the citizen observatory Lima How Are We Going75.6% use public transport and 25% spend more than 2 hours a day getting to their destination.

For that same reason, if you are thinking of getting your license, pay attention to all the requirements you need and the procedures you must follow.

Brief requirements

What to do to get your Brevete? How is the license process?


  • The first thing to keep in mind is that the minimum age is 18 yearsbut in the case of those over 16 years of age, they can also aspire to obtain a class A, category I license.
  • Also, it is important pass the exam of knowledge in the National System of Drivers.
  • Similarly, the driving skills test for the category previously registered in the National Driver System. You must also pass a medical exam.
  • It is mandatory the payment for the right processing.

Steps to process Brevete

Once you know if you meet the requirements or not, proceed to process your driver’s license.


  • You must go to a Medical Center.

Go to a Medical Center that is authorized to request your medical examination in order to obtain your driver’s license.

  • Proceed to make the payment

The cost of the medical exam for your driver’s license in Peru It depends on the medical center you visit.

The approximate price is between 75.00 and 100.00 soles.

  • Take the test.

you must pass 5 mandatory tests. It is necessary to present the results before getting your driver’s license.

The exams are:

  • General medicine: In this exam you will take your blood pressure, balance, lift weights and a brief interview.
  • sight and hearing: They will ask you to read letters of different sizes and will make you listen to sounds from both sides. If you wear glasses, you will need them to pass the test.
  • blood group: They will take a blood sample from your finger (just one drop) to identify your blood type. As much as you already know, you should still go through the procedure. It is not necessary to go on an empty stomach.
  • Psychological exam: They will ask you to draw geometric objects, solve mazes, answer personality questions, and draw a person.
  • Reasoning test: They will ask you to solve simple questions of general knowledge, verbal and mathematical reasoning.
  • Receive your medical certificate

After passing the five medical tests, they will give you your Medical Certificate of Psychosomatic Aptitude and you will have completed the medical examination.


This certificate is valid for 6 months from the day it is delivered.

Now, once you have completed these steps for the certificate, the really important part comes, to know if your Brevete will be granted or not.


What are the requirements for this exam? Are they the same for the medical exam?

What you must present (in original and current) is the DNI, immigration card, identity card, applicant’s or asylum card.

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  • Prepare yourself mentally before your exam.
  • It is important to study to take your traffic test to obtain your A1 driver’s license.
  • You must make the payment of 56.00 soles.

This is the official price in Lima, but may vary in different regions.

You also have 4 places available where you can make the payment.
  • Scotia Bank.
  • Registration Offices of the Evaluation Center: you can pay in cash and in Lima with Visa or Mastercard.
  • BIF Bank.
  • Interbank Bank.
  • Proceed to schedule your appointment

Sign up and schedule your appointment to take your traffic test. To get to this point, you must have passed the medical exam.

  • do excellently in the exam

Go to the nearest Assessment Center to take your traffic test.


  • Arrive 30 minutes early.
  • Approves. If you fail, you will have two more attempts.
  • To take the test again, you have to wait the day after your first evaluation.
  • In case you approve, they must give you a document that you have to keep.

Finally! After these two tests comes the driving test.


In the third and final step they will assess your practical driving skills.

As a requirement you need to present your ID Y a photography passport size with white background.

Equally, the card where it appears that you passed the exam of traffic rules.

Before you must:

  • The first thing you should do is schedule the appointment.

Go to the assessment center. In Lima it is Touring and Automobile Club of Peru and in Regions it is in charge of the Regional Directorate of Land Transportation of the Regional Government.

  • Take the exam.
  • Wait for the answer.

Once you have passed the 3 exams, you can complete the process to request your driver’s license.

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Brief Types

There are many types of licences, You know what’s yours?

  • It is the most common and allows you to drive cars (AI License).
  • The same as A-1 and also official passenger transport cars (A-IIa License).
  • Microbuses and Minibuses (A-IIb license)
  • Vehicles with more than 6 tons (A-IIIa License).
  • Cabin chassis vehicles, trailers, cranes, cargobus, platform, railing and dump trucks (A-IIIb License)
  • License A-IIIc: The same as AI, A-IIa, AIIb, A-IIIa and A-IIIb.


  • Before having any of these you must first have the AI ​​License.

2 to 3 wheel driving licenses

Applies to tricycles, mopeds, motorcycles, motorcycle taxis and trimotos for personal or commercial use that transport passengers or merchandise.

  • Non-motorized 3-wheeled vehicles for special public passenger transport (BI License).
  • Mopeds to transport passengers or goods (B-IIa License).
  • The same as B-IIa and also Motorcycles or with Sidecar to transport passengers or goods (B-IIb license)
  • Mototaxis and Trimotos for passenger transport (B-IIc license).

Costs to pay for Brevete

  • The medical examination has a cost Come in 75.00 and 100.00 soles.
  • Traffic rules exam 56.00 soles.
  • Right to process and print the Brevete 24.50 soles.

Brevete validity period

It has a validity of one yearonly if the driver is under 76 years of age.

Despite having a long validity period, the license It will have a duration according to the age of the driver:

  • Between the ages of 70 and 75, the license will be valid for five years.
  • Between the ages of 76 and 80, the permit is reduced to three years.
  • If you are over 81 years old, it will only last two years after applying.

What if I don’t have the Health certificate?

The Health Certificate is the FIRST STEP to obtain or revalidate your driver’s license.

Because it is no longer being processed physically but biometrically, you do not need to present the voucher.

However, it is mandatory to have it and they will check it for fingerprints.

Where is the driving test taken?

To take the driving test, you must go to the offices of the Touring and Automobile of the Club of Peru.


How will the evaluations be carried out on public roads?

  • Once the applicant has passed the driving knowledge test, they will take the driving skills test.
  • This phase comprises two stages: first, in a circuit closed to road traffic, and then, on public roads.

What are the most common mistakes?

  • That the person does not respect the preferential routes.
  • Don’t read traffic lights.
  • The most common mistake is not interpreting the STOP regulatory signal.


  • Appointments can be requested via the web from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 4:30 pm.

If you are close to getting your license, you already know what the steps are and Requirements to get a Brief. Good luck in the tests and remember to prepare very well!

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